Friday, October 19, 2007

The winner is....

Elaine! (A Place for Ink) ... so Elaine, is you can just email me your address I'll get it to Wendy from Tattered Angels, so she can get your Glimmer Mist mail your way!
As you can see... Wyatt was here today for a visit and helped me with the announcement of the winner. lol

It was so fun to see Gabby and Wyatt today. He is just a hoot! He had us entertained the entire time. I can't believe how fast he's growing up.

Last night us girls met at Precious Treasures in Gretna , and then had dinner at Sam and Louie's. ( which was SOOOO Good!). It's always lots of laughs with these me. Jan thought we all needed witches hats. Amy's hubby was a sport and came outside to take our pic.

We are all busy and cant get together as often as we used to ...but when we do... it's always a good time, and it's like no time ever passes. We missed having Deb with us. ( she was home with a sinus infection). ... well..don't think you got out of having to wear that witches hat Deb... we'll just have to photoshop you into the photo. lol

Sherri, Becky, (back row), Ruth, Jan and I (front row)

I love all the great stuff Amy has at her store....

like fun displays, and tables that are covered in jars , that are filled with embellishements... (or in this case.. gumballs)lol

Fun stuff everywhere...and it's constantly changing. The inventory in there , is amazing!

We had a great time just checking everything out.

Way back with Wyatt was born Gabby brought over these wood letters and airplanes, to see if I could alter them with papers to match this quilt for his room. (he was 5 months old yesterday) Oh brother

Well, they have actually been working on their house, so he hasn't been in "his" room until recently, so it really isn't "that" bad. (right?) lol Wyatt's Grandpa is a pilot, so it's pretty cute that they are doing his room with this theme. The quilt has airplanes on it also.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!
{PS- if have time... come on over to chat with us at
Creative Scrap Shack tomorrow 1-2pm cst}
I'm looking foward to chatting with the girls over there!


Precious Treasures said...

WHERE are you boa's???? I wish I could have been there. You will just have to schedule another girls night out. I loved the witch hats. I will have to put on on my "bubble headed bleach blonde" mannequin. We are doing trick or treat on our street at the mall and I am dressing up as a "Dive Witch". hee hee

I have gotten out of bed twice today. Pray, pray, pray I get better.

janel said...

What fun! You girls know how to have a great time, and I will be waiting for another post with ALL of you in it....with the hats on.
Wyatt is absolutely adorable, and your creations of the airplanes and his name is darling.

Congratulations Elaine, and have fun misting, spritzing, and glimmering!

stampqueen said...

love the witches Hats!!! And the airplanes, and the Baby :)

Catherine said...

looks like you had a wonderful time....congrats Elaine!

Elaine said...

OMG!! Are you KIDDING!!??? THIS is THE BEST thing to happen today!!! I had to sit in sucky traffic and came home all crabby! NOT ANYMORE THOUGH!! LOL I want all of you to come over and play at my house with my Glimmer Mist!! Thank you soooooo very much!!!! :) YAYYYYYY!!!!!

Sharon in NE said...

What a great way to announce the winner!

The wooden letters and airplanes are great. I am saving the things I was going to make for my kids' rooms for my grandkids...I guess....

rebecca said...

Little Wyatt is already into this stamping thing, it seems. What a cutey! Looks like you girls had a wonderful time together and I'm sure you made Elaine's day.

Pattyjo said... time Wyatt...finish eating the paper, before she can read the name. That way she will have to draw another name. You can keep eating the names tell she draws the correct one. LOL


Pearl Maple said...

Congratulations Elaine, you are very lucky. Now you will have to post what you get up to with those goodies.

That little man is the cutest, isn't if funny the way babies have to put everything in their mouths.

Fun photos from the shop, their decorative displays are a hoot.