Sunday, June 03, 2007

Finishing up!

Rarely do I miss a day of blogging, (unless I'm out of town), but today, I got busy and just about forgot. It's late...but I'm here. lol

I spent some time on Friday and then again this afternoon , finishing up some Design Team projects, before I leave for TX. I posted two of my newest PageFrames. The first one is a 6x6 frame.
" Imagination Project" was the product spotlight this month.

I did this one with a photo of Weston (ds) playing his guitar. I chose this size frame, because I wanted to be able to add a CD of music that he had written ,played and sang.
I just slid the CD in the back. I plan on using the boys CD label maker, to make a matching label for the CD with a playlist.

This one is a 8 1/2 x 11 PageFrame. I love this photo Keith took of Neely(niece) and Ryan(nephew), taken when they all went to visit Ryan in Colorado , last year. I've used it before, but I love it so much... I'm using it again! lol
It's been hard to find enough sunlight of any kind around here that last couple of weeks. I telling you.... nonstop cloudy days!!

The chipboard (Fancy Pants) , the buttons and gems, are all on the outside of the frame.

I've really gotten hooked on using diamond glaze to attach things to the frames. It always dries clear, so it's so forgiving. The fact that it drys really quick is a plus! (especially when using it for classes)
We had a pretty laid back day today. I didn't even cook much. I usually do a big dinner on Sunday nights. We've always done that , since the kids where younger. That was one meal, that I always wanted everyone home for. (especially when the boys were teenagers, they knew that was kind of a rule), but today, the boys weren't here, so .. we just kind of fend for ourselves. Sometimes days like that are good also. I got alot more done , since I wasn't in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up so much. ( and no, I don't feel guilty... can you tell?... maybe just a little bit) lol
Hope you all had a great weekend, and are rested and ready to take on the week!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a great lay~out! What I really love is Neely's outfit, great boots with the high socks , very cool.


Nat said...

Gorgeous pages- the Nelly photo is too cute!

Nat said...

Neely- I mean - sorry- it is early here ;-)

janel said...

Love these PFrames...and love how you did the cd on the back! Neely is just the are always an inspiration. Glad you didn't spend the evening in the kitchen....enjoy the week! said...

Isnt' it funny how blogging becomes a part of you? It's hard to go a day without!

Sharon in NE said...

I LOVE that you combined the Beethoven quote with all the other funky stuff. It just shows music is timeless.

Pattyjo said...

Oh those pages are just unbelieveable!!!!! I don't blame you for loving and using those pictures over and over again! They are just plain awesome!