Friday, September 07, 2007

Feeling "Fallish"

What an absolutely gorgeous day! Really nice and cool.. a refreshing change. It's really feeling "Fallish". As much as I dread winter... I love fall! I'm probably rushing things a bit, but I even got out a few fall decorations.

And a couple of big potted mums for my front porch.
But I can tell when I'm really ready for fall... when I start buying "Mulled Cider" and "Pumpkin Spice" scented Candles................ I LOVE EM!!! I'm have them burning constantly.. to the point the guys in the house will start complaining. lol

I turned off the air conditioner and opened up the house, and it feels wonderful!
I was pretty much on the run all day today, but with it being so nice out... who could complain?
When my sisters where home , they striped the wallpaper in moms kitchen for her and painted, so this morning , I picked up breakfast at Micky D's and mom and I ate, and got things arranged back on the walls.
After we finished that and chatted a bit, I ran the fundraiser things over to the church. There are going to be some great "Scrapbook" related items up for bid that night, that's for sure. Accucut even donated a ZipeMate Machine and a number of dies to the cause. I still have other things coming in , but I was running out of space here to store it all . (that's good news)
I had lunch and a great chat with Becky today out on her deck by the pool. We always laugh about how we maximize our "talk" time , and make the most of it!!! lol We never run out of things to talk about.
Then I stopped over to see Jerri. She's been dying to have me see the puppies "Martini" had.
I put all four of them together to get a shot of them all...but about 20 photos later, this was as good as it got. lol It was like setting a handful of marbles on the floor... before I could get the camera up to my face, they were all scattered everywhere. lol I'd gather them up and try again... same thing.... boy they wanted to explore!

Tomorrow are the Classes at Precious Treasures... so it should be a fun filled day!
I hope it is for all of you , whatever you do!


Shawn said...

We have our fall candles out too! There is nothing better than a smelly fall candle. I think we will start slowly pulling out our fall decorations little by little. So I don't get any complaints from Corey! Sounds like you had a great day!

Sharon in NE said...

Oh I love the pumpkin spice and mulled cider candles of fall. I use the coffee cup warmers to keep the candles going all day without worry. (If the glass is too thick in the bottom of the candle it doesn't work.)

I really wish I could be at Precious Treasures tomorrow, but my dad clearly needs me. I better not hear you had fun without me. ;)

Precious Treasures said...

What kind of puppies are they?

I put some fall decorations up at the store asI am so ready for summer to be over. It sounds like we will also have a fall without all the bees this year.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! Love the flowers and those puppies are just so cute!!
You have a lovely blog :)

janel said...

Looks like we have been doing the same things....LOVE Spiced Pumpkin, and just got a bunch of new tarts and candles, and the electric wall scents in all my favorite Fall scents...our windows are open is yummy here. Have a wonderful day today and I can tell you are already enjoying your new camera. Your porch is SO inviting. Have a great day!

Tara said...

I am antsy to get my fall decor out too!! I will have to wait till I am in back in town time before hand!! BUT I did start burning my candles this last week too!! the pic & project of your mom....beautiful!

Catherine said...

Oh MY gosh, those puppies are so adorable!! And I would just love to come and have a cup of tea on that porch. It looks so inviting and lovely!

Pattyjo said...

I want the one in the middle the one with the shiney eyes and wet nose.