Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Glimmer Mist Hat Box

I was playing with Glimmer Mist again today. (I have to keep cleaning my keyboard.. or move it further away from my big work mat!!!) lol I had this paper mache hat box that has been in my supply closet for a while , so I decided I needed to do something with it. The Glimmer Mist takes to anything paper mache fantastic! I also have a bin full of old silk flowers..that I save just for projects like this. The rose started off an really ugly dingy white. It's so easy to tint things to match whatever your working on. I've used it on ribbon, twill,lace, fabric, flowers, wood, paper mache, chipboard.. ect... If I use different colors when they are still wet, they blend really well, and if I want them to show more of each distinct color, I let them dry inbetween. If the color isnt exactly what I was shooting for .. I can just go over it with another color (or colors).I used Merlo, Red Maple, and Olive Vine on this project. I used the new self adhesive printed chipboard on the top of the lid and one of the new "Glimmer Screens" for the pattern. ( I left the pattern very difined on the top of the lid ... faint and more blended on the sides.

You and see the Glimmer Screen patterned here, under the chipboard.

The lace was white to begin with. I layed it out and just spritzed it lightly. Then instead of letting all the color dry on.. I took a paper towle and just dabbed it , taking away SOME of the color. I didnt want the lace to be stark white , but I also didnt want it to have lots of color...just a bit.

Everytime I play with this stuff, I find different ways to acheive different looks. You learn as you go... seeing the different effects, and trying new things. The amazing thing is you never really mess up.. because for some reason, it just always looks pretty. True!
Well, the countdown is officially on... I leave for Anahiem in about a week (next Friday). It seems like it was so far away for so long.. now it's coming FAST! Work girl,Work! lol
I'm a actually kind of glad Iv'e been busy working on CHA stuff, because it's help me adjust to having both of the boys out of the house now. When CHA is over and things slow down a bit, the mission with be to get the other upstairs bedroom painted. It was Wes's room , then Jarads, now it's very BARE! Seriously... the bed, a desk and the curtains..thats it. ( oh , and odds and ends of both their things in the closet).
I was talking on the phone the other day , to my sister ,and walked in there while I was talking , and it ECHO'ed!! That was about more than I could take.
It's wierd, like I've said before, all of your childrens lives, the mission is to teach them to be independent , and to be able to go out into to the world on their own.... and then THEY DO!!!!
I just realized ,things will even be a bit more difficult when I am out of town now, because there will be no ones else but Dan around to let the dogs out . So they will just have to wait till he gets home. That will be an adjustment for them , since they're pretty used to me being here to let them out , any time they're little hearts desire. Oh.. good grief, listen to me..... MOTHERING ... if it's not the boys.. it's the dogs!!! lol
Hope you are all haveing a good week! And thanks so much on your input about the "blog music thing". lol

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New "CHERISH" Stamp set from Crafty Secrets

This is one of those projects I've been sitting on and not able to post for a bit..but today this new stamp set was released from Crafty Secrets.. so Woo Hoo.. I get to post my projects! I am totally blown away with each new stamp set when the come out...about the time I think they cant get any more beautiful... here comes another one! This set is called "Cherish".
Check out the "Heartwarming Vintage Blog" to see the gorgeous stuff Sandy has posted over there ,that the team has been working on. Those stamping girls are something!!!
I did a card, tag and layout set using papers from the Classic Paper Pad and the Cherish stamps.
The photo is of my niece Kiley and her husband Brad, at their wedding last summer.
You can click on the photo to see it bigger.

Check out this "love" stamp!

This is the gorgeous heart stamp, I just cut it out after stamping and raised it with mounting tape.

OH.. how I love these letters!

I used these little swirly flourished inside the scallops.

It's that images just so sweet? I cant hold a candle to the amazing coloring work some of those talented stampers...but I love the fact that this stamps look so beautiful just simply stamped with black ink.

This is the inside of the card.

and the tag.
Today I got the nicest email from a blog reader, and in it she mentioned that when my music starts playing on my blog, that it freezes up her computer as it starts loading. I haven't had that happen when "I" log on, but I just changed the site that I get my music from, so maybe that's what's causing it? I'd love some feedback so please let me know if you have this happen when you visit. Music is really important to me and I don't want to give it up..but I certainly don't want people, not to want to come because it's a problem either. I have always had a large blog topper also, and at times worried that , that would take time for some to load? Anyway, if you have a minute... let me know if it taking extra long to load for you ect??? You can either post a comment here , or email me at
It was another crazy weather day here in the Midwest. Terrible snow and WIND with FREEZING temps this morning...but much better by the end of the day. I don't know if it was because of the wind or what, but I was without Internet again until about 4pm. THAT is enough to drive me NUTS! lol think there was a day without Internet! Say it isn't so!!! lol
When did this crazy things called the Internet start ruling my life? OH Brother!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Crafty Secrets CHA sneek peek

Yay... I get to share with you one of the new products Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage will be releasing at CHA. A number of darling chipboard albums in different shapes. This shape is one of my favorites! The cool thing is ..they don't have to be used as just albums... like this one I did single , and just punched two holes at the top to hang it. Or... you can connect a number of them together to make a swag or garland. They will come with one hole punched..which is great, because if you don't want the hole there, you can just cover it with paper, and if you want more than one hole... it's certainly easy enough to just punch with your standard paper punch ..where every you want it, like I did for this.
I'm working on one of the other sames now.. and I can tell you one thing... it takes Glimmer Mist like a dream! Hope to be able to show you that one soon!

