Sunday, September 02, 2007

Busy Day... late post

Boy, talk about a late post! Today was a busy day, we helped Wes get the first of his stuff , moved to the house he's renting with a roommate in Lincoln. I posted some pics, of his humble abode below...but first , for those of you Canadian girls... here is the link and all the scoop on where I'll be teaching with Crafty Secrets in November.
BC Creative Expo

It's small (lets call it cozy) , but cute. lol Wes is really excited to be moving to Lincoln. I think he's really going to like it there. Lot to do and lots of music venues... and that's his thing. We have family there also, so that makes me feel good. I know Wes is looking forward to being closer to Brent , Diana and Nathaniel, and to his Aunt Jan and Uncle Keith.
Furniture and a few things on the walls, will certainly help. lol

Now , that's the bare Actually Wes still has a few days of work left in Wayne, so He wont be actually moving in ...until the end this week. But he did get his bed set up... and I put clean sheets on it, so at least he'll have that. lol Not looking real cozy yet...but once he gets some things up on the walls, it'll

Oh..the life of a single guy... lol
I'm thinking he might need to go get some groceries.. ya think?
After taking a few things to the house , and dropping them off, we made a trip over to Jan (my sis) and Keith's, to see Ryan (nephew) who was back from Colorado over the long weekend. Oh.. it was so good to see him! The boys have both seen him since I have, as they have been out to Colorado to visit him and take in a concert or two together.

Weston, Ryan and Jarad
It was SO great to get to see Ry ,and spend a little time with him. Keith had grilled some burgers and made some of his homemade salsa , with garden goodies, and Jan some tasty salads.
Good company and Great food! Cant ask for more than that! It was a great day!


Precious Treasures said...

Oh I would love to get let loose in Wes' house. I love to decorate. We should have a girls weekend and everyone bring stuff to decorate his house. LOL Oh and bring groceries too!

Catherine said...

Vic, your pictures made me sad.....because I fast forwarded about 14 years and it was me taking pictures of Ian's new "home"....wah wah wah, at least I still have 14 years to get myself ready for that moment! Have a great weekend!!

janel said...

New beginnings, Fall, and a new season.....lots of change. The house looks so cozy, and I bet he will LOVE it. You teaching adventure sounds great! Enjoy! Have a great weekend!

Deb S. said...

oh wes' new house is cute!! i love the b&w pic of wes and the 3 cousins one is cool. i'm sure wes will thrive on his new adventure in lincoln!

MJ said...

Drat! I think your teaching gig is in Abbotsford which is difficult to get to, especially when it conflicts with my teaching schedule too! (It is even more difficult if your gig is in Surrey!) Maybe I'll be able to take a class elsewhere later...

Shawn said...

He'll love living in stinkin lincoln :) Makes me miss home. :( It's a small fun town that is for sure. Sounds like your teaching will be fun! Can't wait to hear about it!

Kara Ward said...

I am just not ready for my kiddos to grow up. It made me think of when my mom and dad left me at college. Sigh....kara

Michelle said...

Yay, Vicki! You're coming to Canada! I live, like..40 minutes from Abbotsford...he he..I'll try to make it down there!