Friday, June 29, 2007

And it's the weekend again

How the heck did that week go by so fast? Wow! I guess because it was a busy one, it seemed to just fly! I didn't even really get to do much of a random nice thing! I did so some things....but they weren't really anything random and clever. (didn't have time to put on my "Creative good deed thinking cap" I guess.
I did do one little thing... I needed to drop of some things at my friend Bec's today,so I went through Sonic and brought her a diet cherry lime aid. If she enjoyed it half as much as I enjoy them... It was a good deed. (trust me) lol
It wasn't random,but I made 4 pans of brownies and a double batch of pasta salad this morning. Some to take for a funeral and some to take to Neely's tomorrow.
Poor Neely has to move again. The house sold so she had to look for another place. I know she was sad ,because she really loved that place,and it was perfect for her. I know , in no time , she will have the new place all set up , just as cute and homey as can be!

Today I got something fun in the mail! Lookie here!

Thank you to Wendy at Tattered Angles for these new colors to try. I cant wait to have a minute to try out the gorgeous colors! I need some time to just play!
I about had a panic attach when I pulled in today and saw this sitting out front. Wes is moving to a different place this week, since his roommate is leaving to do his internship in Australia.
At first , I thought he was bringing a bunch of stuff home to store..(ummm...excuse me ..but we don't have room!). Geeezzz... I'm trying to purge and get rid of stuff, NOT get more of it!
I forgot he is playing at his friends Jamie and Megan's Wedding this weekend , so this is all the sound stuff. WHEW!
I better get myself to bed at a decent time tonight ,so I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed for moving day tomorrow! Have a super weekend!


HB said...

Vicki, you lucky duck!! Those Glimmer Mist colors look absolutely delicious!!!!!

Nat said...

Wow - I would love to have that in the mail too - LOL. Where do I get those?

Pattyjo said...

Have you every heard about the Flylady? She has a website and its all about purging.