The papers I used on this are from the "Earthy Paper Pad"
The flower dies are from AccuCut. (F1445LC Flowers #6) and (ZIB070 Itty-Bitty-Flowers #3)
See that little lace-looking scallop around the button? IT'S a eyelet stamp from Crafty Secrets! You can't imagine how gorgeous those look embossed!
These words an the border under the flower, are from the "Mini Memories" set.
Inks used .. again... (lol)- my favorite "Chestnut Roan" , CatEye ink from Clearsnap.

Here's a little peek at the two page 12x12 layout class I'll be teaching in KC , Feb 23-25th, for the "Midwinters Fantasy Retreat".

Papers are Fancy Pants Designs. Dies- Accucut. (F1440J Flowers & Leaves #3)
The flowers are cut from Felt and from Clear Acrylic. The clear Acrylic is also from AccuCut.

I decided on a " Summer" theme. I'm thinking we're all needing a bit of that about now, here in the Midwest! lol

I've decided the hardest thing about using Fancy Pants Papers, is deciding which side to use! I love them both so much , I never want to have to glue on side down. ( oh .. the trails and tribulations of a Paper Crafter) lol

If you girls get a chance ... remember the blog challenge each of us are doing over at Scrappy Gourmet. I'd love to have you play along! Here's the info... Vicki Chrismans blog challenge
** Thanks Tera, for playing along... check out her card for the challenge, using three different patterned papers.
I knew I shouldn't have missed a day of blogging ,now I have so much to catch up on telling you about! lol.... Stay with me here...
******** I have to tell you about this fantastic Giveaway that my friend Catherine Matthews Scanlon is hosing right now. She is actually giving away 2 copies of her new book... ART FROM THE HEART!!! I already got mine...because I ordered it right away to make sure I got one, when they first came out...but you ???... YOU should RUN not walk... over there , right now and put your name in for a chance... because that book is AMAZING! Seriously!
We are supposed to be getting more nasty weather tomorrow...ick! I know that I'm staying in tomorrow night to watch American Idol. I don't normally watch it ...but a kid that is from here, that Wes Graduated with is going to be on. I saw the commercial for it , after Wes told me about it. It show them tell him , they want him to move on to the next round and he's freaking out , jumping up and down. Funny Kid. lol It will be interesting to watch.
Okay.. off to fix some dinner. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

PageFrame (Heritage Album)

I finally finished this .. so thought I would share. I have been thinking about doing a clear PageFrame album with a vintage theme, for some time now.. and finally decided to give it a whirl. I guess when I think of the clear acrylic albums.. I usually think.. trendy, with bright colors ect... But I had so much fun doing this ,and am pleased with the way it turned out.
Dan has alot of fun photos of his childhood in his photo album, so I made copies of them a while back to use for this album.

Every time I do one of these albums , I'm amazed at how much you can get in them.

Amy , if your reading , those are the clips you sent me with those vintage goodies! I put them to good use! Thanks!!

I've had these papers forever... but just never had quite the right project in mind for them.

There's the little buck-a-roo now. lol

This is Dan with his sister Kathy. Although Dan has 4 brothers, he and his sister were less than a year apart so they played together alot.

I'm not really sure if he's Robin Hood or what? lol

Easter Sunday before Church. Dan is the little one in the middle front. There is actually a younger brother also..but he wasn't born yet in these photos.

Dan's the little one at the end.

Dan and his sister again.

His parent owned a cabin on the river is the kids where really small. They spent alot of time there as they were growing up. Lots of fishing!

Dan's dad passed away a few years ago. He was a really good dad.

Goofy kid! lol

Do they all seriously think they are getting in that one little pool? lol
And is my hubby really wearing those pants? lol

Little bit different than kids have these days huh?

Ride em cowboy! hahahah

When I filled out this card.. I asked dan what his favorite things were as a kid.
1) making forts
2) fishing with my dad
3) playing trucks and cars
4) Playing in the dirt
5) Mac and cheese
6) playing with clay
7) playing with army guys
8) tinker toys
9) erector set
10) finding and turning in pop bottles for candy money

Funny how kids think , huh?

Back of the album.

whew.. hows that for a bunch of pictures?
Thanks for taking a look!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scrappy Gourmet Blog Challenge

I posted a few days ago that Scrappy Gourmet is celebrating there on year anniversary with blog challenges and all kinds of fun things. You can find them listed here.

