Tuesday, September 25, 2007


You who read know that I love to share new things I find , that I'm excited about... and this is defiantly one of those things! It's called ScrapOnizer The Clear Solution This booth was near us at Memory Trends and I couldnt wait to get a minute to so over and check it out. I wish my photos would have turned out better , but hopefully you will be able to see them okay. I was so amazed at the examples they had on display in their booth showing the different ways these can be used. I LOVE organization anyway, but the fact that you can alter these REALLY made them fun. Organization and Altering??? I'm all over that!

Obviously you can store way more than Scrapbooking supplies in these. The dividers make it so great for storing tons of things. They are lightweight but very sturdy.

I just looked on the side of the package and it says, it includes

4 Toolbox Cases

1 Custom Shelf Case Holder

17 Self Adhesive labels

4 Removable Compartment Trays-1 of each

Two, Three, Four & Eight Compartments

(Toolbox Set 4.5w x 12.25"h x 10.25d"

Individual Case Dimensions 1"w x 12"h x 10"d

But the cool part... other than how MUCH they hold, is this...... you can alter them, to fit your color, theme , or style, to fit in any room. Ummm...yeah...mine will be in my studio.

On the finished one , inside the case..she had added a magnetic sheet under the paper, so those are decorative magnets attached to the front and side.

They certainly look like they hold alot. I'm thinking I want to fill mine with some of the things I use most often , and be able to keep it right on my desk, so it's convienient. I also love that idea that the trays are removable, because being a 8 1/2 x 11 scrapper, it would be great for a few sheets of paper, esp if I wanted to take it with me when I'm teaching.

They had them done up , organizing, everything from baseball cards to nuts and bolts. Fibers and threads, embellishments.... OH.. and for acrylic stamps!!!

Check out how well they fit into one of those canvas hanging organizers. I'll defiantly be doing mine in the holder..(so I can alter it)lol, but it's pretty cool that you have so many options.

I saw alot of cool things at MT ,but this just totally impressed me, so I wanted to share. I'll share my finished Organizer with you when I get it all done. I wish I could start right now...darn! I have supply lists and directions to write up for some other projects..... grrr... I just wanna PLAY! lol


stampqueen said...

Those look really cool - goodness knows my craft room could use all the help I can get - it looks like a tornado hit it at the moment!!!
Sounds like the fundraiser turned out really great!!!

janel said...

Looks like that is a great product. I certainly could use help in the organizing department. I like how it looks like they stack. I will be anxious to see how yours turns out.
Have a great evening!

Shawn said...

wow this looks really interesting! I can't wait to check these out in person!

MJ said...

I'm glad you got this organizer! I find that if I don't purchase something when I see it, I kick myself afterwards for missing the opportunity! Sounds like you found something you'd find useful and inspiring ~ 2 birds, one stone!

Deb S. said...

these do look very cool. if they hold alot of "much needed goodies" i will have to get some!can't wait to see how yours turn out.

Jessrose21 said...

Pretty cool! My stamp room is slowly getting organized and these would help a lot! Thanks for sharing; we count on you to keep us up to date on the latest thing. ;)

Michelle M White said...

OH NO...you know how I love to organize my stuff! This could be trouble!!!

Catherine said...

that looks super cool. Ian would love one for all his yugi oh cards....need to keep my eyes posted for this.

Lori said...

WOW! That looks like a super product!! I love organizing and organization products. Definitely gonna look into these! TFS!!!