Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Scrap Muse giveaway week

Don't forget to put your name in for the giveaway that Amanda at ScrapMuse has made possible. An entire Sept ScrapMuse kit. I'll be drawing on Monday the 17th. This kit is gorgeous! You can read about it here.

I got the coolest thing in the mail today!! Not just what was inside ,but the package!!
LOOK at this! Laurie (Charming Designs) is the artist behind this gorgeous package and
darling birdie! I have never opened a package so carefully.... because she actually hand painted the front of that!( looks like some glimmer mist too!lol) I AM NOT WORTHY! Oh My... and look at this sweet thing!! You can check out all the amazing things Laurie creates on her blog and in her etsy shop. THANKS LAURIE!!
You made my day!

Speaking of Glimmer Mist, yesterday I stopped just briefly at Hobby Lobby while Mom and I were in Omaha for her eye appointment. They had all their fall decor on sale. I saw these bird houses and liked them, so I picked up one for mom and also one for me.

I was looking at it last night and thinking it was needing some color. I broke out the Glimmer Mist, and worked it over. It looks SO much better now. I added a few more fall colored bits of greenery also. I spritzed everything with a bit of
Bronze 21132, Autumn Leaves 60110, and Golden Terra Cotta 02122. Then just Misted the greenery with Iridescent Gold 21052. Before on the left and after on the right. ( click to see them bigger)
See... I told you I'll spray that stuff on anything that stands still! lol

I wish you could see how rich and beautiful these colors are up close. It made such a difference.
Not like I needed another reason to love Glimmer Mist...but after doing this project today, I really really appreciate it even more!
I have been working on crowns for my upcoming classes in Kansas at "Meet Me at Scraps".
This is an AccuCut Die (Border-Crown BR240LC) As you can see I've been busy making a number of them. lol
Since I can cut multiples with the AccuCut machine, the cutting part, goes really quick. And putting them together, goes pretty fast also... but...
I didn't have enough Iridescent Gold Glimmer Mist to do ALL THESE...so I had to use spray adhesive and regular glitter! OKAY... now I REALLY love Glimmer Mist!
This was a Pain! ... and I Huge mess! I was doing this out in the driveway. At first , ..without a glove(BAD idea). After I got the first 17 layers of spray adhesive and glitter scrubbed off my hand... Finally..I got smart and found a rubber glove!
To think , if I had used Glimmer Mist... no mess, the entire garage and driveway would not be covered in glitter, no crowns sticking together, no glitter falling off everywhere...and I wouldn't look like a disco ball right now!
Something tells me , by the time I haul all these to Kansas in my car.. I'll have another mess on my hands. lol Okay.. I've learned my lesson!



janel said...

Fun fun...I get to say hello first!
Oh..you are the Queen of Glimmer Mist.......I have said it before, but I just don't know how you work the magic...you are SO talented...it oozes through my computer screen. Amazing!!!! I know you are having a "glimmering" day.....hope the evening is wonderful too.
You are such a treat!

Sharon in NE said...

The day started out bad at 6 am when we had to rush my dad to ER and the day has just digressed...but you, my friend, have given me a glimmer of joy. (Yes, I intended the pun...you gotta look for the humor, even the pathetic humor.) Reading about your glimmer mist and the glitter just made me smile.
btw, he'll be fine. At 89, he's still strong and smiling.

stampqueen said...

Love the stuff today - your steps look like you are planning a major little girl birthday party :)Sooo cute! And the birdhouses are sooo cute - sooo cute is my phrase for the day ya know :) - but its sooo true(trying out tomorrows phrase - yes I be a little punchy tonight, crazy day at work).

Linda F. said...

Oh my gosh! I MUST have a glittery crown! LOL! I love them!!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi Vicki! You are the queen of glimmer mist, and crowns! What a fun class that is going to be. And yes, from personal experience, your car will be "crunchy" with glitter for a few days, maybe weeks.

But totally worth it!
Have fun.:)
xo Lidy

Viv said...

Love that glimmer mist - I must find some! What an awesome package to share!

StaceyM said...

Oh wow Vicki, I love that little bird house and what you have done with it. I have got to get me some of that Glimmer Mist!!!! I do have all of my colors chosen now just to go and buy them! LOL
The little crowns are just too cute and I know the gals will enjoy them glitter and all. You go girl!

sweetpolly16 said...

I LOVE those crowns!!! I am an old fashioned girl though, I could never give up my glitter- besides it makes such a pretty mess!

Charmingdesigns said...

I cant believe what a change the glimmer mist made on those bird houses!! Thanks for showing my birdie! Laurie

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

holy cow! nice rak!!! loving your stuff!

Stacy B. said...

Now I think I MUST get glimmer mist. I can wait to see how everyone's doo will be sparkling after wearing their crowns. You must post pics.

What fun!

Precious Treasures said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard reading todays post. I can just see your hands totally glittered and that spray adhesive is hard to get off! Love the crowns though! :)

Susan said...

Oh what a darling birdie! Lucky you. I alughed myself silly reading about your glitter mess - at least it's a beautiful mess! Those crowns are great - I want one!

Sugar Bear said...

Oh my! Love the crowns. You are finding so many uses for the Glimmer Mist! Laurie's birds are awesome. I have a blue one.

Jenn said...

Oh, those crowns look wonderful! I'm going to have to find some of this Glimmer Mist - it looks like an amazing product.

Michelle said...

you've been busy! I just love those crowns! and now I I gotta find me some glimmer mist!

Catherine said...

wow, looks like you used a lot of glitter today!! I think after 17 coats of spray adhesive I may need to take a nap....LOL.

Sara said...

Vicki! I would *lovE* to be a disco ball, but I can certainly see the practicality of glimmer mist. :)

Pearl Maple said...

Always enjoy swinging by your blog as you share so many of your creative experiences.

The Kit give away is a wonderful way of sharing the fun, the products offered are beautiful. Would love to get my hands on them.