Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The burger KING

LOL, oh... I just get the biggest kick out of the photos from the afternoon Griffin and I spent together a while back.
He is just a hoot!

This layout is all Fancy Pants Paper, chipboard, and felt.

He totally cracked me up , when ..after going to the park , and playing HARD... we went to Burger King to have the ice cream cone I had promised him. He's just over 2 years old, and he looks at me and says.. "I want a Burger". I was totally fine with that, but pretty much thinking he was more interested in the toy that came in the kids meal. ( my kids would have been)... but he seriously chowed down on that Burger, and didn't even look in the bag for the toy, until, I pulled it out of the bag when we were getting ready to leave. (This is one serious "Burger lovin Kid"!! lol

I don't think I've talked a whole lot about how amazing Glimmer Mist works on Chipboard. I don't think I will ever struggle with covering Chipboard with paper again! I used BRONZE
21132 on the chipboard crown. It covers easy and dries in a flash!

My friend Shawn
Bonorama Mama, shows on her blog , how she used GlimmerMist on transparency to make this cute card.

I used red paint on the B&R.
The little blue tab.. it some of that cool new felt from Fancy Pants.

I'm posting on my blog early today because I'm heading in to Omaha for the day. I really am going to try to get myself on a bit more of a "reg .. blog time"... I've been pretty random lately.
Now that this cold is finally letting up.. I'm hoping to be getting lots more done. This one has really drug on. I'm glad to see it go!
Have a super day!


Nat said...

how amazing is this! I love it!!!

Susan said...

Another great layout - Griffin is one adorable little boy! I love the GM on the chipboard. Will have to try that.
Susan T

Shawn said...

Love that lo it is so cute! Love the crown! I havent used just the glimmer mist on chipboard will try that next! Thanks for the praise on my blog :)

Scrappermania said...

So gorgeous! This is just beautiful!!!

janel said...

How adorable. That Glimmer Mist looks wonderful, and you can totally see it on the screen..it looks fabulous. Thanks for the push to get me to try it on chipboard...great idea.
Have a wonderful day...and honestly if you get more productive...my computer will just have to be set to YOU as my home page....I can't believe how much you accomplish!!

Catherine said...

Vic, this is so cute! I just love the picture - he's adorable! Have fun in Omaha!

chelemom said...

Totally awesome page! What an adorable little guy!

Sharon in NE said...

Who else would take a simple layout, eating at BK, and turn it into something so incredible. WOW. This is SO good. Imagine what you could do with a steak house!

annetteprudhomme said...

The colors, the word strips, the picture (of course!), the crown...all so great. I love the layout!!

Pearl Maple - Mandy Collins said...

Great page and thanks for all the tips on how you created it from idea through products.

Sugar Bear said...

I love that photo! What a perfect shot. Burger King should give him and endorsement deal! LOL.

Pattyjo said...

Cute...cute...cute! He just tipped over the cute meter!
I like the way you displayed the year. You are such a bundle of talent!

Anonymous said...

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