Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wrapping up the weekend

Wow, sure seemed like that weekend flew by huh? I did get alot done, so I'm happy about that. .. and Dan did get the sealer on the deck! (I've been "hinting" that , that needed to be don't before the weather got bad.) Janelle scared me with all that talk about "snow". You just never know around here, when that might come. We've had Halloween canceled because of ice and snow before. Nebraska.. ya gotta love the weather! ( and as they say... if you don't... just wait.. it'll change!)

I was so thrilled to hear that CKC in KC went well for Scrappy Gourmet. Sounds like it was a huge success! With it would have worked out for me to come...maybe next year! PS. If any one is interested there are still a few haunted house kits left for order.
I heard about a new blog this weekend that I wanted to tell you about. It's called
Journaling Junkie. I'm pretty excited to see a blog starting up that focus's on "journaling". Journaling , has always been something I struggle with. It's never come easy for me, but I keep pushing myself to work harder at it , because I think it's such a important part of the pages were are creating to pass on to our future generations. I think how much I would love to read the thoughts of my Grandmother or Great Grandmother...even about the events of their everyday life. Stella asked me about doing a challenge on the blog and as soon as I get through the next few "busy" weeks, I cant wait to get involved in that! I need to challenge myself! lol I think having a blog dedicated to improving journaling skills, with challenges ect... is a fantastic idea.
She is also having a Design Team Call, so if it's something your interested in , you can find out more about it here.
Okay, thought I'd share with you , a little bit of this round PageFrame Album I did , with the Photos I took of Amy's daughter Ruthy. What a CUTIE! I think she would have let me take pictures of her all day. I loved it! No crumbling... just all smiles, changing outfits, hats, glasses.. and all without being asked. Oh.. if they were all that easy. lol She is a fun kid! ( can you tell?)

I've had that bar code stamp that says "Priceless" for a long time, and since this book is all about "Fashion" so it was only "fitting"(lol ...pardon the pun) that I used it on a price tag for this album.
I used to paint all my chipboard pieces, but now I ink them all.. it's so much easier!

I was loosing light by the time I was finishing these photos , so they aren't the best.. but you get the idea.
I took this to the store(Precious Treasures) the other day when us girls were there, and left it for Amy(Ruthy's mom) to see. She is in the hospital with pneumonia . Poor Amy , she started with a bad cold and has been so sick and not able to get over it. Hope this cheers her up a bit , and that she is feeling better really soon!

Today, is my cousin Craig's "B" day... so Happy Birthday to him!!
Hope all of you wake up to a beautiful day tomorrow. Hit it head on and enjoy every minute!


MJ said...

What great photos of that little girl! Her mother will appreciate them and all the effort you did to pull them together for her! What a lovely thing to do!

janel said...

Oh my goodness...all that red and that wonderful smile is just TOO cute! What a doll she is. Glad you had a wonderful weekend...the snow melted, and the leaves are still on the trees, thank goodness, so Fall is still here! Thanks for the link to the journaling blog. Great nudge to work on something I really strive to do better! Love all the red...and oh, yea....I Husker fans love that red too!!!

Sam Morris said...

I just love visiting your blog, it always makes me say "wow" to myself :) Pure inspiration!

So I'd like to give you an award..please see my blog for details :)

Shawn said...

She is so sweet. Love the colors! Husker red is always a good color :) Hope her Mom feels better soon my step mom just got over pneumonia. Sending her my healing vibes. :)

Pattyjo said...

She is a cutie! I love the price tag and it is perfect for the red must have quit a trunk full of outfits for costuming. I use to save them for kids to play in when they visited, but I had to start cleaning out corners in the house, when I started the flylady. It changed my life.

Sharon in NE said...

Great pics.
Husker red, slightly washed out with tears, but still wearin' red.

Sugar Bear said...

We say the same thing about New England weather! It is crazy. It is usually getting cool this time of year - 50s and maybe low 60s if we are lucky. This past weekend has been in the high 70s as is today! I would love for it to stay like this year round but then the other part of me wonders if this is global warming!

Michelle said...

I love this cute little circle album! Very Chic!!!

Precious Treasures said...

OH VICKI!!!! You amaze me! I hope that album is one of your may that get published as I will buy TONZ of copies. You have the biggest heart, Those pictures just always make me smile. You are right, that did make me feel better. I am still here in the hospital day 5 and counting. I have been laying here thinking of the hospital stay scrapbook page layouts..I am such an addict.

Well hubby is leaving and needs to take the laptop with him. Hope o talk to you soon.


PS Congrats on the summerset magazine!