Monday, October 29, 2007

Scrapbook Expo Ontario California

Well, it was a great show, super busy and days flew by fast. We knew the fires would effect some people travel , for those coming from further away, but the booth was packed most of each day. We did notice the smell of the smoke the first day as we left the airport, but not much after that.

We dropped our stuff of at the hotel and headed over to the convention center to set up. (trust me... we thought these beds felt pretty good , at the end of each day)lol The room was beautiful and the beds SOOO comfy!

Outside of the Ontario Convention Center.

Retail shows are certainly nothing to set up for compared to Trade shows like CHA but it's still alot of work. We just had one booth because it was just the two of us..but even that is alot to set up. Crafty Secrets has grows alot over the last couple of years and has lots of new products, and each show is set up a little differently depending on the placement and size of your booth , so it's always a bit of a challenge figuring out the best way to get everything displayed with easy access.
You start with nothing but a curtained off section like this ...

Here's the booth with all the product out. I didn't get any photos once the show actually started , because it was just tooo busy. I was at the demo table facing forward in this photo. I was so busy and packed in the booth , most of the time, if I stepped out of my area, I couldn't work my way back into the booth. lol ( I'll just say, this was the first time alot of these girls got a chance to see the stamps and ..they were a huge HIT!)

You can tell the show hadn't started yet , because the "pod" is still out. The pod is the metal storage unit on wheels that is on the left side of the photo. It's what everything has to be packed back into at the end to be shipped on to the next show.

The Halloween display was fun. The box pull out album and the blocks are mine and dress by Anna Wight and the darling cat book by Lisa Zappa.

The other Halloween ornaments are done using the new Crafty Secrets Sweet Chips Chipboard Pieces. I'll show you more of those in another post. I brought them home to photograph them , because I didn't have time before I left.

That's Sandy (CS owner and I).. lol , geezzz, must have been at the end of the day , because "I" look tired!!

Like I always say.... meeting blog readers....

and friends we've met at previous shows... it always the hightlight!
Thanks to all of you who came by the booth, we loved seeing you! Once again, I had some pics that didn't turn out... that's so frustrating.

Before we knew it , it was Saturday 5pm and it was time to pack everything up and head for home. Goodbye California.....
Hello Nebraska!!!

I missed you guys! Feels good to be back!


daisymarie said...

I was so disappointed that Crafty Secrets didn't have a booth this year at CKC in Kansas City. Last year, my friends and I spent the most time in your booth, because we all love the vintage look.
I enjoyed meeting you last year and have been lurking on this blog for awhile.
Hope you're back in KC next year!

stampqueen said...

Glad to see ya back - looks like FUN!!! Am glad the fires weren't too near ya!! I haven't had much time for crafting - that thing called work just keeps getting in the way!!!! :).

Catherine said...

glad you are back!! The booth looked great!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

The booth looked great! Sorry that I couldn't come over, it's not that close to where I am.:(

Hope you had a blast (although it seems you always do)
xo Lidy

janel said...

Vick, the booth looks wonderful, and the product and! Know you are glad to be home and rest up before your next travel adventure. So glad you were safe and not too close to the fires. Home is always the BEST place to rest your head! Enjoy your days at home!

Deb S. said...

yeah i'm so glad you are home!! we all missed you!;)

MJ said...

Glad you are back safe & sound! It looked lie a great booth! No wonder you were tired at the end of the day! Here's to a little down-time before your next trip!

Jessrose21 said...

Hey Vicki! Your booth looks like so much fun. Between you and Lisa Z. I'm going to end up buying a lot of CS goodies. Today I got Vintage Christmas and Rosy Wishes in the mail! I just love those Santas.

Sophia said...

Hi Vicki, I was sooo thrilled to see our photo on your blog! (me being the blog addict um--reader : ) Just want to say thanks for being so sweet in real life, I am truly a fan of your blog and your talent. The Crafty Secrets booth was amazing!

Shawn said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Glad you are back home safe, I missed you when I was in town!

Love the booth, what a bunch of neat goodies. :)

Pattyjo said...

That looks great! Someday maybe I will get to meet you in person. Are you planning on Spokane?

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

It all looks wonderful and glad you had fun!

Sugar Bear said...

Looks like a lot of work but fun work! It must be such fun to meet everyone. The Halloween projects are too cute - esp. love the cat face.

Sharon in NE said...

Welcome home. My mouth is drooling looking at all the Crafty Secrets stuff.

{Shirley} said...

Hi Vicki!

It was wonderful meeting you at the Ontario show! Thanks for chatting with me. You mentioned some possible DT info, do let me know when the call is out.

Loved looking through your entire blog! Take care!