Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday MOM!

Today my sweet mama had her 86th Birthday!

So we all spent the afternoon together at my Brother Dan, and his wife Lori's house celebrating together. I picked up mom and then picked up each of her friends to bring them over. We had such a nice time. All of the family that lives close enough, that could be there was. I think mom really enjoyed herself.

It was a beautiful sunny day , for December in Nebraska.

Some shots of the oldest and the youngest in our family.

Serious conversations between baby Addison and Great Grandma.

My niece Kiley

and the "stealer of my heart" ... Griffin. lol

Adian and Griffin (um... I think "toys" are supposed to be in that box)lol

I think baby Addison got held by absolutely everyone there today. I love this shot of her and Nathanial.

Oh... you can only image how many pictures I took today. I just wanted to share a few, in honor of my mom special day.
I have been sharing WAY more family photos , than I have projects lately...I've been taking a bit of a break over the holidays, just to enjoy! I promise, more projects to share soon.
Today... I'm just thankful for another really nice day spent with my family!!


Ashley Bowen said...

OMG! What wonderful pictures!!!! Happy Birthday to your momma! You have a beautiful family! Hugs to you! Ash~

~missprissme said...

Awe what a sweet lady. She looks great! My mom is 76 and she will be coming out mid-Jan to stay with me a while. I am trying to get her to stay a few months. hehe. I don't think she is going to go for that though. You are blessed with a fine family. ~best misspriss

Deb S. said...

awe i love all the family photos vic! so glad you share with us. your mom looks wonderful and like she had a nice birthday1 great kiddo photos too! that griffin is a cutie! love the one of addison & nathaniel! ;)

stampqueen said...

What awesome pics!!! Tell your Mom that there is NO WAY she can be 86 -
she looks SO much younger than that!!!

leenda said...

Are you sure you typed that age correctly? Your Mom can't be 86! She is a gorgeous 86! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOM!

Sharon in NE said...

sweet sweet photos! Happy Birthday to your mom!

KimmyS said...

Congratulations Vicki's Mom!
She looks absolutey lovely and I am sure she had a fanastic time with everyone

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Happy Birthday to your mom. You are very blessed to be able to celebrate with her. You truly have a very sweet family.
Kelly W

Catherine said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time....and Happy Birthday to your Mom!!

Juliann said...

Your mom looks so young!!!!!!! No way is she 86!!! Looks like you had a great time, lovely pictures!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vicki! Lovely pix of your Mom and the rest. I think Addison looks a lot like YOU! You need to have the pic of her and your Mom enlarged and framed; it's a real keeper! Happy B'day to Mom and Happy New Year to all!

dd2njoy said...

Your mamma looks alot younger than what she is!!! Wish her Happy belated B'day for me and tell her I wish to look like her at that age!!! TFS your great family pics!!

Linda SS said...

It's obvious from all the wonderful photos that your mother had a fantastic birthday. Your family is beautiful, & I especially adore that photo of the oldest with the youngest:) My own mother will be 80 in 2008...aren't we so Blessed that we still have our mothers?!!!