I decided my blog challenge.. for anyone who wants to play along , would be to use three different patterned papers on a layout or on a card. Jill and Dee will draw a name from those who play along and post their card or layout HERE , under my blog challenge. The person who's name is drawn will win this kit. Each of the girls on the DT will be hosting challenges and their all different. Lots of fun!

If you decide to play along, and you post yours on your blog... be sure to send me a link, so I can link you up here on mine. I'd love to see what everyone comes up with. Fun!

Okay.. so I'm playing along too. lol This is my layout using atleast 3 different patterned papers.

It was the perfect opportunity to use some of the new Embossed Chipboard from Tattered Angels. Oh...this stuff takes ink like a dream!


After I spritzed it with Glimmer Mist... I let it dry and then rubbed my ink pad over it, just catching the high spots. Then inked around the edges.

I didn't really like the shiny silver backing on the heart gem.When it showed through, it just looked a bit too "glitzy"... so I sanded the silver off the back and just added a piece of the paper I was using.

The embossed chipboard starts white.. so you can see how well it takes the GM and ink.

I love that I can just peal off the self adhesive back and stick it down.

I have lots of little things to share with you... so sorry for bouncing from subject to subject... lol.. but it's just gotta be today! lol
I had fun mail yesterday from my friend Kirsti (Tikkelperin jutskia) in Finland. It was part of the "play it forward" we participated in , in December. It's just adorable Kirsti...thank you so much!!!

If you get a chance...check out her amazing creations and the beautiful music on her blog! It's a treat!
I also wanted to let anyone who is still interested in the "Midwinters Fantasy Retreat"... Sara will extend the registration to my blog readers through FEB 5th!! ...(but hotel reservations will have to be taken care of before the end of the day tomorrow.)
You can email Sara with questions or for sign up
Also... if anyone is from near here and would like to car pool with Amy from Precious Treasures, and or be a roomie... you can contact her through her store blog HERE or at She's a blast!
One other thing I wanted to mention is that ... Scrapbook Dimensions has a Blinkie now... so if you want one .. you can get it here! *BLINKIE* With the new DT now... there will be lots going on in the SD gallery and in the forums... so please come on over and share your hybrid layouts in our gallery and chat in our forums! We'd love to have you!
Okay.... there's the Scrapbooking news. On the personal side... not much going on around here...but it seems really strange not to have either of the boys around. Today I didn't even leave the house. Not that I wanted to, since it was 11 below ZERO!!! Brrr..... And you wonder why I wear flannel PJ's? lol I'm not making Nebraska sound very appealing right now , I'm I?
When I talked to the Crafty Secrets girls in Canada this morning , they were freaking out because the forecast was for an inch or so of snow. (laughable I tell ya)! lol Move to Nebraska, and we'll show you what snow and cold are all about! lol

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sharing some photos

Thanks girls...for sharing what inspires you... I loved reading yesterdays posts!!

I've been working on projects...but they are ones I cant share yet... that's okay because I have some photos I want to share with you. Not that they are fantastic quality...they are just a part of what's been going on the last couple of days. The photos of the Eagles were taken from my studio window. We have been seeing one out there again this year...just yesterday there were two. The only thing battery was dead in my big camera, so I just grabbed my small one. I was so bummed, I could have gotten much better shots..but I had to just go with option. The first two are of the on Eagle by itself

it's pretty amazing how big they really are. Can you see the two of them in the photo below. I know it's not clear, but there are two there. I tried to go outside to snap a few...but as quiet as I was trying to be... they still heard me. ( I hesitate to say... the one on the right was eating a squirrel). ick!

The other day, I got this message on my cell phone that said, "Hi Aunt Vicki". It was this little punk'n. I called to see if I could take the boys to lunch and a little play time at BK. It was a cloudy day so the photos are a little dark...but they are just a couple of cuties aren't they?

They had so much fun playing in those tubes. Griffin makes me laugh so hard. I was playing with them and they were hiding . Aidan said , Aunt Vic, be a scary monster! So I was going .."Grrrr Grrr... "( use your imagination)lol ..well, I must have been a pretty scary site, because all of the sudden I saw the look on Griffins face change.. and he said... "Aunt Bic.. don't be a cary monster anymore". lol Must have been pretty bad!! lol

They have lots of energy! I don't know how many times they must have gone down that slide.

He was hiding under here when the scary monster first appeared! Grrrr...

and the next one... Photo quality poor...but moment captured... PRICELESS!!!!!!!

A good time had by all!

I had to make a couple of quick stops on the way home the girls got a new toy at the $ store. WOO HOO! They are thrilled! lol

When I left this morning the sun was shining. This is what I drove home in this afternoon!

I'm glad to be home safe and sound and in my flannel jammies now! Brrrrrrrrrlol
Thanks for letting me share my day!