Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sister!!!

I have to start out this post , saying Happy Birthday to my sister Donna! I hope your day is wonderful. I'm sending birthday hugs from Nebraska to Arizona!!! Here is a peek at your card , since ... (as always)... I didn't get it in the mail quite as fast as I planned. If it's not there today... maybe tomorrow. I love you sis!

(Card is done with Crafty Secrets Cotton Bird Scraps and paper from the Earthy Paper Pad)

Here is another project I've been working on. It is a photo taken at one of the Dunn family reunions. This photo , is no way.. all the family...just a few. I don't even know who each of these are, but I do know a few. And it was quite some time ago, because I wasn't born yet. ( my sister Donna...the birthday girl, is to the far right , holding my nephew Brent, and her husband Ron is right behind her. Brent is a few years older than me, so I'm guessing , I wasn't a thought yet. lol

This photo was taken in Norfolk at the same park we always have it at, and will be having it at again in just a few weeks.
I did this altered hanging on a old hard book cover. I used the new Crate Paper, "Crush" line, on alot of this...but then got alittle nuts added other things.

I love using my tracing wheel , on projects like this. Cool effect without have to stitch, and I have a ton of them for classes, ...much easier than lining up sewing machines. I've loved this technique for years ,and just can give it up.

I cut the original flower and then cut my own petals , to make it dimensional.

I see my mom to the far left , with my sister Jan , and my Dad is in the middle , sitting down in the front row, with the white shirt and tie. (I think my little hooligan brothers are there with him)lol

Colorbox cateye inks, make inking a joy!
this project if a gift for my Cousin Becky, (who now knows)lol. She is always the one who makes the effort and goes to all the work to line up the family reunions. (And I know, it's alot of work). If it wasn't for the special people like her , that go out of their way to keep family connected, I worry , we could all get so caught up in our busy lives we may loose touch with our extended family . Thanks Becky for all you do!

Ok.... I'm celebrating!!! I have been trying to keep my lip zipped out my youngests hair... as he was letting it grow.(why??? I dont know). I was hoping if I just stopped mentioning it, he would give it up soon... or maybe just get hot... once the weather warmed up. Well, finally today, he had Gabby come over and cut it! (I'm having a Party!) lol Oh... I have my handsome boy back!

He and a friend just left for Florida earlier today to go pick up a new engine for the BMW he bought from Ryan(nephew). He loves that car! Anyway, here he is pulling out of the driveway , in the truck he rented to bring the engine back.
He was hoping to drive a bit further to go see my sister(Sharon) and her family who live in Florida,but it will be a quick trip. He could get time off from work, but he CAN'T miss class. He's pretty bummed about that. (I know my sister has a houseful of company right now, so it's probably just as well)

It doesn't matter how old your kids are, you still worry about their safety. I'm trying hard not to be an over protective mom... he is 21!
(I'm trying)
Please still say a prayer for a safe trip.
Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm off to meet my friend Chris for some antiquing! Fun!
If I find any goodies, I'll share tomorrow! Here's hoping for good deals! lol


Jessrose21 said...

Vicki, that page is holy gorgeous! Everything just fits together perfectly and the tracing wheel piercing looks fabulous. The flowers you cut out actually remind of a set from Stampin' Up called Big Blooms. At first, I thought that's what you'd used. said...

Oooh, these are some of my favorites of yours!!!!!!!!

by the way, I have to tag you for 7 wierd things.


What a wonderful treasure of a book. Of course I'm also loving the Crafty Secret's card.

janel said...

Well, my nose is about an inch away from the screen because I want to see every single solitary detail of this beautiful treasure! Oh.....Vicki, it is amazing! I wish I had an ounce of your abilities....just fabulous.
I will say a prayer for you son....have to love those 21 yr. olds...they are precious! Have a wonderful weekend!

Scrapthatpaper said...

Beautiful layout using the hard book cover... wow! You always amaze me!

Pattyjo said...

He is a handsome guy with his new hair cut. My son let his hair grow long enough to put it in a pony tail. He looked so much better once he got it cut short again. I love the picture and frame you made!