Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ahhhh Fall!

I know I say it everyday lately... but these fall days are just heavenly! Love it! Mom and I were just talking the other day about how we used to always take a ride with the kids when they were little, each fall, and go to the Apple Barn. It's such a beautiful ride in the country, and the boys loved getting caramel apples and cider. We decided we are defiantly going to do that again this year.
This little project stemmed again from the fact that I can seem to through anything away.. because I SURE I'm going to be able to use it for something .."Someday". This presents a problem when it comes to space at times ...but I love it when I really "do" use it! lol
This started with a piece of glass , left over from a broken frame I had to toss. I just used the class piece as the base to work from. I used metal tape for the edges.
All the papers and Images are Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage. {Halloween Cuts}
and {Halloween Stickers}
Ink-Colorbox {CatEye-Charcol}
and {Pearl-Glimmer Mist}

I wanted to leave a space between the Image and the paper frame I cut, so that you would be able to see through the glass.
These were just a couple of actual hinges I had, I just painted them back, and then attached them with Tacky Tape. What looks like orange eyelets, are just actually from the Crafty Secrets, Halloween sticker sheet. I cut them from the ends of the work strip that says "Halloween"(you can see up above) They look pretty real huh? lol
And ... of course , spritzed with"Pearl" Glimmer Mist.

I don't put out anywhere near the amount of seasonal decorations that I used too. ( cause I'm too lazy) lol but I have enough "fallish" things out to enjoy, without wondering when I'll have time to get them put away!! lol
I've bought myself a number of mums this year...simply because they been so gorgeous, I can resist. I loved this one especially!

I have to say, even thought I love my new camera, my old camera takes very nice close ups ... so I'm not giving up on it.

There's something about fall this is just so "homey" and "cozy". I wish you could smell the new candle I'm burning ... It smells so good!

I'm not a huge apple fan...but in the fall , there's just something about them... you just gotta have um!

It's a good day ,to just grab a apple and sit on the porch to enjoy! I might just do that.
I wanted to tell you a couple of fun things before I close. First Amy Wiegman , the Editor of GiftMaker Magazine, asked people about how they organize their scrap spaces a while back... I got an email from her yesterday saying she had used mine. Fun!
So many people had great ideas to share. ( I tried to figure out how to link you to the newsletter, but I'm not pulling it off... so I copied and pasted this part from Amy's newsletter, but you can certainly sign up for news letter HERE.

Organizing Your Space
Whether you have an entire room devoted to your craft or just a closet, how you organize that space is the key to its success. Many crafters enjoy filling their space with items found at flea markets. Designer Ann Krier filled her space with an antique drafting table. Designer Renae Clark's favorite piece is a pantry cupboard that, according to her, is the perfect place to store "oodles and oodles of paper." Designer Vicki Chrisman likes finding unique ways to use nontraditional pieces for storage. At flea markets, she's always on the lookout for wooden soda crates, old jars and wire baskets, which she labels with tied-on manila shipping tags. And according to designer Jennifer Ellefson, a craft space must have "drawers, drawers and more drawers," so be on the lookout for deals on vintage or new dressers.Stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens-n-Things are also great places to go for stocking up on organizers. Designer Melony Bradley is a big fan of plastic shoeboxes. She uses them to store tools and embellishments.She also loves over-the-door shoe organizers for corralling her collection of tools and embellishments. Scissors, embossing heat tools, glue guns, knitting needles and even balls of yarn, fit neatly into the pockets. Wire shelving, plastic storage containers, baskets, bookshelves, accordion file folders, tackle boxes and revolving desktop containers are also among the most popular items used to create order in a craft space.
One of the other fun things I'm really looking forward to, is a chat I'm doing as Guest Designer at Creative Scrap Shack , Oct 20th. They have lots of fun stuff going on that day , so head on over and join in the fun , if you can... you can find out more about it here on ScrapScene today.
Okay... now grab and apple and head for the porch!lol


Deb S. said...

wow i think you need to keep your old camera vic!!! i clicked on the picture of your flowers and you can see every detail in the petals! just beautiful! your blog looks very bee-utious!! ;)

janel said...

If I was closer, I would be right there. Gosh....your project is perfect..and your porch, the house..all wonderful, cozy and I can almost smell the "spice" from here.....loving everything!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hang onto that old camera! Your pictures are fab!! Love the card with the glass! We have Hood River apples about 1 1/2 hours away..I need to get up there this year!! Laurie

Precious Treasures said...

Move over Vicki, I am moving in with you! Your house is so homey and peaceful. You make beautiful projects every day. All I do is work, work, and work. But you know what? I look forward every day to come home and get my PJ's on and check your blog. It is a perfect end to any day. You are very blessed.

MJ said...

Lovely photos! The Hallow'een craft is amazing!

Sharon in NE said...

Sounds like you'd better open a bed and breakfast. I'm comin' too!

Shawn said...

Love your halloween goodies! Fall is my fav time of the year too, we just got our mums the other day. Congrats on the guest designer how cool!

Catherine said...

Love your Mums....I'd probably keep my old camera too if it took pictures like that!
Your glass piece is pretty too!