Friday, July 13, 2007

Fancy Pants Baby Gift Box Set

I thought I'd share with you the project I've been working on. (with paint) lol
This is a Fancy Pants Designs "Baby Box Set". It come with this fold out album, lots of chipboard pieces to choose from and... the coolest all comes in this heavy chipboard box you can alter to put it in. Here's what it looks like.
and here's the outside of my box finished.

It opens up like this
I wanted it to have a "shabby" feel , so I started by kind of dry brushing it all with cream and adding some light blue. The photos are some I took of my sweet little nephew "Griffin" quite some time ago... (he's a big boy now). Still as CUTE as ever. (I can say that ...cause I'm the Aunt)!!! lol

All the pieces of chipboard are include , even that safety pin is chipboard. The little tabs, (word"BABY", and the heart and star tabs), can be added at the top of the album, I just choose not too.
I know you cant see it here, but I added diamond glaze and fine iridescent glitter to some of the chipboard pieces, like the pacifier, pin, stars , wings and heart.
I added some Fancy Pants Ribbon and Rubons, and then a few buttons of my own.
And here's my sweet little "Angel" Boy! awww.... I LOVE THIS KID!

And of course...because I am obsessed with the stuff... I spritzed it all lightly with "Iridescent Gold" Glimmer Mist.
Totally FUN project!
************************************************** since I'm been tagged a number of times now (today by Laurene),and still haven't done the random things deal...
Okay.. 7 random things about me ( if you read already know quirky things about me) lol ...hmmmm... okay here goes
1. I LOVE Peanut butter ( calories there)
2. I'm always barefoot (when I can get by with it)... and I'm always hurrying.. and kind of a clutz... so I think my toes have been broken about 10 times. (seriously)
3. TOTAL Animal lover
4. I hadn't had any Pop/soda for almost 2 months until yesterday (I had ONE) I'm chalking it up to CHA work stress, and I'm back on the wagon to day) lol
5. I'm a total homebody... love being in my comfort zone.
6. I have a WEIRD sense of humor and sometimes the weirdest things strike me as fun , and I cant stop laughing about it. (?)
7. I have to have a fan or my "sound Spa" on to fall asleep
Okay... I'm tagging
Now all you girls have to do, is think of 7 seven random things about you ,and tag 7 other bloggers. Have fun!


Elizabeth Royalty said...

oh my goodness gracious - that is super duper shabaliciously gorgeous!!! you did an awesome job with the painting, and the little subtle shimmery details. It's perfect!

and thanks for the tag...! now to finish the work day (ugh...) and take some time to post!

Aleta1314 said...

Oh! I don't know what is cuter... the box or the baby! So ADORABLE!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Vicki- I absolutely love what you've done with this set!!! BEAUTIFUL!

janel said...

Love those photos, and the paint is just perfect....what a wonderful aunt you are. Griffin is adorable!! What a precious project!

Pattyjo said...

Geeeze...that sounds exactly like me! All of your answers are mine! Maybe I am an older version of you, except for your talent!
The gift baby set is just adorable, do you touch anything that is NOT a huge success??? (I hope I said that right). If I did'nt you know what I mean by now...right?

Nat said...

gorgeous baby book!!!!

Shirls said... hands are always like that after painting on a layout/project and then I get paint on everything else I touch computer mouse, trimmer etc.

Love the FP project!!!

Catherine said...

Love that box Vic....the colors and pictures are perfect!!

Sharon in NE said...

That is SO weird. I would have answered exactly the same thing, (except I not so crazy as to go without pop). I read them off to my husband and he rolled his eyes and said "oh no, there's more of you out there." HA!! IT'S TRUE! You're like my clone. My mini me! Let's take over the world!! Yeah!
...but wait. We're home bodies. Cacooners. Dang.