Sunday, July 08, 2007

Visiting Amy at "Precious Treasures" was so fun yesterday. Jan came from Lincoln and met me there. We were so excited to see that Amy is doing there. It' s going to be so fun. Amy is open to trying all kinds of fun new things, and has everything set up so cute!

Not only does she have things done up really cute...but the workroom is set up with all kinds of hats, glasses, boa's , scarves, pearls , ect... Shopping bags all over the walls's darling. (my photo didn't turn out...sorry)

So of course we had to play...

Every little detail has been given so much attention...right down to the little polk-a-dot mugs. lol

Check out this powder room!

Just so much fun to how Amy has pulled it all together.

I spy Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage products!
And boy... doesnt this girl have AccuCut dies!
After we met with Amy, Keith met us at "Around the Bend" for dinner. He had wanted to try out this steak place. I didn't even know it was there. It was near the River , and the short drive there, was beautiful.....

eeeeeeeeekkkkk... until I saw this sign! lol

ummm... that is NOT what we had!
I had Shrimp!
We certaining got a good laugh though!


Mimi Hornberger said...

Wow! What a sweet treat! I was drooling all over those pictures, until I got to the sign, of course. LOL! Now that's a sign you have to take a picture of! TFS!

MJ said...

I have heard of Accucut but am staying far away from it: something else to eat up my time & money? LOL! We usually refer to testacles as "prairie oysters" & the restaurant may consider adopting that phrasing too! LOL!

Melissa Norris said...

OMG! Is that place not just ADORABLE?! I'm sure it's all wonderful. I love when people pay attention to the little details. That's often what brings me back!

Sharon in NE said...

YES! I will definitely check out that store at Nebraska Crossings!!! It looks great. Kinda dressy though. I'll have to shake the dust off of my boa.

Maybe the restaurant doesn't SERVE testicles, maybe its a festival for angry divorced women who are brandishing knives? In which case, I think I'll still avoid it.


It was so much fun having you and Jan visit the store and test out the "Diva Crop Room". I am so excited about having the privelage of you and Jan teaching classes at the store also! See you at CHA!

Sugar Bear said...

Looks like so much fun! Gotta love that powder room!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

what fun! love that bathroom and the sign was too much!!