Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ruby ART Dog's in downtown Vancouver

Each time I've been to Canada, we've pretty much had a mission as far as this time we had planned for me to stay a couple of extra days so that we could check out a few things.
"Ruby Art Dogs" is in downtown Vancouver, and it's just a fun store , filled with every kind of goody for altering , that you could imagine!

Lots of "off the beaten path", "use your imagination" , sort of things. Oh... my mind was reeling!
Nothing I'd rather do on a gloomy day, than mill around for hours in a place like this. So much to look at. ( see all those bottles of Glimmer Mist)? And they carry Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage also! ( Gotta be a good store!) lol

ummm.... and here is Ruby Dog herself.

Stacks and stacks of ephemera sheets to tempt you.

This is the most fun. The back room is just full of bins of STUFF, paper stuff, plastic, metals, fabric, glass, you name in. Rolls of ribbon, tiny bottles, netting, corrugation, just about anything you can think of. Odds and Ends pieces of things...that can all be used for altered projects.
And the thing that makes it so fun, is that you choose a large, medium or small sized paper bag, (priced accordingly) and just fill it! Woo Hoo... A creative persons dream! You really use your imagination, thinking about what you an create with the bins of goodies.

I have to say, one of the thins I loved the most while I was in here was watching this darling little girl, who had come in with her dad. He obviously was an artistic type because he was looking through things while she was filling her little bag. She was maybe 6 or 7, and just a cute as could be. You could tell watching her fill her little bag, she was in heaven. lol Anyway, on their way up to the register to pay, she says to her dad , in the sweetest little voice... "Daddy, THANKYOU for taking me to Ruby Art Dogs!" I was just sweet! When they got up to the register I was behind the register area looking at rolls of old tickets and ribbons, and when I looked back, here that little girl was , on her tiptoes, with just her eyes and nose peeking over the counter..and her fingers hanging over the edge , (like she was hanging from a cliff)... watching every little treasure as it went into the bag as the owner was ringing it up.
I wanted to take a photo SOOOO Bad, was just darling!
I was thinking how cool it was that her dad was encouraging her creativity, and how excited she was with her treasures. The total came up to $16 something. She looked at her dad and said.."Is that too much Daddy?"... he just smiled and said, "no , that's fine". ( I was melting )
I said to him... "you just invested in her future...because I think she's going to be an artist".
I just love when parents help feed a child passion for the things they're interested in like that. It was so cool. I remember when I was little , my parents had invested in a "Childcraft Encyclopedia" set... and there was one, the green one. ( each had a different colored label), it was the "Arts and Crafts" volume. Oh... let me tell you... I LOVED that book! I took it everywhere with me, I practically slept with it! lol I still have it.

I might just dig that book out...who knows, there might be something in there, I want to make. lol
The day is young.... no matter what your should take time to feed your passion..... so go for it!


Sharon in NE said...

You gave me goosebumps!

Sugar Bear said...

That is such a fabulous story! What a wonderful father indeed. It is so important to nurture a child's creativity and passion and not let it slip away.

I finally got my hands on some Glimmer Mist and have been having a blast!


Michelle said...

looks like a fun store and I love places that have a four legged owner!

stampqueen said...

I am way beyond goose bumps - this is worse than a chocolate craving - that store looks incredible!!!!
That little girl sounds soo cute - reminds me of a garage sale my Cheif Enabler Pat and I found - the lady had had an online craft business and quit, hence the garage sale - I brought the kids with me that day and my Paula had a field day with the nickle and dime bins - when we went to check out the lady said she'd been watching how much fun she was having and told her that her basket was free - oh the look on her face!!!

janel said...

What a great story! Sounds like you have to scrap that volume of ChildCraft and the story with it. Looks like a wonderful store, and the people in it made it even better.
Yea, Friday is almost here, and the weekend is next. Enjoy!

Monica said...

Awee what a sweet little story, she is sure to be an Atrist!
Looks like a great shop!!!

Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for sharing what a wonderful time you had! Cant wait to see what Karla does with the Glimmer Mist!! LOL..its addicting! Laurie

Erika H. said...

I LOVE the story about the little girl in the art sweet! I used to spend hours paging through the Childcraft Arts and Crafts book when I babysat. We nearly wore the book out one summer. Thanks for sharing...and bringing back such wonderful memories!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness Vicki, it looks like you had a fabulous trip! Lots of yummy stuff in these photos! If you ever come east to teach, let me know!

Precious Treasures said...

I am going to have to find that encyclopedia and read it as it sure worked for you! You could write your own now.

Shawn said...

That store looks amazing! Love their idea on filling a bag. What a wonderful Father letting his daughter pick out treasures. Sure is nice to hear about good people out there. :) So glad you are back home safe! Happy weekend!

chelemom said...

You find the best places!!!!

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