Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, how are these colors for a little punch of summer? lol This is a project I've been working on for GiftMaker Magazine. It's Placemats and costers from Kaiser Craft. They come plain and you decorate them. I put a number of coats of Diamond glaze on mine, but you can use Mod Podge or Varnish also. I had much better luck with Diamond Glaze... for some reason Mod Podge and I dont get along well! grrr....
Anyway... alittle touch of summer for you. You know how it is in this industry... always looking ahead to the next season.
Today was the night we had planned to pick up my mom and take her with us to go look at Christmas lights. This is a tradition. We have been doing this since the boys were babies. What was really fun was that , Wes was going to be in town tonight ,so he got to come with us. It was really nice. We had decided we were going to go early , so we could get mom home at a decent time, so we thought we'd go just grab a quick burger first.
Wes is always suprised to see some of the new places that have popped up around town, since he's lived here... and this little dinner is one of them. So we decided we'd go check it out. I was the only one who had been there before. Definatly nothing fancy... but simple and fun.
I only had my little camera in my purse, so I appologized for the bad photo, but , wanted to atleast share with you, one of the places we checkout every year. This is just one little part of the property up on the hill North of Fremont. It's well know for it's light display... and this year was not a disapointment. It was beautiful!

Wes was going to stay here tonight and head back tomorrow ,but after listening to the weather and the impending storm... he decided he better head back. We're all disapointed about that. Even the dogs are sulking. lol
Sounds like we're in for more ice and snow.... Welcome to Nebraska!


Sugar Bear said...

I love that diner! Looks adorable and so retro and fun. I love that show on Food Network - Diners, Drive ins and Dives! We drive around and take in all the Christmas lights as well. It really brings in that holiday feeling!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh what fun! We do the same thing with my mom and our boys. I actualy started the tradition before I had children and now that my grandparents are here for the winters instead of Florida I aways take them with us too. It's so much fun! We always play the best old time christmas music on the CD player too - Do you? We'll probably go this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Kara Ward said...

So cute...I want your car. I am dreaming of a new one. So tired of driving a convertible in the snow and ice. I am ready to eat at the diner. Looks yummy...kara