Saturday, July 14, 2007

***(NEW Fancy Pants ) Page Frames Clear Album

LOVING all the new fun stuff Fancy Pants has coming out for CHA! This book was done with one of the new lines called , "TRUE", along with the "Titles and Tags" sheet and rubons to match this line.
I also used a NEW chipboard release called "Swirls and Twirls"and some of the NEW clear overlays Fancy Pants is coming out with. (ohhh.... so cool!) Fancy Pants has done it again!
You know how much I love these clear "Page Frames"albums.. well working with the combo of it and these papers, was oooh.. la la! I was in heaven!

Yep... Fancy Pants has buttons now too!

I couldn't stop working on this last night... it was LATE... like 2am late! But I was so into it I couldn't stop. lol
The day of Kiley's bridal shower, I was outside for a bit taking these shots of Kirstyn. She is just a little doll. I could have watched her play all day. She has the most expressive little face! Cracks me up!
See something else new? Look at these new cute little straight pins that come in different shapes an colors.

matching ribbons too!
I took all these photos with a mini album in mind... so I was all ready (for once) lol
Ok... the photo below is my absolute favorite!!! CUTEie Pie!
Instead of using acrylic paints or paper to cover the chipboard pieces, I tried using "Lumieres", because of there sparkly/Pearlescent look..and they worked really well
I attached the chipboard to the album using "Diamond Glaze". It always dried clear (and fast), so I love it!
What little girl , doesn't need a flower in her hair? lol

You can see the overlay a little bit better here on the left. The saying at the bottom is a rubon.

lots of pages.. just about finished. lol
last page of the album.
Staying up so late is catching up with me... I keep YAWNING and YAWNING! I was up early to take the dogs to the Vet for shots ect. (Oh boy ,that was a wrestling match!) Whatever energy I had left.. got used up there! Try taking to big dogs to the Vet that are the biggest chickens ever. The "ding" of the door bell when we came in , about put Aly into shock! She was freaked!
And if you ever wanted a laugh.. I'm sure me trying to get Molly and the scale, was a sight! lol
She only weighs 68lbs!!! I was tripping over her, and she was laying down and rolling over on her back. It was like a three ring circus! I'm sure the Vet and his help, got a good laugh!
One thing about it ,... they are both pooped.. they've been napping all day. I think I might too! lol


Catherine said...

Oh vic, this is lovely. Thanks for the link over to Fancy Pants - the FELT she's showing LOOKS amazing....gotta get some of thaT!!! xox.

Deb S. said...

vic, this is so cute! everything looks so cool. little kirstyn she is such a cutie!i can't wait to get started on my book!;)

Mimi Hornberger said...

Vicki, this is just amazing! I saw these albums at my friend's store and was not real sure what I could do with one. You have answered that question for me! I love your work. I love the wings you added to Kirstyn and the crown and flower. What an imagination you have. Thank you so much for sharing.

KimmyS said...


How amazingly PRECIOUS is that book?? And I so need all the new Fancy Pants

Lana said...

this is soo sooo great vicki! just beauiful! lvoe her wings the most :) :)

Kirsi said...

This is just the cutest! What a wonderful treasure.

MJ said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Wanna come & do my kids' albums?! They are languishing!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

no doubt about it... this is one of the most FABULOUS things I've seen in a long, long time! Love those clear albums, and the details and the rich colors and the whimsy and the pictures and, oh, EVERYTHING.

this one really, really takes the cake.

Dawn Mercedes said...

so neat!

Sharon in NE said...

Love the story of the dogs at the vet! The mental image I had of that had me chuckling for quite some time!!!
And that album you're working on is gorgeous! It does help to work with pics of a cutie patootey but the fancy pants stuff is wonderful!

Precious Treasures said...

Love the clear album. I understand it now. I just could not picture it when you showed me the blank album. ADORABLE!!!

annetteprudhomme said...

Your work is amazing! I LOVE the FP clear albums! How long did it take you to do the album from start to finish?