Monday, November 05, 2007

One more beautiful day!!

Yesterday was just a gorgeous fall day! Glad we were outside and enjoyed it , because it's much colder and very windy today.
It was a gorgeous day for the family photos we had planned to have taken by my friend (and amazing photographer) Becky Novacek. I'll share the family shots with you later, but I was so thrilled with the ones Becky got of the boys. ( What mom doesnt live for photos of her kids?) lol
Becky had a packed day with friends photos yesterday... and she posted some of them on her blog, ( you can see the ones of the boys there also, 7th one down) HERE
If you live anywhere near here, and are looking for a great photographer.. look no further!
Oh.. I see Becky is having a giveaway of the "2007 Designing With Calendar" today also!

After we got home from Tom and Becky's ,the guys were working out in the yard , (trying to keep making progress on the huge fallen tree..STILL). I just snapped a few pics with my old camera... because it was
Milkweeds are breaking open everywhere.

Will this tree ever be GONE??

I love the strangest shots sometimes...but this one of the guys before they discovered I had the camera, is one of my favorites.

The dogs really didnt care what was going on, as long as they got to be outside..

and enjoy the day.

Oh no... the camera has been discovered!!! Wes was literally trying to run in circles around me so I couldnt snap a quick one. They'll only take so much with the "Camera thing". I'm just glad Becky was so thoughtful to pull the boys aside and take a couple of shots for ME~! Cause they didnt do this for her! lol

Tomorrow afternoon I head for Omaha, to take a flight out for Vancouver early Wed morning. I'll be back Next Tuesday.. but I'm hoping to have time to check in here inbetween.
I'll be teaching at BC Creative Expo

And looking forward to spending some time with my Canadian friends!


Lana said...

Congrats VickI!!

janel said...

Looks like a perfect day. Today is much cooler here too, and windy to boot. Have a wonderful time in Canada, and those girls are lucky to get to take classes with you. I am jealous that you did family photos with blessed can you get! Enjoy!

MJ said...

What a fun post! Glad to see that my kids aren't the only uncooperative sort and that I'll have to be sneaky for years to come!

I like the photo of that crop; I have no idea what kind of crop it is ~ corn?

Sugar Bear said...

My dog loves to be outside and just watch as well! I love the shovel photo - great shot.