Saturday, July 07, 2007

I don't know what my deal is..but I am having "sleep" issues again. I couldn't sleep last night, so I came in here to work a bit. I decided the most relaxing thing I can ever do, is just make something all my own, with anything I want.. so that's what I did. lol I really enjoyed making this and it was totally relaxing, but it was still 2:30am before I fell asleep. Back up at 3:45! What is the deal? This went on most of the night. I cant blame it on Caffeine since I still haven't had any "pop"(or soda) lol Yep, that's right... NONE! ( I should have kept track of how long it's been now...but I know it's been over a month) Pretty major for me... considering I should have owned stock in Diet Dew , there for a while.
Anyway.. this is what I made.
I tried out some of my new "Glimmer Mist" ( am obsessed with this stuff lol) colors ...and OH MY! I first sprayed the entire thing with a mix of two colors. Autumn Skies and Caribbean Mist. You can click to see it larger if you want to see the Glimmer mist around the box edge. It was so helpful not to have to cut papers to fit around all those edges of the shadow box. I could have painted it, but this dried so much faster than paint... so I could keep working.( no time to know..I needed to get to bed) lol
I misted the sheet music on the right with some Pink Azalea and also some walnut ink.
My new ink color is "Chestnut Roan" CatEye ink from ClearSnap. I use a small stencil brush to apply it to the edges.

Of course I used my tracing wheel. (am I predictable or what?)lol

That scallop print stamp I used for the top, is one of the new ones I got at the show in TX. It's from "Stampers Anonymous".
Ohhhh... when I saw this K& Company paper... I fell in love with it! GORGEOUS!! I actually comes in a Pad, and every single sheet is so beautiful. I just went to look and the name on the pad is "Classic K". LOVE IT!

When I linked to the Glimmer Mist above.. I went to their website. I was stunned by all the stuff they sell in their store. I have to go back and look some more now. (yikes!). They now carry Crafty Secrets Products also, but I saw stamps , rubons, mixed media stuff..oh my!
It's HOT out today, but I really want to head over to Nebraska Crossings to check out the new store my friend Any Stewart opened recently. Precious Treasures. I know Amy, and I know this scrapbook store is going to rock! She called last night ,and we talked about some upcoming classes and make and takes. I'll keep you posted and let you know about her grand opening!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful Vicki! Now that I see some of the products and techniques you've used- I see how much work you've really put into this! AWESOME!

Amy said... MAIDEN name was AMY STEWART!!!!! I about choked on my pop when I saw that name at the end of your post! Just thought I'd share that little tidbit with you today!

I'm so sorry about the rotten sleeping trouble. That's NO fun! I hope it stops soon so you can get a good night's sleep! Lack of sleep is NOT good for creativity. We need to nip this in the bud and quick!!!


Deb S. said...

oh vic, sorry you didn't sleep last night!! makes for a long day, i know, it happens to me alot! ;( i really love you latest project, very cool! ahh, did you say it was for me??;) thought maybe i could throw you a bit since your so tired!! ;) lol!!

Nat said...

This is my new favorite of yours- I love this so much. Oh and you make me doing this- I'm going to get the misty-stuff shipped to little Kraut land ;-)

Pattyjo said...

That is geogeous...I hope that spelled right. LOL
I have been reading about the mist you have mentioned it many times. You sure make them look great. Maybe I should try a can.
What do you recommend for someone who won't cut up there tablet? Or doesn't want to use any of the goodies she has to make something.
What if I mess it up...
I'm such a chicken.

Pattyjo said...

Oh I forgot to tell you how sorry I am about the lack of ZZZZZZZ. I have been in that situation and its awful. Plus I snap at everyone.
It probably just a passing thing because your mind is racing with all your creative juices. I bet once you finish what ever you are into right now, you will once again sleep like a baby.
I will pray for you and your sleep.
Big Rubber Hugs
Your stocker

Catherine said...

vic, you do such beautiful work, I love this. I bet your sleep issues are stress related - getting ready for CHA and all the projects you have going on..... I hope you sleep tonight!! xox. I promise to post soon......

~missprissme said...

I don't sleep either. Just recouping from dental surgery I realized how sleep deprived I've been. Anywho, love your work as always and GUESS WHAT? TAG YOUR IT. Run over to my blog to check out the game of tag.

MJ said...

I always feel so lazy and then tired after reading your posts! I can't imagine where you get your energy, not to mention your creativity! I'm hugely envious as you have so much fun getting sleep-deprived!! LOL!

Susan said...

Another beautiful piece! Just love your work!
Susan T

D@nielle said...

that's a lovely project ! Hope you sleep better soon ! said...

the fairy is wonderful! I know it is awful have insomnia, but if you are creating things like that in the middle of the night, sleeplessnes at least has a plus side!

Helle Greer said...

Vicki, this piece is to die for!!!
Just gorgeous, love everything about it.
Why don't you just move out to us here in California, so we can play all day long.

Michelle M White said...

I'm having sleep issues too! Ilove what you did...I so badly need a lesson or two from you! Maybe if we start at 12 am!?!