Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pick a style will ya?

I just have to laugh when I look at the layouts I did last night. It comes back to the "find a style" issue I have. Everyone talks about "their Style" of scrapbooking, but I love clean and simple, I love crazy altered, and I LOVE vintage, so I do what strikes me at the moment. lol

Usually after I do something clean and simple , I'll take it to the extreme and throw in everything but the kitchen sink on the next thing I do. lol

I did this layout last night, using some of the photos I took of my sweet little niece Kirstyn a couple of weeks ago, outside at the Bridal shower for Kiley.
The papers are Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage and the Letters, are one of the sets of new stamps they will be releasing at CHA(Craft and Hobby Assoc) in Chicago next week.

This was the first time I got to use these , and I was SO impressed with how crisp and clear they stamp.
Even the flower was cut from the papers. All CS papers are double sided cardstock.

Well then...
I needed to do something "inky" lol.
I did this entire layout with nothing but CS papers and other added embellishments.
The paper is so beautiful, you really don't need anything else.
That Beautiful lady in the photo (Viola) is my Grandma Bendig.
I used one of the new script stamps from the little journaling set, along the edges of the layout. It's hard to see here, but if you want , you can click on it to see it close. I also used one of the small decorative stamps from that set around the edges of the oval photo.

It used to really bug me that I didn't feel like I had a "specific style" but I guess sometimes the fact that I like a number of different things, helps me be more diverse when it comes to classes ect..
And I guess if you like it (whatever it is) you should just go with it. lol
There are so many different styles out there, and lots that I couldn't begin to do... but I still like them! When artists ask people to critique their work... I think... "Who can tell you what "YOU" created is wrong"? Surely NOT ME! lol So... Do what you like and like what you do! Thats my motto. (Pretty deep thinking for a Thursday morning huh) lol
Enjoy your day... and Create something you love!


Pattyjo said...

I love the art called Viola! I love the vintage also. The little girl is so adorable!

Taylor VanBruggen said...

Both of these projects are gorgeous in their own way! I've often thought I don't have a distinctive style either, but I'm with you... "do what you like and like what you do!" I think that's a great reminder for this thurs. morning! :)

PS will you be at CHA in Chicago next week? I will be there and would love to stop by your booth if you're going to be there!

Nat said...

Loving your style :-)

KathyL said...

Vicki -
Whatever your style is - I love it! You can see your "style" in everything you create. Loved your message today, it brightened my day. Thank you.
See you at CHA.

Catherine said...

ok, worked - but I had to press escape a bajillion times to make that security info box go away!! Whatever your style is - I just adore it!! you rock

Sherrie said...

I sometimes have issues with that "style" thing too, and you said it so well, Do what you love to do! I flip flop all the time, guess cuz I love it all! LOL! First time visiting your blog, love your creative spirit!

Kristine said...

Each of these are sooo wonderful in their own styles. I can't imagine the 2nd photo done any other way, and the top one is just sooo perfect--you even matched the color of the flower. LOVE them!! :)

Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

Oh Vicki! So funny you post something like this! I am presently going through a style crisis! LOL I love it though! Trying new things and looks :)
Love your style - which ever one you decide to use ;)

Deb S. said...

You my friend have all kinds of "style" no matter what kind you are in the mood for! Kirstyn is such a cutie-pie!

Laurene said...

You have been tagged! Your blog is on my list of "7 most inspiring".
Please visit my blog to view details of this tagging game.

Laurene said...

sorry...I am new at this. My blog address is:

Jami said...

Vic I love that motto and it is so true. I love your style and i would call it from your heart. I have a oval photo of my dd and that LO has inspired me. Thank you!!!

KimmyS said...

Well Vicki, you know I am your biggest stalker and biggest fan and with every project you are outdoing yourself. You were born to be an artist and I can only dream to one day be as creative as you are