Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Big Slimy Frog story

I really wish I could share with you the photos I took today. (I will as soon as my camera software is added an I'm able) I had lunch with my dear friend Julie at a fantastic place in Fremont call Hothorns. We were good and just had Chicken salad, and then... we were bad, .... and had Bananas Foster! It was Yummy!
Julie and I worked in the same room at School for almost 10 years. She is a Early Childhood Special Ed Teach and I was her para. We spend everyday side by side, and never had a single disagreement. ***although, there was that time when, she was doing testing in the room with a student, and I was "supposed" to be handling the others..(3-5 year olds with mild to sever disabilities) One of the students had brought a BIG frog to school for the aquarium. I got this bright idea, that one of the boys (always the naughty one , of course) could hold it . This didn't go so well. It jumped out of his hands on to the floor. I screamed like a crazy women! NOT once...but every time it jumped.( oh and did I mention, ALL the rest of the kids DID TOO) I don't know why.. It just came out! The worst part is.. after the screaming , I started laughing , I mean laughing HARD.... I couldn't control myself..it was just so stinking funny to see the kids all screaming and then laughing and then screaming again. The looks on their faces were priceless, I tell you!!! But , Finally I see I MUST get control of this situation! (Julie is still patiently trying to test this child,.. and she is not looking pleased with me at this moment)
Then... suddenly I see that" it" has jumped between the play kitchen set and the heat register that runs the entire length of the wall ,under the windows. I'm thinking , well if we just block off the ends, "It" will be trapped and we can catch it. ( I wasn't about to touch it , so I'm sure I had a bowl from the kitchen set, or something, to put over it) Yep...always thinking! lol
The only other person who would even consider touching it of course is none other than..."Mr Naughty"himself.( Just so it's clear... I cant use "Mr Naughties" real name of course, but I've named him that , for a good reason..he was in this special class for Behavior problems, and you never know what he might do or SAY). So I post him( yes I really did!lol) at one end, and me at the other...with all the other little faces looking on in suspense. I can still remember the showdown. To this day I can still picture "Mr Naughty" down on his little belly on the floor, his nose just a few feet from the "BIG Slimy FROG" and me on down on my knees.(bowl in hand) facing him , with nothing between us but the FROG, and he's either going to jump one way or the other. Can you guess where this is going? AHHH.. Anyway you look at it , it's NOT gonna be good! Finally.. feeling trapped the BIG GROSS FROG jumped...and you would have thought I would have been thankful that it WASN'T towards ME. .. But when it jump toward "Mr. N's" face...
It was like it was happening in slow motion... "Mr. N's" eyes got huge and his mouth opened...and

The two words that came out of that little 4 year olds mouth seemed to echo in the room...and certainly caused julie to look up from the table. ( and me to stop breathing!) I'm not repeating it...so you'll have to use your imagination! lol

( of course ...being the professional that I was(lol).. I knew laughing at that would have been "WAY BAD"..but it was SOOOO FUNNY TO ME!!! I new I would not be able to contain myself ( it was like when you get the giggles at the most INAPPROPRIATE times and you have to fight to control it? It was BAD! .. so I backed up, pushing the restroom door open, and stood in there a second to contain myself, before regrouping and trying to handle it like a mature adult. (yeah right).

Finally the frog was contained and the situation handled...but I'm pretty sure that day... I may have gotten on Julies nerves(just a little)!!! lol um...ya think?

Jul's and I have lots of fun stories like that one, under our belts...trust me.

ps... by the way. The little boy .."Mr Naughty" was my most favorite student of all the years of all the classes. I really loved that kid! He made me laugh...ALOT!

Anyway, it was great talking with Julie today, I miss talking with her every day, like we used to get to do. When I left school (and NO, I didn't get fired!) lol, we both cried... and said it felt like a divorce or something. When you think about spending 8 hours a day 5 days a week with someone.. that's more than most of us are with our spouses.lol She is the most "positive" person I have ever met... her glass is always half full. Just the type of person who should be working with children, like she does. Working with her everyday for all those years , made me a better person I know that. Thanks Jul's for a great day!

Okay... now I have to share with you my fun new toy, I got this weekend.
Wes, had told me about these cool Digital Photo Frames. It's so cool , you can get photos from your computer or just put your camera card in and it lets you show and view all your photos.
I'll just use mine to take with me to share photos with family or to show photos of my work for classes , ect..but it has a table top stand on the back and also .. is able to be hung on the wall.
You can hang it or sit it , plug it in and let it run through all your photos and start over through them again. It has a remote and you can choose different settings , and how you want the photos displayed. Fade in and out ect.. It also takes batteries so you can take it with you. It's a pretty cool thing.

Not super expensive either , under $80 for this one. I know I'll get at least that much use out of it.
Have a good night...and remember to choose carefully who helps "you" catch frogs!


HB said...

Vicki, your stories are just as wonderful as your creations!! Thanks for the laughter!!!

Marie said...

Vicki, I've only recently come across your blog but felt compelled to comment this evening. Your story had me in fits of laughter. I can just imagine how I would have reacted...........exactly the same way. Funny, how the 'naughty' boy became your favourite. I'm helping out in my ds's classroom tomorrow and I was only saying to his teacher tonight how I was looking forward to it and she reminded me that she had a couple of 'interesting' characters. One of them I guessed...........I told her that I loved his 'impish' behaviour. (btw, it's not my son but another gorgeous little fellow). Thank you for your very funny story. I kind of hope I can tell a few funny stories like yours in the future.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

thanks for sharing your story! cracked me up!

Pattyjo said...

That was a very funny story about the frog and Mr. Naughty. Thanks for the laugh...I needed that!

Mimi Hornberger said...

Thank you for the great laugh! My hubby walked into the room with such a funny look on his face, wondering why I was crying and laughing!

TFS! Mimi

MJ said...

That has got to be the funniest preschool story I've heard! I'll have to send it to K's teacher so she can have a laugh too! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon in NE said...

I laughed until I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I could visualize everything. You could write a great children's story, except of course for the last part when he said "#$& (#&_!" but your descriptions of Mr Naughty's expressions, the other children's reactions, you made it come alive.