Friday, August 10, 2007

Trash or Treasure?

Thank you MJ for the "Thoughtful blogger award"! Right back at cha babe!
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Yesterday I had gotten more of the brown square canvas storage containers I was telling you about a while back, and decided to tear into the supply closet in my studio and PURGE! I love to organize , but I hate to purge! I'm always sure I "might" be able to use it..and shouldn't get rid of it.. whatever it is. I have to REALLY be in the mood to get rid of things to really dig in ...and when the mood hits, I better run with it! lol

So that's what I did today. Sorry , I don't have any photos to share of anything I created today,because I did "this" all day! Whew! But I was good, and got rid of alot , and organized and labeled everything else.

I find , it's always good to do that every once in a while, because it reminds you of some of those things you have that you've forgotten about..they you can pull them to the fore front, so they get used.

I know I've mentioned to you" long time readers" before ,that .. I spend alot of time in my studio, so I like to set little things I love out to inspire me, and I change them out often.

Each of us have the things that " do it" for us, when it comes to inspiration, I though I'd share with you , some of the little things I set out in my room that help spart the creative juices for me.

I have alot out..probably "simulation overload" ,but it's all things I love and also most of the time.. serve a purpose, like the old jars that hold supplies

All of my wood mounted stamps are in the top part of the Hoosier.

Do you see that little "moo"card, sitting next to my name. It's Helle Greers..and it's just adorable. I cant put it away, because it just makes me smile everyday when I look at's so cute!
Oh..and see those little pom pom trims.. I found those yesterday!! I LOVE THEM!!! (it's amazing that something as simple as pom pom trim can thrill me that much..but it really does!!) lo

And something else that thrills me , is these little birds! My sweet friend Mimi sent me these , along with some other pieces...just because she is a sweet kind person...and I love them so much I keep them right by my desk with pencils in it so I can see it everyday! The colors are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks Mimi... I enjoy everything you sent more than you can imagine!

I've had this fabric lamp hanging in my studio for a long time,but I still really like it. It was a super sale buy at Z gallery a couple of years ago.

I keep my paint brushes in this old planter. I loved that planter with the stand ,and the fact that my paint brushed are out and easy to get to, is perfect.

I don't know any of the people in these photos...but trust me...we've bonded, because they set out in this dish on the top of the Hoosier...just wondering who'll be used for a project next. lol What history in each photo. I love wondering who these people were and what their lives were like.

I have this "photo Mobile" hanging above my desk. I need to add some new photos. Right now... cool piece of art from my friend Catherine Mathews Scanlon, a photo of Wes's (my sons) band, one of "Tilly and the Wall" my niece Neely's band and one of me with Tim Holtz. lol ( it was taken at my first trade show.. I was SO excited..and such a dork ... I was seriously giddy!) lol

I'm glad I got motivated today to get rid of some things and just go through and organize the rest. Now I just wish All my closets where done! blah! Maybe once Jarad moves out? I keep blaming him for all the stuff. lol
Well, one of my favorite sayings , is "one man's trash is an other mans treasure" Isn't it the truth. There is just something so rewarding about putting to use something that was going to be discarded. I could sit and look through a box of buttons and goodies like the one above for hours. I blame this on my Aunt Pauline... when we used to go visit them on the farm , she always had this peanut butter jar of little odds and ends ... tiny figures, buttons, beads, ect, and she would get it off kitchen window cill for us to look though. I was in heaven!
I better stop talking... I'm about to go dig through that "purge" box I worked so hard on today! lol


Amy said...

Vicki! I love your studio! You've inspired me to clean up this mess and make it a place that is filled with things I love. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It is all a treasure!


~missprissme said...

A girl after my own heart....heart be still...this crafting space is amazing.

Tammy Tutterow said...

{gasp} I swear we are kindred spirits! You have your room filled with so many of the same things I love. I LOVE the hoosier cabinet in there. Such an amazing and inspiring space. Love it!

Jessrose21 said...

Cool stuff! The more I try to clean up and clean out my stamp room, the messier it gets!
Are those little lamp shades in the top pic? They're adorable!

janel said...

It was a treasure when I found you!

Charlene Austin said...

WOW! Great room. I love everything but I would really like to know where you got those cute little lampshade string lights.
Now I like my basement even less! LOL.

Tammy said...

love your space and all the fantastic storage and display....what is that your paint is stored in?

Nat said...

Your studio looks amazing!!!

D@nielle said...

Your studio looks so cosy with all the lovely things around you TFS !

Michelle said...

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your studio! What a inspiration you are to the rest of us! Thank you!

MJ said...

I was just over at Deb's blog so am wondering whether she dropped off her bag of craft supply rejects at your house considering your "another man's trash is another man's treasure" comment! LOL!

I love how you blame poor Jared for all the stuff too! You already know I envy your craftroom & organization...