Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More CHA pics

I wanted to show you just a few more pictures of CHA, and share with you some cool new products that were released and some photos take with online friends I was so excited to get to meet.

If your not familiar with "My book" you should defiantly check it out. I met Lisa ("My Book" owner), at CHA last year. If you have a busy life ... like most of us do have to check this out. I love the idea of adaptable planner. Kind of a planner / scrapbook combo. Check it out here.
Here is a photo of my ultra talented friend Kara Ward in the K&Company Booth. I got a chance to see some of the projects she has been working on , and let me tell you this much .... this is one ultra talented girl! WOW! Gorgeous work!
Check out these flowers she made!
I really missed working the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Booth and working with these sweet girls. I ran over long enough to snap a couple shots and say hello. I CANT WAIT to get all the new stamp sets, because after seeing them in person... OH MY!!! They are FANTASTIC!
I was so happy to finally got to Lisa Zappa.. I love that girl! Wish I would a gotta a pic with her!

here are a few of the new Sweet Chips Chipboards

All this stuff is so fun to see

The new clear albums from Page Frames were HOT!!!

The Page Frames Booth was so packed, I just got this kind of blurry shot from way back. That booth was Rock'n.
Then there was the really fun part of CHA... meeting the people you normally just get to chat with online. LOOOK... I finally got to meet Wendy, the owner of Tattered Angels (Glimmer Mist), and her sweet friend and "mister extraordinaire" Kathy! I cant even tell you how fun to was to meet these girls in person. They are just soooo nice!
I keep asking them what they are putting in that stuff..because it is just "addicting". Once people try it once they cant stop! ('s almost funny) I'm sure they had a great show.

How darn cute is Lana Rappette? Oh, meeting Lana was defiantly the highlight of that first morning. She is just a doll! Not to mention SO extremely talented! She and I are on the Scrap Muse Design Team together. This is the first time we have gotten to meet in person. I've been on the ScrapMuse DT for 3 years now and it's a very close bunch family. When you chat daily with these girls about your life, family, ...just about really bond, so when you get to finally meet, its really special!

CHA is so busy and so intense that you just cant stop and crab your camera every time you want... actually have to take orders (yeh..that's what your there for)lol so I miss so many people that I would have loved to have had photos of , and some turned out blurry because of the poor lighting. I feel so bad, my dear friend Becky was working the Autumn Leaves booth right next to Fancy Pants and I didn't even get a photo of us together. It's just such a busy time.
I also got to meet Heather Nichols and she it just a doll. You should check out her esty shop. She is a talented girl and and has some really fun stuff in her shop! Ink and Nickle Thanks for the goodies Heather!

Another person I was so thrilled to get to meet in person was Taylor VanBruggen I am so glad that her and I have become blogging buddies. She is such a fantastic person and crazy with talent. I see she has posted some great CHA pics on her blog also...check em out.

And then I got a little touch of home! It means so much to me that these girls always take time to stop by and say hi. These are the girls from Albion. Jean Kaup and her mom. I have been teaching at Scrapbook Paradise for a number of years now and it always feels like coming home!

This is another photo of Kara Ward....another midwestern girl! YAY

It was great to finally meet Tammy Tutterow. Her and I have know each other over the years from different teams we've been on together,but never been able physically be in the same place and the same time. What a treat. You can check out what she has going on here at Heart in Hand

And guess what????? I got to meet HB!!!! I LOVE HER! She was just as sweet as I imagined! She has been reading and commenting on my blog for some time now , so I felt like a knew her anyway..but to really meet her in person was so special. I miss her already! HI HB!!!
And Amy Westerman from Craft Critique Stopped by. I knew knew her imidiatly from accross the booth, she looks just like her photos. Sooo fun to get to meet and chat with Amy!

Okay...that's alot of writing and linking glad this one I remembered to save as I went..because after doing it the other day, my computer messed up and I lost it all. (did you hear me screaming?) lol
I'm feeling like I'm getting all my things caught up around here , so maybe I'll be able to actually start having time to get back to creating something . YAY!
I did get three layouts picked up by Scrapbook Trends for the December issue while I was gone, so that made me smile!
Off to AccuCut to pick up some new dies!.... Another thing that makes me smile! lol


Stampin' D'Amour said...

Hi Vicki- Thanks for sharing your CHA pix! I missed so many booths--I didn't get to make it all over.

I posted some CS photos on my Blog--Sandy ALWAYS points out YOUR most GORGEOUS creations to me when I see her!

The time passed by so quickly!!! It was over just as soon as it started! My muscles were sore from luggin' cattys all around. (great workout!)

I'll have to map it out much better for the Winter show! :0)


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Vicki,

How fun, thanks for sharing this with all of us. It truly is overwhelming. I've never been to the DHA, just the HIA (hobby industry) which is much the same.

FUN fun and more fun, and you leave with just a whirlwind of ideas swirling around!
glad you had a good time...

chelemom said...

I was there too, but missed two whole rooms! Here we thought we were doing so well when about 4 P.M. we realized there were two more rooms! Oh well, it was fun anyway!

Catherine said...

thanks for sharing your CHA pictures. LOVED them!

Sugar Bear said...

I love all of your CHA pics - it is like we were there with you!

Kirsi said...

Hi there! I've enjoyed looking at your CHA pics. So much cool stuff. Oh well, and I'd be happy if I only could shop at regular scrapbook/papercraft store you have over there. May be someday.

Lana said...

...found this picture and it makes me reminisce.. :) I'd love visit sometime like you & Cat do. Not sure it can ever happen soon but it would be awesome :) >hug!<