Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm leaving it to Shawn...

Saturday when I chatting over at Creative Scrap Shack, we were talking techniques, at one point. I was telling them that I saw a interesting technique using dyer sheets( and Glimmer Mist of course) over on Shawns Blog... and that I was intrigued enough that I might give it a try. They were inerested also, so I said that I would do a step by step here on my blog sometime this week. My step by step is a bit different than Shawn's....
Here's mine.

Adhere dryer sheets to paper with a thin layer of glue ( I used a glue stick) Then spritz with Glimmer Mist and head with heat gun. Umm.... didn't shrink up like Shawn's did.
Scrap that , and try heating it first and then adding Glimmer Mist. Ummmm... yeh... still didn't master the webbing effect Shawn did. Maybe I just need to heat it more!

Smoke detectors are LOUD!!!

Okay ...so here's my thoughts on this.
1). Check out Shawns blog for better directions for this technique
2). If you spray enough Gimmer Mist on ANYTHING... it looks Great. (even a scorched dryer sheet)

Okay... I had planned to make a simple card with my little dryer sheet technique... but OH...no.. I couldn't stick to that. I always have to drag out a huge mess and make it something long and involved when I have NO TIME!
Did I mention I'm leaving tomorrow for a show in California TOMORROW? (should be packing , doing laundry, finishing up projects for deadlines , ect)...but NO
Anyway, you get the idea. I don't stay on task very well at times.... my mind wanders. lol

Anyway , this is what I made. See that little piece of orange behind the image? YEP..that's my dryer sheet. I HAD to incorporate it in the project...so there's my sad attempt.

This was a little note pad holder. Just natural chipboard stuff. I spritzed it all with "Tiger Lily" Glimmer mist, and then added Crafty Secrets Papers ,Chipboard frames, Cotton images and Halloween Stickers.

It was just going to be a container (kind of like , how I was just going to make a CARD). I decided to make a little pull out mini album inside, because I had a few of the Halloween pics of my little nephew Nathaniel left. (and they are just too cute , not to use) lol

The Image on the front is one of the cotton images.
I put a crate paper edge on the container.
( can you see the texture of the dryer sheet?.. it really is pretty cool, even if I'm not sure I did it quite right)lol

Here is the inside with the accordion pages pulled out.

and below is the other side. To make the wide piece that holds all the pages together, I doubled over the crate paper and stitched a piece of orange silky ribbon down the middle. (stitching all three together.)
The album goes together very much like a "Spoolie Album". If your not familiar with Spoolie's, they are a little mini album I came up with , made out of an empty ribbon spool. If your interested in how to make them, there are complete instructions in Crafty Secrets, "Get Round" idea book.

See what I mean , about how distracted I can get...just trying out one (simple?) technique.lol
I had fun making this little project ..but I really should have been packing. It wasn't that the project took that long......but...

WHY? do I always have to drag out EVERYTHING? Oh brother.. I better get busy cleaning up

Be sure to check out the new GLIMMER MIST BLOG!!! Those girls have some great stuff going on over there!

**** One more post before I leave... see you tomorrow!


Kara Ward said...

Have a safe trip...I am loving the Halloween box/album and the picture inside is priceless. Love the teeth. You were very brave to use the dryer sheet. My mind just doesn't work that way.

I tagged you...when you get back maybe you will have time. Think rain for California. Kara

janel said...

You are the just the "fun-est" ever! Love this project...what a darling book. Be safe, and don't stay up too late packing and cleaning up that scrap room. Yes, be safe and stay away from those fires!

Charmingdesigns said...

Where in Calif. are you going? What airport are you flying into? Love your mess!lol but I got a good laugh about the smoke alarm, hey, shawn warned you not to burn it LOL! Have a safe trip and cant wait to hear news about your trip! Laurie

Jessrose21 said...

Sorry your experiment didn't pan out, but your project still turned out great! Your work area looks neat compared to mine. I have this problem of needing to pull out every possible product I might use.

Thanks for the award! :D I like to make people smile, especially when they are people who make ME smile!

Pattyjo said...

Owooohhh owooohh....(hand up) I know what a spoolie is!!!

I have your booklet and I have made about 6 for Christmas gifts already.

Great booklet you made too! You are a paper genuis Vicki!

Shawn said...

Love that you tried it! I think I forgot one important thing I used a used dryer sheet. hehe I think that helps it shrink up. Your projects are wonderful! Have a safe trip :)

Sharon in NE said...

That is hilarious!!!! Oh my goodness, I bust out laughing, followed by a second burst when reading Shawn's comment below. ...who needs t.v...

Nat said...

amazin technique- love this Vicki!!!

Scrappermania said...

Bello proyecto! Como siempre fabuloso!

Chris said...

this is awesome thanks for sharing!

Tam said...

OMG Vicki! Your mini-album is priceless and I have to give that dryer sheet technique a try!!! I had a great time chatting with you at the Shack!

Catherine said...

I just love all your Halloween projects....you just make all that Crafty Secrets look so awesome!!

stampqueen said...

I thought the smoke alarm was just to warn the family that I was cooking... LOL - I don't have the greatest luck with candles and toaster ovens maybe I ought to try this outside as to not burn down the house...
Love the Halloween note holder - very cute!

KimmyS said...

I know I keep saying it but your stuff just rocks my world. Such eye candy!"