Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Remember the giveaway is this Friday

The Glimmer Mist giveaway drawing is this Friday, so I'm posting some more projects and techniques using a number of different Glimmer Mist colors.

First I'll share the project I just finished for my sister Jan. The photo is of her when she was a wee one. I found this little shadow box (with an ugly image in it) at the $ store for $2.50. I just popped the back off and covered the "ugly" image with my own papers and image. The wings , crown , wand are from a new upcoming Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage , "Clear Art Stamp" set. ( I'll be showing you more with those , soon) I love them! The words are from the "Party Queen" set.

Here it is a little closer

I thought it would be fun to add some more tips and techniques for Glimmer Mist... so here's just a few....

There are a number of different ways to use Glimmer Mist...but I thought I would show you three of the main ways I used it for "direct to paper" techniques.

If you want a fine mist... the best way , I can describe it , is the way Wendy described it to me... like you would put on hairspray. As you press the top down to spray, make a quick swish across your paper. Repeat in the same way , from one side of your paper to the other , until the desired amount of paper is covered.

This is "Misting"

Spritzing with out moving quickly from side to side ...just directly to the paper, from a slight distance.. will look like this.

This is "Spritzing"

"Pooling" . You can blend colors easily with this technique. You can spray on a number of colors in different areas and either let them , bleed and blend together on their own, or you can use a brayer. Using a heat gun, really speeds things up ,when "Pooling". The great thing, is you can never use to much... since it's water based..and if you don't care for the colors or design.. you can just add a different color/colors and change it.

This is "Pooling"

Here are a few other things you can do . You can use foam stamps , and stamp with Glimmer Mist. It has a cool sort of "watercolor" look.
I sprayed a couple of different colors onto a piece of plastic wrap. Wax paper or a teflon mat would work well. (this is just what I had on hand ..so I used it, and it worked fine)

Glimmer Mist and Foam stamps:

It's a bit hard to see here , because this foam stamp , has a stamp on both sides, but I just laid the foam stamp down into the mist.

I repeated the stamped images all over the paper , to make this background design.

After letting it dry minute or two.. I just chose some colors I liked and spritzed them randomly all over the paper, over the images I had just stamped.

I could have dried it with a heat gun...but I just lightly blotted it with a paper towel, to get this effect.

Using flowers and leaves with Glimmer Mist:

I love using silk or real flowers like this. Not only do you have a cool piece of paper ,but the leaves and flowers are gorgeous after being sprayed also, and can be used as a matching embellishment.

For this one, instead of letting the leaves dry before moving them. I just kept moving them and adding colors each time.

That made this more abstract design, with only faint leaf images , and almost a "marbled" look.

Glimmer Mist and Plastic Stencils:

This is my faithful old plastic doilie. (lol). Paper doilies work fine also , but it's so nice just to be able to rinse this off and use it time and time again. Any plastic stencil works great for this...just remember , if you want your color more intense... instead of spraying it on heavy .. which can cause it to seep under the stencil ( which will cause a "muddy", not clear effect), mist or spritz, a number of times, giving is a minute to dry in between.

You can stop here or...

Once it dries... add more colors , over all.
Changing the color of lace, (ribbon, twill, ect)

It's so easy to use Glimmer Mist to change the color of any of these, to match whatever you need.

Just remember , you can make it work double duty ,by creating an image on your paper also.
Whew.... okay, that should keep you busy for a while. lol

The colors I used on these samples are:

Rum Raisin

Frosty Nights

Tiger Lily

Olive Vine

Deep Plum


Holly Berry

Jill over at Scrappy Gourmet, did tell me they now have Glimmer Mist in the Store.. so if you're looking for a online store that sells it... There you go! HERE

Oh... and if you didn't catch the post before... my Crafty Secrets Haunted house kit is up and for sale also... HERE
Boy... I'm chatty tonight! lol I always feel like I have so much I want to share, after I've been gone a couple days. Until tomorrow friends!


MJ said...

Lovely vintage family photos, Vicki!

That Glimmer Mist; makes me want to find out whether the online store sells outside USA. Still, there's nothing worse than purchasing stuff and watching it sit, drying out. Oh the torment!

I used to use down pillows; now I need my Tempur Swedish pillow. I love that thing and truck it everywhere with me...

Charmingdesigns said...

Glad you came over to visit me again! I love all your ideas, for Glimmer mist. I want a dark blue and mask out my snowmen and spritz the background...think that will work? I picked up a fuzzy white poinsetta at Micheals,tore it apart, spritzed the petals and then made them into leafs, works great that way I could get the colors I want.

Jennie said...

Vicki, you are awesome. Love all the tips and techniques. The framethat you did of your sister is great. I tried the lace effect and loved it. Thanks for the tip. I just need to get my had motion better to get the spray technique down. Mine always looks blotchy like the spritz one or the pool one. Practice makes perfect. Thanks again.

StaceyM said...

Oh thank you so much for putting those tutorials together!!! Just makes me want them even more now. I love the look that the glimmer mist achieves with the different colors on top. I always think the first step looks really cool until I see the next!!! LOL Just totally beautiful.

You did a wonderful job on the shadow box. Gorgeous. I know your sister will love it.

Thanks for everything.

DeniseLynn said...

Oh wow!! I love all the examples and now I really feel enabled. Yikes I fi don't win your fab prize then I'll haveto get a job so I can go buy some. *wink* Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

Pattyjo said...

Ohhhh if I could harness one little tiny bit of that talent!!!
You are soooooo talented!

Sugar Bear said...

Thanks for all of these techniques! Can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!

janel said...

Thanks so much for the tips and the visuals....they are great, and needed here! I love your photobox for jan, what a neat present! Love those wings! Have a great day!

Precious Treasures said...

Vicki, got your message, just have no voice. I have been sick and finally came back to work today which I should not have.

I am planning on your girls coming tomorrow at 6. Call me if plans change. Linda or I will be here.

Love the glimmer mist techniques. Can I post those at the store? Do you have it in word or something easier to print? You can sign your name to it all as everyone that buys glimmer mist I give them your blog address. :)

Sharon in NE said...

I love the shadow box for Jan!

Susan said...

What an adorable frame for your sister. And thanks for the tutorial on the Glimmer Mist. You always have so many ideas and your explanations and pics are the best.
Susan T

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the ideas! hope I win! lol. :)

Catherine said...

thanks for the tutorial!! Love the project for your sister, it's absolutely gorgeous - I am sure she will love it!!

Vicki B said...

SOOOOOOO cool!!!!! I will be trying the Glimmer Mist out soon!!!

I got a google acct! Now I will come over and bug you all of the time!!!

Kacey Elliott said...

WOW Vicki, you got the creative juices flowing. I never thought of using a plastic doilie thingy - so technical - huh! I love that marble look too when using the different colors together. You rock once again! Thanks for the help!

chelemom said...

I only have 2 colors of the glimmer mist. I just used it on a card recently. It did pool up on me, but I kind of liked how it looked. I would love to win more colors of this awesome product!

anni said...

This tutorial on Glimmer Mist is exactly what I've been looking for!! Thank you, Thank you!! What a generous giveaway!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

gosh, stay away for a few posts and there is enough info and fun stuff to fill a book!!

:) always love to visit you, girl