Monday, September 24, 2007

Dave's Family Fundraiser Night

The fundraiser for Dave's family was a huge success. This is Dave , his wife Willamae (in the wheelchair) and standing next to Dave..their daughter Maggie. Their oldest daughter who needs lots of care was too ill to attend. I was just sorry that I didn't get a photo while Barry (their son was still there). They are a wonderful family, that has been dealt more than their share...and keep smiling. The good news is ... Dave told me the doctor informed him that at last check, they found no more signs of cancer. Here is the angel that made this all happen! I cant begin to tell you how much a admire her for so many reasons. Thanks Julie for all you do, and for making the world a better place!!!

Here's me and my mom!

Julie , Liz and I all worked together at the school Dave worked at , and have been great friends ever since.

My boys came later and picked up Grandma (my mom) on their way, and then took her home after dinner, since Jarad had to go to work, and we were staying to help clean up. I think it was fun for Wes to see people he hadn't seen for years.........Like one of his absolute favorite teachers , Cindy Dodd. You know how certain teachers can just bring out the best in a child... Cindy was that person for Wes.

Here are the boys with Grandma in the Sanctuary after listening to the Barber Shop Quartet.

The whole gang!

There were lots of great things on the silent auction. People where SO generous!

The Pathfinder Barber Shop Quartet performed and were so enjoyable to listen too!

More of the goodies up for auction. There was a room filled with just about anything you could think of.

People really when all out, to make this event a success. It really does your heart good to see a community pull together like this.

Maggie was really wanting my basket of scrap goodies... so I told her , It was HERS! She looks pretty happy! I was so thrilled for her to have it!

I had to end with this , because I thought it was so sweet. There were Midland warriors tickets up for auction and Barry, (Dave and Willamae's son) had put his name down to bid on them. Obviously the person donating them , noticed he had bid on them and wrote this message.

I've said it before , and I'll say it again... there are GOOD people in this world!!! Lot's of them!
Thanks for letting me share a little bit of this special day with all of you... and thanks so much to all of you who took part in this, in anyway...donations, gifts, emails, and PRAYERS for Dave and his family!! It all just warms my heart!


Pattyjo said...

Oh I am sooooo Happy it was a success! You have such a kind heart and it was such a good cause! I'm glad he is cancer free now! It is just wonderful what the Dr.s can do anymore. Years ago that would have been even more terrible.
Big hugs!

texasjodylynn said...

Whew! I needed a Kleenex alert for that. That is truly touching story and I am so glad to hear stories like the one you told today.

Deb S. said...

ok i'm sitting here reading all this and my eyes keep filling up!! what a wonderful "gift" for Dave and his family. there really are so many good and caring prople in this world. i'm so glad Dave's test results came back that he is cancer free! he always has a big smile on his face doesn't he? :)

Julie Higgins said...

Thank you to all of you who read this blog and have supported Dave and his family with your thoughts, prayers, donations for the silent auction, and monetary donations. As the Barbershop Quartet sang 'It's a Wonderful World' and Dave walked in the sanctuary with his big smile, I could hardly hold back the tears! And as I left the church at 11 p.m. last night knowing the total donations and money raised was already well over $10,000 and they were still counting it, I could not hold back the tears. Not only did we cry but we stopped for a moment to say a prayer of thanks to God! Planning this benefit was a very rewarding experience and like Vicki said, we found out just how many, many caring and wonderful people there are in the world! Even today there were donations coming in yet! Julie

Catherine said...

It sounds like it was a great success!!

Sharon in NE said...

Doesn't that just give you goosebumps. So many sad stories in the world, and these uplifting ones are so important to hear.

What a nice picture of you and your mom and then also you and your family. We have so many blessings, don't we.

Shawn said...

Makes me proud that I'm from Nebraska. There is a ton of good people there. So awesome for the family, makes me smile.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

woohoo! How exciting...thanks Vicki, for alerting me to the fact I totally missed this post!

How great to see Dave and his family. I am so glad that it was a big success (didn't expect anything less) not only financially, but F*U*N and emotionally rewarding too.

Going to end my day with a BIG smile now, and praising the Lord!