Friday, September 14, 2007

Drawing for the Giveaway on Monday

It's another Crafty Secrets and Glimmer Mist Combo! lol They just go together so well.. I cant resist.
I did this Funky Party Hat today. My friend Cat had given me a cone to alter, quite some time ago , and it's been calling my name.

The Papers and Stamps are all Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. The stamps are from the
Bird Notes Set
The lace and tag are both sprayed with Glimmer Mist. The colors I used are. Caribbean Mist 50150 and Golden Terra Cotta 02122. ( the lace is Fancy Pants, and was originally white)

After I was finished I spritzed the entire thing, eggs , nest, and all ,with My Fave... Iridescent Gold 21052.

The vines and flowers are also cut from Crafty Secrets Papers.

I brought it inside after photographing it in natural light, and took a couple of photos, so that you could see the effects of the Glimmer Mist better.
On the next two photos, you can see it alot better.
The two little chipboard wings are from Crafty Secrets also.. they are from the Chipboard pieces that come with the House. ( BTW..the houses are in stock now!!) yay!

I think in this photo you can see the beautiful effect of the Glimmer Mist quite a bit.
After talking to Wendy from Tattered Angels, I'm really excited about learning new Glimmer Mist Techniques at Memory Trends. She said she'd show me stencil, stamping and brayering techniques with Glimmer Mist. I'll certainly share what I learn with you , when I get back. Oh... and she did mention a little something about giving me some Glimmer Mist , for a giveaway!!!
Woo Hoo! ... All this giveaway stuff , is fun! lol

Other than working on projects, It was a quiet day around here. .... but the mail carrier did bring me the Tracing Wheels I ordered for Classes. They are just so handy to use in classes, and are definitely easier than hauling my sewing machine, and then waiting to take turns.
( My friend Catherine..."The master of stitching"... is probably cringing right now!) lol sorry Cat but I'll leave the "serious" stitching to you!! lol

Yay... tracing wheels , for faux stitching for everyone in the class. I'm happy!

And of course I just had to order these darling trims when I ordered the tracing wheels.
After seeing them , I wish I had ordered more.
All I could think is how cute the red check would looking with the Crafty Secret Cooking stuff! lol
Okay Kids.. it's the weekend... so Party like a Rock Star! lol ( wearing a hat with a birds nest on the top...should help get you some attention!) lol


Linda F. said...

Vicki, you totally rock with these wonderful altered ideas! Now i could do some serious partying with that hat.

I have some glimmer mist. I have to get it out and use it. Which will probably mean that I will have to buy more!

StaceyM said...

Vicki, it's getting late and I am just giggling about the total idea of rockin out with a birds nest on my head!!! (your funny!) LOL Love the look though and that glimmer mist really does make your projects very striking!!!

Jessrose21 said...

OK, now I need to win this, too! :D It's fabulous and would have a place of honor in my home! That bird's nest is too funny, yet looks as though it belongs there.

HB said...

ooooo' new Glimmer Mist techniques? Yummy! I am so addicted to that stuff!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful, caring girl and sharing what you learn!!:)

janel said...

I am excited to hear about using the brayer with GM! I would have never thought to GM the eggs in the nest clever you are! Off to the way....Lauren did get to Bright Eyes last about rockin'!

Nat said...

Wow - girl- you never fail to amaze me!!!!

Deb S. said...

OH Vic, I LOVE that darling hat!! Soooo cute!!!! I want one!! You are amazing my friend!

Lola Enchanted said...

OH my goodness!!! This is the first time seeing your blog~ It is super wonderful!!! And that hat! Oh it's utterly gorgeous!!!!!!!! I'm also having a hat give-away. Stop by and enter too!!!!!!!! OH it's super sweet!!!!

Shawn said...

I cant wait to see the new techniques I just picked up the spiced pumpkin and walnut gold!!! I think that they need to publish a book with all these cool techniques!

Sharon in NE said...

How fun is that!!!! You seriously have to move here so we can grow old together. We will have so much fun be crazy old ladies. But we have a few years before that happens. (The old part..."crazy" is already apparent.)


Jennie said...

WOW!!! You ROCK. Love it. Love glimmer mist. Can't wait to learn more about how to us this stuff. Would love to win your give away.

Jami said...

LOL Vicki, I would love to party like rock star. Need to get rid of the head cold first. I love that hat. I can see a photo of it on your mothers head right now. You are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so artsy! Just came across your blog, and I have no idea what shimmer mist is, sad but true! Sounds fun. I must go reading your blog to find out how to use the little frabric markers for faux stitching...I can see it... thanks, Happy Day :)

Ijsbeer said...

wow thats so incredibly pretty!

Catherine said...

no cringing, ha ha ha. Actually, intrigued - haven't seen that tool before! Glimmer mist....gotta love that, my LSS finally ordered some because it's all I talk about when I go in there, lol. xox. love the hat too, so cute!

Momsnack said...

What a great theme for a garden party or tea!
NancyS (momsnack)

Pearl Maple said...

Your blog really made my day with all the fun creative things you share with everyone.

That hat would be a show stopper if you were wearing it out this weekend.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Fran M said...

Love, love, love this hat and love, love, love the items you are giving away! Hope I win!! said...

Great hat, I can just picture you going out in it! I know I'd wear it!

Angel Wilde said...

Would love to see how you use the tracing wheel!

Michelle said...

wow, you've been busy! I just love the birds nest cone!