Saturday, June 16, 2007

Scrap Muse June Kit

I cant believe it's time to upload our June kit projects already. Man on Man , the time is just flying by. Well, if your in need of a good laugh, this is the place to be. My article for the newsletter was on "using older photos", since this Kit, includes the new Elsie papers, ... it had that retro feel,that just took me back to the 70's.
My boys got a good laugh at the old photos I dug out to use this month, I can tell you that much! Please keep it to a dull roar.
Geesh.. this photo was taken the night of the "All State Dance". University of Nebraska Campus. We got to spend 3 weeks living in the dorms, taking college art classes all day. I was in heaven. But boy was it an experience for this small town girl. My friend Tracy and I were both chosen for the All Stat Art Scholarship program, and were thankful for being able to go together, because being dropped off on that big campus at 15 was an eye opener. Buy the end of the 3 weeks, we were much more comfortable and had made lots of new friends from all over.
( I'm trying to believe my friend Tracy is wearing a shirt that says "foxy") OH brother! Digg'n my long hair and wire rimmed octagon glasses. lol ("1976" I was a freshmen)

Journaling reads:
The three weeks I spent on the UNL campus that summer, was an experience I'll never forget. Receiving an All State Art Scholarship was a huge honor for me. I was able to meet other kids my age from all over the state , who understood and shared my love of art. It was certainly a time to learn and grow, in so many ways. I'll always be thankful for this amazing experience.

Ok, about the time you thought it couldn't get any funnier.... take a gander at this. lol
What I am doing with that stuffed dog... I have no idea?
journaling reads:
...there is a good reason for documenting info on the backs of your photos.. What? Where? and When? , because I would love to know what this photo is all about! lol I'm thinking this stuffed dog must be pretty special for some reason, I just dont know exactly what the reason was. ...but a few things I "do" remember about the 70's are...
1. elephant bells
2. mood rings
3. cassette tapes were new
4. pet rocks
5. shag carpet
6. long hair on guys, was cool!
7. avocado green and harvest gold appliances
8. loves baby soft perfume
9. blue eye shadow
10. tv- sonny and cher, adam 12, medical center, mod squad, welcome back kotter, and marcus welby md
11. music-jourey, aerosmith, kiss, jackson browne, peter frampton
12.octagon glasses
14. peace signs
15. peasant tops
17.American bandstand
18.jacked up cars
19.concerts for $10
20.big loop ear rings

Ok, now this is getting fun...because I'm dragging my whole family into it! lol
( I still look like the biggest dork...with the deal I have going on with that little pink dress) lol
I must have thought I was really sumth'n that day!

Okay, I'm bringing you out of the 70's now. This kit worked will for a number of different things. Here is my sweetie pie nephew Griffin.

This layout is of my friend Patti's little guy at his soccer game , with a couple of friends.
I found that fun grid stamp by Fontworks when I was in TX last week.

Here is the sketch

I have always loved this photo of my nephew Nathaniel, even though it is a few years old now.
The title "You Rock" is So fitting for him. He is one awesome kid!!!

We have a wedding this afternoon. Outside , so it's going to be warm. But I'm so excited. It's Wes's Best Friends since junior high Pat and his soon to be wife Kat, who are getting married.
Wes it the best man. I'm still having a hard time dealing with the fact that my boys have friends, getting married and having kiddos of their own. It just doesn't seem possible. Pat was at our house so much through the years, he was like our own. I hope I keep it together, because I feel teary just thinking about them all growing up so quickly. Those boys did everything together. Seems like just the other day, I was driving them to events, because they werent old enough to drive look.
He and Dat are so perfect for each other...just to watch them together is so sweet. They already have a sweet little baby girl named Emelyn, who it just the light of their lives. I'm so happy for them , I know they are going to be a fantastic family!
I'll have photos to share tomorrow.


Tessa Tegendraads said...

Wow, great weblog full with beautiful things. My compliments!


alteredaimee said...

I absolutely adore what you did with the older photos! All of the layouts are fabulous. You totally rocked the new Elise papers.

Jami said...

LOL Vicki I am lovin this. I think I had some glasses just like yours. Now I can't wait to get my kit. Beautiful LO's!!!

janel said...

Oh....the memories of the 70's...I think got it "right on"....and I remember clearly...!!
Enjoy the wedding...I had a similar experience last summer, and you will be flooded with thoughts and memories. Hope you have a good one!

Michelle said...

Vicki, love the old pictures!! Your pages rock..=)

Nat said...

You layouts are amazing as always!!!! It was so much fun to work with the kit, wasn't it!!! Have fun at the wedding!

MJ said...

Thanks for taking me back briefly to the 1970s! I had forgot all about Baby Soft perfume! Some of the other things weren't familiar to me but then I was pretty young in the 1970s ~ thank goodness! said...

I had to look closely to make sure I wasn't in that photo,it looks so familar! Yep, it all brings back memories

~missprissme said...

Nice scrap pages... Thanks for stopping over. I can't wait to do more CS stuff. I think I am starting to become a weekend only scrapper ~insert very sad face here~ since I work ft ooh. Man that's rough cause alls I want to do is prissy. ;oD

Sharon in NE said...

You and I are the same age! I remember the same things, and funny I also remember snickering when the small town kids came to Lincoln and were intimidated by everything. But in your case, it would have been pure jealousy. I would have LOVED to have real art talent. Thanks for a trip down memory lane.