Monday, July 30, 2007

Some fun new papers

Monday Mail, brought me some beautiful papers from Tayleene at Meet Me at Scraps , a cool Coffee shop , Scrapbook Store in Larned KS that I'll be teaching at soon.
How fun that they have their own paper line..designed JUST for their store? The papers are so beautiful. I just had to stop what I was doing to put together a layout with them.
Here's a quick 8x8.
I used a clip to attach a piece of clear acrylic for part of my title.
There is actually a pretty fun story behind these papers. I had first met Tayleene (the store owner) when I was teaching in Albion. We talked and she told me about the store she was opening and how she was looking for a designer to work on some papers for a line "specifically"for her store...and did I know any one??? I said , I did , and gave her the name of a very talented paper designer I know... Miss Amy Teets... Well.... Guess who designed ...

THESE BEAUTIFUL PAPERS????? YEP!!! Beautiful job Amy!

I'll leave you with these pictures of my sweet little pups Aly and Molly , waiting for there treat, (celery)...they LOVE celery!

Now you see why they are like my kids... aren't they adorable? Okay... so.. I'm a bit prejudice.
Theres nothing like the unconditional love of a couple of Human Society muts, to make you smile! lol I love these dogs!!

Have you hugged your dog today? If you dont have should go get one..their great. lol


Catherine said...

love the papers....and your dogs are just adorable!! I took a nap with my Guinness today...she's a great snuggler.

stampqueen said...

Your LO is so cute - I really have to get back to doing my kids scrapbooks - which means I have to quit buying new toys and finish the projects I have :)
I finally finished going through your older posts today - you are making me homesick - I swear the Czech sign is the one from Cedar Hill Catholic church south of Morse Bluff - from the cemetary, either that or the Kilian cemetary on the bluffs west of Morse...the church is the one I went to as a kid - only 2.5 miles from home and
Kilian is where my Dad is buried.
Love the pics of the dogs too - both my 9 yr old red austrailian shepard (Husker) and the 16 yr. old cat(Fancy) got lots of hugs and cuddles today. :)

Deb S. said...

love the photos of he girls! sweet ally and molly!:) i hugged my cully several times today! those new pps are pretty!

Kara Ward said...

Are you coming through Kansas go to Kansas? Your car had better make a pit stop. Bring your 4 legged children too. They will get along perfectly with my 4-legged child. I get up every night at 4:00 am to let her out. It is like having a new baby, only mine hunts rabbits that live under our deck. Sigh!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

super cute papers!!

and the doggies, too...

alas, I am terribly allergic... maybe someday if we have a farm... :)

Sugar Bear said...

I hug and kiss my dog all the time! Cesar Millan would definitely not be happy with me!

Nat said...

those papers are amazing and so are your layouts!

Ahh - lokk at the doggies!

Sharon in NE said...

Look at those eyes. No wonder they've got you wrapped around their paws. We had rescued a black feral kitten and adopted a 5 yr old black and white Papillion. They stick to me like glue. I know how incredible the love of our pets are.

Dream Street Test said...

YEAH!!!! I'm SO glad you got to work with them! I looked for you at CHA! I really need to get a hold of Taylenne so I can get some of those papers :D