Sunday, July 01, 2007

Neely's moved!

It' was a long day ,but we got the girl all moved in! I'm sure , in no time at all ..she'll have this place fixed up just as cute as the other was. She was kind of sad, to move , because she love this place so much but the house sold so it has to be. We got so busy, I didn't pull my camera out at the new place. The new place is a bit smaller so she was bummed about trying to make everything fit...but it will be fine.
I had to laugh at "JayJo's" all ready to move..sitting here in box in the back. Neely has had this bear with here since before her first birthday. He's just a part of her.

Luckily it was a nice day...not to hot, and we had lots of help throughout the day. We started at 8am , and I got home about 11:30pm last night , from Omaha. (to tired to blog then) lol Jan, Keith , and I , stayed and helped her get things "somewhat" put into place. There is no way her mom and I were leaving there until her bed was made ,and the bathroom was all clean, so she could shower and fall into a nice cozy bed last night.
I couldn't get over the squirrels in her neighborhood. SO Tame... obviously someone is feeding them...because they come right up to you. Almost freaky! And if you gave one attention...pretty soon, you would be surrounded with about 6 more. (that doesn't happen in the country)

Friday before I left for Omaha , I had to stop by my friend Becky's and lookie what I got!!!
Woo Hoo! I cant wait to have a minute to set down and really go through this! Thanks Bec!
It looks amazing from what I saw just flipping through!
The project featured on the top right of the cover is one of hers!

Today is my niece Kileys Bridal I need to get in gear.
I'm thinking I need to do a give a way, this week, so check back!
Hope your having a super weekend everyone!


Catherine said...

I am so jealous you have that book already! I've been waiting for what seems like MONTHS to get it. Can't wait to hear your review - love the squirrell pic....

Pattyjo said...

Glad she is all moved in, its a bummer to have to move. We have been in the same house now for 35 years. It would be easier if lightning struck it then to pack up. LOL
I will have to keep my eyes open on your next few posts.

Jessrose21 said...

Oh man, that squirrel IS freaky. When I was in college, the place was overrun by squirrels! They were just everywhere and every time one ran by me, I'd have this urge grab it by the tail and swing it over my head. Don't ask me why, must have been all the stress!! (Rats with bushy tails, that's what they are.) LOL!