Sunday, May 06, 2007

NOT a cooking blog...really!

The "potato ricer" sogga , continues! This is starting to look more like a cooking blog! lol
I gave the potato ricer a whirl, and I've decided it's a pretty cool gadget.

Dan actually came up here and googled it. lol He said that it said, it comes out looking more like strings...but when I did it it looked similar to "rice".
like this... but....

then I got an email from my friend Janel, with this photo of hers attached. She said she does this first and then mashes them...for really creamy mashed potatoes. If you look at hers closer... hers does look more "noodle like"... so maybe it has something do do with the individual "ricer" and the size of the holes? or the kind of potato? or how long it's cooked? hmmmm...
Well... now that you know more than you need to about "potato ricers" I see they aren't all antique... you can still buy them.... lol Lookie here

Jarad called today from Daytona Beach. He said they were having a good time...but the trip is such a quick one ,that they are trying to cram it all in today. Katy has never been to the ocean before,.. so she was really excited. They were talking in Universal Studios today and then they have to start for home tomorrow. They wont be home until Tuesday morning and Jarad has class Tuesday afternoon. I'm sure they can pull it off, .... because they are 21! It would kill me!lol
Weston and Dan when mushroom hunting out by the cabin today. Wes washed them all, but I'm always the designated cook! Not fair... since "I" and the only one who doesn't eat them at all!
Not my thing.

I don't know why they like them so much ...but they do!

I promise tomorrows post will NOT be food related! lol
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!


janel said...

I think they look pretty darn yummy! So fun....I haven't ever had wild mushrooms....but since they are fried..I bet I would love them. Something I so miss that is fried and very yummy and midwest...pork tenderloin sandwiches......if you need something to blog could always take a picture of that...or even a "maid-rite"....dang, I am getting hungry!

Jami said...

I think I might have to go and find myself a potato ricer. You make it look so fun and we do love potatoes in this family. As for mushrooming went last Wed. and found a total of 12. It was a fun night out in the woods though. I think we are going again sometime this week. I don't eat them either. I take my camera, so you can call me the photographer. HAHA. Oh and by the way I won't cook them either.

HB said...

Well, now I'm hungary for dinner... and it's only 6am! LOL Vicki, I LOVE your stories! and your pics are always to die for!! The potato ricer brings back such wonderful childhood memories - pork cutlets and gravy over riced potatoes. YUMMO!!

Catherine said...

I saw a potato ricer at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and thought of you.....I almost bought it - just because :-) Mushrooms, yummmmy.. What kind are they??

Pattyjo said...

I want to show my daughter your blog today. She loves to cook and is very creative. I know she will want to try that.
I was also looking over Jareds head at your valance in the kitchen. Did you make those? could you post a closer picture of your valance. I have a naked kitchen window and would love to copy those, they are beautiful.