Monday, October 08, 2007

Way toooo CUTE!

You have got to check this out! Oh SO CUTE! It came from my dear friend Catherine and her little V. Thanks guys it made my day! I listened to it over and over. I LOVE you guys giggling!
(and by the way, I was 29 once .... A LONG TIME AGO!!!) lol

The boys and Dan asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, if I wanted to go out to eat or what. I said, I would love for everyone just (turn off their cell phones)lol, order pizza and watch a movie together.. so that's what we did. Wednesday is Wes's Birthday also, and since he wont be here in the middle of the week, we celebrated as a family last night. I didn't even bake a cake..( store bought)... but it was good. None of are really big cake fans.

Yesterday we had to run out the to the cabin , so while I was there I just snapped a couple photos. We used to go there allot when the boys where little ,but now it's usually just Dans place to hang out and fish. I don't go out there much anymore, it seems there is plenty to do at home, and since we live in the country now, maybe I just don't feel that need to "get out of town" , like I used to. We used to spend almost every weekend there, and as I looked around yesterday, I was kind of melancholy about the boys being all grown up. I miss them being little, some days.
There tire swing is "tire-less" ...but the old tree they loved to climb is still hanging in there.

And I can't begin to tell you how many time this zip-line was used. I think hundreds of times, by young ( and not so young). lol The metal cable runs from the top of the stand, down to the side of the cabin. It's quite a ride. We used to have LOTS of get together out here.

Seems like just to other day ,the boys were making this basket ball hoop. Doesn't look like it's been used in a while...the vines are taking over.
Oh.. can you tell , that the idea of my little boy turning 25 in a couple of days... it hitting me hard? lol

No worries... I'm still hanging on!!!! lol
Okay, I'm getting questions about what that thing is... lol. I forget not everyone is from the Midwest. lol
That icky thing hanging from the bottom of the birdhouse at the cabin is called a Cicada. They look like THIS
and then they kind of "shed" their shell and leave it behind, and it looks like THIS
Cute huh? When we lived at the other house, we had big pine trees in front yard, and the trucks of the trees would be covered with empty shells. The boys thought they were SO COOL! (that's boys for ya!)


Anonymous said...

Well Happy Birthday my dear! My crew aren't huge cake fans either- I hear ya on that! Beautiful photos as always.
Oh, just wanted to Thank-ya- I finally bought some of the Glimmer mist you highly recommend - and I LOVe IT!

HB said...

Holy SMOKES! You must be pooped after all that partying!! But, as happy as your words sound, it was ALL worth it!

oh, and just WHAT is that thing hanging under the table??? LOL

Shawn said...

Love all the pics, your cabin sounds wonderful! Glad you had a great bday love the video it was so cute! Cicada's are interesting creatures aren't they!

~missprissme said...

Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lots of Oct B'days. My DH, 2 sisters, my mom. wow great time of year.

Deb S. said...

what a sweet, sweet unforgetable birthday gift!! your very own video! love it!! oh and yuk on the cicada's! cully is always finding those in our yard too! ;0

Jessrose21 said...

Happy 29th birthday! Next month is my 30th. Wait, maybe I shouldn't put that in writing, especially on the internet! :D

janel said...

Oh how darling is that birthday greeting! Makes me smile and smile! Love the photos of "cabin country". Hopefully you are in bed sound asleep, and getting some rest. Love Neely's video too! Thanks for the link.

Charmingdesigns said...

You know, its bad when we turned 30 but its so much worse when your kid turns 25! lol How is it they age...but we dont LOL! What movie did you guys watch? Found a store 45 min. from me that has glimmer mist...gotta go see the colors, I am such a visual person.Im sure Ill be broke when I come out of there. I'll let you know!! Happy BD

StaceyM said...

I love hunting for Cicada. I found one just the other day on one of the pine trees. I remember growing up we would wait each year to see the first ones hanging from the trees and then would walk around every single tree looking up to try to spy them. Such fun memories. Thanks for taking me back.

Sharon in NE said...

I babies are growing up too...but just think how much fun we'll be as grandmas!

Scrappermania said...

Muchas pero muchas felicidades!
Feliz Cumpleaños!
From México!

Precious Treasures said...


Sorry a little late, I have not even been on my computer for a few days. Problems with teenagers! UGH! I think the teen years are Gods way of preparing you for them to move out! hahahahahaha

Helle Greer said...

Happy Belated Birthday my dear friend.
So sorry I did not see it before now, but I hope you had a wonderful day,
Love all your project, and the family photos from your trip to your Aunts house is just precious.
Miss you,