Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Since I've been busy finishing up my projects and article for Scrap Muse , since I got home, and I cant share those , quite yet, I dug into the archieves again. This is a project I did for ScrapBook Answers Mag. Since it's Vacation time. I thought I would share this "how to". It's easy to make and really convenient to take with you in the car ect. It's made with manilla or white mailing envelopes. I slide pieces of chipboard in to the front cover (actually two peices cut in half...leaving them to meet in the middle with a space for the bend)
The directions are written out below,but it's super easy. Add as many pages as you want, as long as it will close without being to bunchy. The open flaps are great places to save paphets and bits of souvineers you pick up.

You can decorate it any way you wish. I even decorated my pen. It's a great way to use up odds and ends of supplies. Actually you could just use the basic directions for putting together the book and do a baby keep sake, honeymoon, Christmas card holder ect....
Above , shows the way I held the tie into place in the back.

If your envelopes have the peel and stick strip, just tear it off and add patterned papers there.

Sorry the shots are a bit dark, but you get the idea.Travel Journal Directions
Supplies ( I used):
9x12 inch Catalog Envelopes- by "AMPAD"
Cardstock- Bazzil and Making Memories
Patterned Papers- 7 Gypsies , Scrapworks and Carolees Creations
Rubons- Making Memories and 7 Gypsies
Ink- Black Stazon
Chipboard bookplate- Heidi Swapp
Twill - hand dyed (origin unknown)
Twine-Hobby Lobby
Pen- Zig
Stamps-Stampabilites, Inkadinkado, Village Arts Press and River ,City Rubber Works
Label Maker- Dymo
Clip- Avery
Stickers strip "click" and canvas reinforcers -7 Gypsies Brads- Carolees Creations
To make this book, start with one manilla envelope. Cut two pieces of heavy chipboard (5 ½ x 8 ½ inches), and slide them inside the first envelope. Fold this envelope in half. (there sould be a slight space inside the envelope between the two pieces of chipboard...this will allow the book to close neatly when other pages are added. Now , for the inside , fold two envelopes and two pieces of cardstock down the middle , as you did the first envelope.(score these with a bone folder, if you wish). Punch holes, on the crease of each of these papers and envelopes, approx one inch in from both sides.To bind, lay out in this order. (opened up).Cover(sealed end to the right)First sheet of paper Manila envelope (open flap on left side) Second sheet of paper Second manila envelope(open flap on the right side)Line up punch holes. Run twill/twine or ribbon , through the two hole and tie on the outside of the journal. (approx 24 inch strip ).To attaching twill for tying book shut. Wonder tape or Tacky tape works will and is sturdy for holding the bookplate on the front cover. Run the twill under the book plate, leaving enough on the right side to tie with the other end , after wrapping around back of journal. Run the other end of the twill under the (binding tied twill) and around the back of the journal. Attach the twill in the back , to hold it in place by using the canvas reinforcers , or strips of paper. Tie on the right side.

And guess what came in the mail today??? My super super CUTE new apron that I ordered from MJ. Thanks girl... I LOVE IT! Right now I have it tied on the back of the chair to show you , but my first thought , initially was to hang it on the wall and use the pockets to hold blank tags ect... I just need to decide exactly where I want it first.
Back to work for me. Hope you are all having a good start to your week. I need to call my mama today. Today would have been my parents 68th wedding anniversary. My dad passed away 20 years ago. His birthday was yesterday. He would have been 95 years old. I'm sure this week brings back alot of memories for my sweet mama. Her and my dad had an amazing relationship. I can remember my dad saying many times.. " your mother is the only one for me". I also remember him saying to us kids (7 of us), "you kids are so lucky to have a mother like this". He was so right. Now that I've made the tears come I'll close for today. I certainly hope my children will think half as much of me as I do of my parents.
I must have been the luckiest child on earth to have had those two for parents.


DeniseLynn said...

OK - first of all I am all choked up, your memories of your dad are so beautiful. What sweet words he said and how wonderful that you remember. Secondly I love the journal/bbok idea - thanks for the great tutorial! Finally I am digging that great apron. You have the best stuff, I want to come to your house!!!!

Oh and we finally have the keys to the new place and before you know it I will be wearing that lovely red apron I bought from you in my new kitchen. I really love it and am so thankful for your inspiring blog. You share yourself in such a great way. I sent you a little thank you note - a shabby looking card, I hope you got it. And who knows, one day you just might get a photo of me learning to cook in that apron! Hugs to you!!

Pattyjo said...

That is going to make me cry too!
I love your tutorial and you make it look so easy! I missed you and am glad your back!

MJ said...

What nice sentiments about your parents! I would hope my children feel the same about me as you feel about your parents!

Enjoy your apron!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh, I love hearing that about your dad...and then looking at the pic of him in his baseball outfit. (the family reunion pics) I'm sure you and your mom miss him so much.
Its good to enjoy such sweet memories.

Dawn said...

Such a nice story about your parents! Love is a GREAT thing!
I've just found your blog through Allison. Great tutorial on the journal. I am going to try this. We leave for a road trip from here in Canada down to California in three weeks. With all the stops along the way this envelope journal will be PERFECT! Thanks for sharing it!

Catherine said...

Love your apron!! I also loved what you said about your parents, so very sweet!

Jessrose21 said...

What a cool journal! Thanks for sharing the instructions. I love how the pen is attached to the front.

Great apron! I think it's so fun that they're back in style. I've got some fabric picked so my mom will make me one!

What wonderful memories you have of your dad. He sounds like the kind of man that if he had been cloned, the world would be a much better place. I hope someday I have a marriage as happy as your parents'.

V said...

Totally love the journal! I'm going to try making up one this weekend. Thanks!