Monday, June 25, 2007

Nice people!!!

There is only one thing cooler than "nice people" and that's... "nice people who go out of their way to be nice to people they have never even met". Now that is cool! I have to tell you this just started my day off perfectly. This box of .... amazing goodies was sent to me by a person in "blog land", I have never met. She wrote me last week, saying she has been reading my blog and wanted to send me these pieces of Shawnee pottery. She said they had been given to her some time ago, and she just didn't have the right place to put them ,and thought I might enjoy them. Is that just the sweetest thing! Well, I'm telling you this much... I LOVE THEM...and I DO have a place to put them! Woo Hoo! Now that is what I call a "Random Act of Kindness".
Thank you MIMI !!! "You've" inspired "me" , to do something super nice for someone I don't know , this week mimi...Thankyou! I don't know what it will be yet...but I'll be watching for the opportunity to arise. I know it sounds cheesy, but it would be fun for each of us to try doing one nice thing for someone we hardly know , this week. It cant do anything but make the world a nicer place, right? lol
If you do.. and you want to share... I'd love to hear about it.... post a coment and tell me! I will just be fun to hear the different things ..big or small.

And on top of it's the beautiful card that she made,
that was in the box. Card by: Mimi Hornberger
And...the day gets better and better. Deb and I took Jan (my sister) for lunch today for her birthday. Afterward a little shopping... where else??? but the scrapbook store.
Speaking of nice people... you'll never meet one nicer than this. My sis is would seriously win the "Nice Award" if there was one! (just ask anyone who knows her!)
Here she is with her surprise birthday treat after lunch. We had lunch at Mazatlan (the great Mexican restaurant I've talked about ( in Lincoln with the fantastic margaritas).
We decided today , we are calling Becky and Ruth (the other girls in our scrap group) to line things up to come here soon for our next get together on a Friday night. It would be so fun!

I cant believe how many people have birthdays in June! Wow! My sweet blog friend Pattyjo had one this month too. Happy Birthday Pattyjo!!!
And.... my dear friend Cat!
If you have a minute... click HERE ,and wish her a Happy Birthday , will ya!
(hey...if you don't know could be you "Random Act of Kindness" for the Week! lol


Catherine said...

thanks Vic. Hope you had a great day of shopping!! xox.

Lilli said...

What a thoroughly 'Nice' post this is! :)

Deb S. said...

your new goodies are really cute! such a nice way to start your day! i wish we would hear more about raks! that's so much better to hear about than what's on the news! thanks for such a fun day! :)

~missprissme said...

Ok so that is soooooooo cute and nice. This post brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing your family journals they are heartwarming and so are you. I have 3 sisters no brothers so I can really identify with your fun. Pay it forward...nice idea...

alteredaimee said...

How very sweet! Nice people are cool, for sure.

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Your WORK is AMAZING!!! I 1st saw your gorgeous creations when I met Sandy from CS at a CK Convention--I really admire your work! Just AMAZING!!!! :0)


Pattyjo said...

Happy Birthday Cat! I am your sisters "stocker". I'm a safe one though I live a gillion miles away. LOL
Thank you Vicki for wishing me Happy Birthday, it means so much coming from you. I am your #1 Fan.
Your pottery that came is beautiful! She does great work!
I am going to find someone to do something nice for today. It will probably be a family member, since I rarely go out of the house.
Big Rubber hugs Vicki

Pattyjo said...

I am seeing if I loaded my photo correctly. So I am testing. :)

becky said...

that pottery is beautiful!!!

happy birthday jan and cat! glad you had a good day with jan and deb! we need another night like the night at thornhills....