Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yesterdays finds

I had a extra fun time antiquing with my friend Chris yesterday and we had such a great time.
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. We have decided , this is something we are going to meet and do , alot more often.

I have been wanting a scale like this for some time.... this is mine now! woo hoo!

My sister collects these bowls but doesn't have this size.... Wha La... she does now! I had to set it on my kitchen counter and put some apples in it ...just for this picture, I promise... really I do (snicker)
My sweet friend Chris , bought me these darling little stitched birdie napkins. I LOVE THEM! here is the new thing I learned yesterday! I have NEVER heard of "a potato ricer"!
After talking about it ... I'm beginning to think I'm the only one who has never heard of it. Have I been living in a cave? lol Anyway... Now "I" own one. ($2.50) It's my understanding, that you put a cooked whole potato in this and squeeze and it comes out looking"rice-like"? Wow... learn something new everyday!
If you have OR haven't ever heard of these... please post and tell me ... I'd love to know, if I'm the only one who missed this invention! LOL ( I am "SO" trying this ... SOON)

This sweet little bird, is my other treasure.
After the fun time with Chris, I picked up KFC ,and took it over to moms , for Aunt Donna , Uncle Al ,mom and I for dinner. It was good to see them ,and get some time to just sit and chat with them. A perfect end to the day!


Catherine said...

I have seen the ricer, and know someone that has one - but have never used one and never seen it in action. Can't wait to hear your report on how it works! Love the birdie...

~Lana B.~ said...

what a hoot! I love my *ricer*!! Throw your taters in the microwave til cooked. Cut them...usually in thirds depending on size....toss pieces one at a time...SKIN AND ALL...into the ricer and sqeeeeze. Poof! Perfect Mashed taters w/ no lumps ...and the skins stay in the ricer!!!!! Enjoy it!!! I actually wore mine out and need a new
~Lana B.~
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janel said...

Oh...I always peel mine, before I rice, but gosh..I won't have to now...learned something new! Your posts always make me smile! :) said...

I enjoy the lumps in the potatoes, don't knkow if I'd use a ricer. But it looks cool to display!!

One Creative Queen said...

I love your blog - especially the top piece with the title. Very inspiring! And no - I've never heard of a "potato ricer" - so evidently I've been living under the same rock! Neat tool,tho. Thanks for the inspiration!

becky said...

hey your scale with the bowl and trims look familiar! love mine too :)

Pattyjo said...

No your not the only one...I just heard about today on your blog. Have I told you...Thank you for your blog yet? I soooooooo Love it! I am going all the way back reading all the older post, I don't want to miss one!