Monday, June 04, 2007

Crazy day!

So many irons in the fire today, I'm catching myself coming and going. (lol, I have to laugh at what I just said... we "do" become our parents dont we? lol Those are two saying, I can just hear both of my parents using) lol Thats funny!

Anyway, haven't gotten all that much done, but it seems like I've been running around like crazy. (note... I did not say, "running around like a chicken with it's head cut off!"...LOL hahahahaha... that "IS" something, my parents would have said!!!) I'm drawing the line with that one! WAY tooo gross! lol

I did get a new "do" today. I am SO glad that Gabriell will still do my hair for me. Although she is not working in the shop,because she's staying home with baby Wyatt now. I don't know what I would do, ..she has taken care of my "hair needs" for so long... I'd be lost without her. Well, I'd be lost without her anyway.. but you know what I mean. lol

I have to say, I think baby Wyatt thought I looked crazy with that towel on my head. Check out that scowl! lol
He is just the sweetest little guy! He was so good while his mama was working her magic on my hair. Look at these sweet little tooties, will ya?

Sorry, I have no projects to share today, I'm busy working on my projects for my ScrapMuse kit. I'll be sharing them down the road.
Tonight I need to finish packing, and be ready to go tomorrow, so I can work on projects as much as possible tomorrow and then get to bed early tomorrow night. My flight leaves Early Wed morning. (I'm a night owl.. not a morning person) so this is a stretch for me. lol
I just had to share one more photo with you. I took this of my little friend. He likes digging around in the rocks in my bird bath. I put up with that...but he better stop chewing on my patio furniture! Little stinker.

Have a super evening !


Pattyjo said...

The first thing I thought when I logged on your blog was how cute your hair is! I was going to comment on how cute it was, then I read on and saw that it was just done today. She is good...keep her close by! Another reason to wish I lived by you, as if I needed another one. LOL
The baby is soooooo cute!!! I want one, heck I have always wanted 12 kids. I can see why she stay at home with him. He's just to cute!!
I hope you can find time to write in you blog when your gone, have a safe and fun trip

becky said...

stinkin' squirrels!

love your new do vic-it's adorable!

Deb S. said...

yup, great new do! that baby wyatt is such a doll! you know, since we cut down the "monster tree" we don't seem to have any squirrels in our yard! no more chewing on our furniture and deck! ;)

Catherine said...

Love your new hairdo - you look beautiful as always!!

Sharon in NE said...

Nothing is sweeter than baby toes...

janel said...

Oh..your new do is darling! It is the very first thing I so cute! Love it!
Have fun.....sleep tight...and enjoy Texas......if you have a chance...have some Blue Bell ice cream and think of is yummy...any flavor is yummy! Enjoy!

Nat said...

Those photo's are so cute!
Your new hairdo is awesome!
Wish you a wonderful day!

Michelle M White said...

Super cute "doo"!

Amanda said...

Love the new do! You're so cute! I wish we saw more photos of YOU!