Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sweetest Wedding ever

Yesterday was Pat and Katrina's wedding and it was just the sweetest wedding ever. I was so proud of these kids. They really showed what was important to them, in every detail of the day.
They live out in the country in the farm house that has been in Pats family for years and years. They are raising their precious little daughter Emmalyn there in the house Pats Great Grandfather built.
The really cool part of Part of this day, is that Pat's Grandparents and Great Grandparents were married here also. Pat and Kat, have planned from the beginning , that this is were they would also marry.

Everyone was concerned because it was really really warm yesterday. They had big barrels of iced down bottled water everywhere. It was a beautiful day though... and as soon as everyone started to arrive, a fantastic breeze started to blow. The guys in tuxes were really thankful.
Pretty amazing place and filled with memories for all of their family attending , I'm sure.
I had written the yesterday that Pat and Wes had been best friends since junior high.. actually it's been since 2nd grade.
The wedding was set up out in the yard with the fields his family has worked for years , as a back drop. It was really touching.

The water works started for me , about ....right I still can hardly look at the next two photos, without getting a lump in my throat. When Pat was seating his mom, she stopped and looked up at him and said something... I don't know what...but I was overwhelmed with emotion... it was just so touching. (I was looking at it all , as a mother) I could only imagine what she said to him. But I will tell you this much... it was a sweet sight. (let the bawling begin) .... I'm such a sap!

If that didn't get me ...this did. This was Pat holding his grandparents hands, walking them to their seats. These are the grandparents that were married in this very spot and raised their children in this house. They are now in a nursing home. What a day this must have been for them.

Katrina was so beautiful. Here is her dad walking her down the walkway, to where everyone was seated.

You know how some couples you just know are totally made for each other? I just know they are.

Here is Wes digging for the rings.

I was just so sentimental , watching all this take place. This was the first wedding of one of my boy's really good friends, and trust me , the memories just came flooding back. Wes had a very tight group of friends, guys and girls , that all ran together all through junior high and high school. The parents became friends, and it was like we all raised our kids together , looking out for them all. When they graduated and left for different colleges all over the US, it was tough... I missed them all so much! Now the babies and wedding thing is just a trip! For those of you who've been through this ...please tell me it's normal! lol

I wasn't the only one, Wes said ," I don't know why I felt emotional". lol He said giving the speech at the reception was tough. He did well though. Wes was Pat's best man ,and Pat's two brothers grooms men.

Kat's sisters were her maid of honor and bridesmaids. They were all redheads and look so pretty in the cream and brown dresses, carrying orange Lillys.

Kat's little brother carried Emmalyn down the isle and to a blanket in grass up at the front.

Here's Wes, signing the away!

Look at Emmalyns tiny little wrist corsage.

Here is my boys. It was so sunny, either you had to squint or wear sun glasses. lol

Here are the 4 of us. I was just taking a pic of the guys ,until someone offered to take it for me, so we could all be in the photo. (darn) lol

Even the invitation had the farm theme. I used it to make this glass slide holder to attach to their card.

Ok... thanks for listening, to me ramble. I think , I'm done being emotional,...until the next wedding. lol


Deb S. said...

oh vic, i love this litle love story! thanks for sharing and giving us the lovely details along with the photos! very sweet! i love this kind of "thing".

Michelle Wooderson said...

Vicki, thank you for sharing this! As a farm girl, I really appreciate the *getting down to the roots* kind of thing. What a beautiful wedding and your story made me feel like I was there. Very touching and I can feel your emotion.

Shabbychick Junk said...

You are just the cutest cutest, sweetest person, Vick. What a wonderful memory for everyone to treasure. I'm teary eyed now too!

janel said...

Oh, and tears actually came to my eyes as I read your journaling. What a beautiful day filled with so many memories. Time is such a strange friend. Your photos are beautiful, and Emmalyn's sweet little wrist corsage is absolutely the cutest. Thanks for the wonderful post!

Nat said...

love those photos!!! It is so funny to read what you write about getting emotional seeing Wes up there. On my BILs wedding in May my DH was best man and my MIL did totally tell me the same. is cute to see the guys getting emotional.

Elizabeth Royalty said...

okay. you win. that is officially the sweetest wedding i have ever seen. (more so than mine, even, though i'd say it was close! LOL!) Love the pictures, and the baby on the blanket in the grass just really got me...*sniff* doesn't get much sweeter.

Jami said...

Dang it girl, I had to get up to get a kleenex to wipe my eyes before I could post. The pictures and your words are beautiful!!!

D@nielle said...

It looks wonderful, I can understand that it was great so share this day !
(btw you have one of my favorite songs/video's on your blog: Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life video great song !) said...

Yes, this is a beautiful wedding. I am sending a link to my son and his sweetie as a hint. It looks like a ceremony they would love.

MJ said...

The little corsage for the little girl was the finishing touch! Sweet!

I can only hope to see the day when my girls' best friends are getting married & hope to be there too! Am glad you enjoyed the day!

Sharon in NE said...

A picture perfect wedding. Pretty daring to plan a wedding in NE in June, but it turned out rain, no sweltering heat, no tornados, one never knows around here.

How wonderful you were able to watch this young man grow up and marry his bride at this special place. Its a story book wedding with a rural twist. I'm so glad you shared this.