Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last post till Monday!

I knew this time preparing for CHA was going to fly by, and boy did it! Hard to believe it's here.
I'm staying in Omaha tonight and my flight takes off early tomorrow morning. I'll be back on Monday with lots of pics to share!
My sweet Blog friend Mimi over at Stamps-a-latte Stamp Cafe
gave me a rock'n girl blogger tag! (Thanks Mimi)
Now I pick 5 ROCK'N Blocks to tag

Check out Sugar Bear. I love her stuff. And see that necklace... well Its MINE NOW! lol I just bought it!

and if you want to learn about using the latest and greatest techniques..this girl is the queen... my Germany friend Nat at Scrapbook-Trends

I SO.. wanted to share the work of my blog friend Tikkelperin jutskia with, but I see she has already been tagged. I decided , it's not stopping my from sharing her She does beautiful work!

If you need some inspiration... here's the place Scrapping on the Edge ! Kimmy is one super creative Scrapper!
last but not least
One of my fellow Fancy Pants Design Team Members Amber Tosh. Check out her work on her blog Weathered Seven.

Ok... now before I say good bye, I'll show you the Page Frame Projects I finished last night.
I took a couple of the little clear flower embellishments from Page Frames and put them together to make this little mini album.

I just used one of the clear acrylic flowers as my templet to trace and cut the photos and paper.

You can punch through the acrylic with a cropodile, or with alittle pressure...even a standard punch.

I just incorporated papers and rubons with the photos.

Added some ribbons and crystals to the ring.

This is an 8x8 frame with one of the clear hearts added as an embellishment.

You can see it a little better here.

Doesn't she have a beautiful smile? That is Ariel.. my cousin Paula's Granddaughter.
Ok.. that's it kids... need to wrap things up around there and get ready to hit the road.
I'll see you all in just a few days!!!!!


janel said...

Just got back to internet land..hope this catches you before you head out. have a great trip. Thanks for all the links, and LOVE that little flower PF's mini album. Enjoy your time in Chicago. Thinking of you!

Kirsi said...

Amazing work again. I so enjoy to come over and see all the beautiful you have created. Thank you ever so much for thinking me when picking 5 Rockin Blogs. You're a sweetie, Vicki!

Sharon in NE said...

pleeeease take me......

Catherine said...

Wow, that page frame is adorable! I love the rub on the front....Checked out your new necklace....YUM, very pretty!! Have fun at CHA!! said...

Have a good trip! YOu'll be looking pretty in your new necklace, that other Karla makes some pretty things!

Anonymous said...

Oh- those are awesome projects- Really great colors! I love the heart with the gems in the second one.
So, Rockin' Blogger is it? Wooo-hooo, VERY fun! Thanks Vicki, and I will be sure to pass the love on, over the next week!

Nat said...

Love your Work Vicki!!! And thanks for picking my blog - you cutie- I have to check the other blogs out too! Have a wonderful day!!!

Tam said...

This mini-ablum totally rocks!! Have a great time in Chicago!!!

Michelle M White said...

CUTE!!!! Love it!

susan j said...

Vicki!! I can't believe it's been so long since I visited. When I say so long, that probably means a couple of days!! He he!! So LOVE all your projects here!! You are so mega-talented!!

Oh, and BTW you have been tagged!! You are now a rockin' girl blogger.

Anonymous said...

I love your layouts, they are so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I am a new blogger. I have been admiring your blog for monthes. A dear friend of mine "French garden House" has been encouraging me for some time. So far she has been the only one to read my blog.... I'm a newbie, but so glad to be a part of this world. Just wanted to say how encouraging your site is.

Karen Eileen