Friday, July 27, 2007

Running late

Boy, since I got back from CHA, I really haven't worked in my studio at all. I've "worked" trust me..just not in here. lol I gave both dogs baths today ..and believe me..that IS work! Whew! Molly just has to fight it every inch of the way. It's like All star Wrestling! Aly is an angel pup..she just puts up with it. Anyway, glad it's over for a bit.
Wes was home for a bit today, with his new friend Hannah. They were going into Omaha tonight with friends and then coming back here to stay until tomorrow. It's nice to finally get to meet her. (I didn't push it with them.. with the camera,but maybe tomorrow, lol)
I worked in the yard some today. I thought I would go out in the morning before it got really hot. Well, it was really hot at the crack of dawn, so that plan didn't really work out. I was pulling weeds out of my flowers in the front (always on snake watch), and it was just miserable out. But I toughed it out ,and got it done. YAY! For the first time I didn't see any snakes .. only one big toad (probably the one I took a picture of a while back)lol It startled me, but there was no screaming involved, just some talking out loud to myself. "Geezzz, you stupid toad , You scared the crap out of me" Oh brother.. it's a good thing I live in the country and don't have neighbors. lol
Never take yourself too seriously! That's what I thought when I ran across the photo of this lady. I needed a little notebook for my purse , so this is what I made. lol
The hats, wings, papers and stamps are all Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage.
I always wondered why the women in these old photos look so darn SERIOUS.. ummm... I think I would too if I had to carry water from the well, boil water to cook, and bathe, raise a huge garden, cann all the food , make EVERYTHING from scratch, sew my own clothes along with the trillion other things they had to do. Geezzz, and to think I was complaining about having to just go to the grocery store yesterday. lol

The heat has been hard on my plants ,but they are hanging in there. Hopefully there will be a reprieve soon.
Too hot to even sit outside and enjoy the flowers right now.

Happy Birthday today to Sandy's Mum today! I hope you girls had a fun day together!


KathyL said...

vicki -
I love those new Accucut dies. Jealousy over here in Idaho. Went from LV to Colorado to Chicago - back to Denver, then to Grand Junction, CO and now have landed in Boise. I have to find the time to upload photos and update my blog. I am so jealous that you make the time almost everyday. Talk to you soon.

Nat said...

I love the old lady!!! :-) I think another reason why thhy look so grumpy is that they couldn't breath and had to stand still so the photo wouldn't turn out blurry. I tell you - I look pretty grumpy if I can't move myself :-)

janel said...

Great post! Your flowers look wonderful, and from here..I can't feel the heat at all! :)
Great notebook, and I am thinking the reason they must have looked so grumpy is that they wore those tight, all over corsets...and they had no AC...and they must have been miserable. So glad we are "modern girls"! Have a great weekend!

Sharon in NE said...

I just want to rub one of those geranium leaves and smell the wonderful musky smell. Love that notebook. She may look crabby, but at least you prettied her up quite nicely.

I meant to tell you how beautiful that Christmas tree was. The garland, the glitter, the crown on top. It was incredible. Your work is incredible! I'm just so makes me all schmaltzy

Kirsi said...

The notebook is just so perfect. Love it. Also those flower arrangements of yours please my eye.