Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dave's Family Fundraiser is coming along!

A while back I told you about a fundraiser I'm working on with some friends, for a very special family. (You can read about it HERE) Well, as you can see , because of some very generous people , there are going to be some fantastic things up for grabs come auction time. Here are a few , there are more to come...but Monday ,I'm taking the first bunch to the church where the auction is being held. (since the they have more space than I do) lol Lots of others involved have been working hard gathering donations of all kinds... I'm just doing my part.. on the scrapping end! lol

Huge thanks to CRAFTY SECRETS HEARTWARMING VINTAGE for this basket of fantastic products!

And to Dawn Brown (Stampers Gone Wild) who contacted me , asking if she could make a donation of her own. I cant begin to tell you how her kindness and generosity has touched me.
Big hugs to you Dawn!!!

The basket above is the one I put together.
I also have a 50 dollar bill , that a person I love very much, placed in my hand for this cause... asking to be kept anonymous.
AccuCut has informed me they are donating a Zipe Mate Machine and dies! WOO HOO!
and Page Frames ( is also sending a product donation.
Thank you everyone who is helping us, help this family!


Jennie said...

That is awesome. You are such a sweet person. The baskets are wonderful.

Pattyjo said...
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Scrapbook With Vanilla said...

That is incredible!!! Those baskets look amazing :)

Jami said...

If I lived closer I would love to go and bid on those gorgeous baskets. Everything you touch always looks beautiful!!!

Angie said...

Everything is so beautiful. It just goes to show you how very giving scrapbookers are.

Stampin' D'Amour said...

These look FANTASTIC!! How fun the recipient will have with ALL these wonderful goodies!!! :0)


Julie Higgins said...

I just finally got a chance to look at Vicki's blog and saw all the awesome silent auction items!! Thank you so very much!! This benefit has sure showed me how many kind and caring people there are in the world! It great to be planning a benefit for someone who is so deserving like Dave. Thank you to everyone for their kind words and thoughts. We have had $500.00 donated by Dillon Chevy, $320 by the staff that works at Dave's school, UNO season hockey tickets, and lunch with First Lady Sally Ganem at the Governor's mansion along with a tour of the Governor's residence. These are only a few of the things people have donated. So we are coming along really great so far. I also had donations that enabled me to hire a barbershop quartet for entertainment to make it more special for Dave.

Most of all, thank you Vicki!! You are the BEST. I wish I still worked with you every day. I want your friends who read your blog to also know how great you are with kids, and a great friend, and mother!!! Julie

Sharon in NE said...

That is SO great!!!! (So are you!)