Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sunken Gardens

Today I was in Lincoln, and while I was there I stopped at the Sunken Gardens to snap a few photos and just enjoy the gorgeous day. It was so gorgeous!

I was still using my old camera with these shots, since I was saving my card space on my new camera for some photos I planned to take at my niece Amy's later in the day. She and I have been talking about how fun it would be to take some maternity shots of her.. and since she is down to only about three weeks, we decided we better get on it. Amy and John are such a sweet couple , it was fun to take such happy photos. I may share a couple of them later, after I get a chance to edit them. Hopefully we got some good shots.
I hadn't been to the Sunken Gardens for years, and had forgotten just how beautiful it is there.

I had to pass right by her after leaving Wes's place , and just had to stop. So Glad I did.. it was well worth it.

Here fishy fishy

It's great to have a beautiful place like this , for people to enjoy... right in the middle of the city.

For taking photos , I sure wish it would have been earlier in the morning or even a little later in the day, when I was there...the photos would have been better, but oh well, I enjoyed it , all the same.

Wes and I met Jan and Keith (my sister and brother-in-law) for dinner, and we all had such a great time, just sitting after dinner , talking and laughing. I hated to have the night end... but it was getting late and I needed to head home.
I totally enjoyed my drive time. I love just driving and listening to music. I listen to the new Kenny Chesney CD I just got , and it is SO good!

Tomorrow I'll share with you something I worked on last night. I just didn't get home to photograph it before dark tonight, and I would much rather have natural light.
I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!


Deb S. said...

great photos vic! i've never been to the sunken gardens, just driven by,guess i should stop next time huh? glad you had a nice visit with wes,jan&keith!

~missprissme said...

Can I have your old camera when you're done with it??? Did you notice the transparency in the butterfly's wings? OMG the silhouette of the flower bud through the wings is beautiful. wowser. Nice shot.

Sam Morris said...

What wonderful photos! Love the butterfly and how you've captured the fish in the water, a really great shot!

I've made something that's on my blog that's been very inspired by your art ;o)

Sugar Bear said...

Great photos! Your talent never ends! You have some beautiful sites around your home.

Susan said...

Beautiful photos! I can't imagine why you'd need a new camera as this one takes fabulous pics. Look forward to seeing what you made last night!
Susan T

janel said...

What gorgeous photos. Wow...I love each and every one. Beautiful! Thanks for the breath of nature!

Shawn said...

sunken gardens is one of my fav places to go. I love seeing all the weddings that happen there :)Next time you're in Lincoln and you have your grandkids stop by the childrens zoo it's right there. Love your pics!

Erika H. said...

What wonderful photos~ you have skillz, girl! Thanks for sharing!

D@nielle said...

lovely photos !

MJ said...

Fabulous close-ups! I understand why you won't give up your old camera!