Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Glimmer Mist Hat Box

I was playing with Glimmer Mist again today. (I have to keep cleaning my keyboard.. or move it further away from my big work mat!!!) lol I had this paper mache hat box that has been in my supply closet for a while , so I decided I needed to do something with it. The Glimmer Mist takes to anything paper mache fantastic! I also have a bin full of old silk flowers..that I save just for projects like this. The rose started off an really ugly dingy white. It's so easy to tint things to match whatever your working on. I've used it on ribbon, twill,lace, fabric, flowers, wood, paper mache, chipboard.. ect... If I use different colors when they are still wet, they blend really well, and if I want them to show more of each distinct color, I let them dry inbetween. If the color isnt exactly what I was shooting for .. I can just go over it with another color (or colors).I used Merlo, Red Maple, and Olive Vine on this project. I used the new self adhesive printed chipboard on the top of the lid and one of the new "Glimmer Screens" for the pattern. ( I left the pattern very difined on the top of the lid ... faint and more blended on the sides.

You and see the Glimmer Screen patterned here, under the chipboard.

The lace was white to begin with. I layed it out and just spritzed it lightly. Then instead of letting all the color dry on.. I took a paper towle and just dabbed it , taking away SOME of the color. I didnt want the lace to be stark white , but I also didnt want it to have lots of color...just a bit.

Everytime I play with this stuff, I find different ways to acheive different looks. You learn as you go... seeing the different effects, and trying new things. The amazing thing is you never really mess up.. because for some reason, it just always looks pretty. True!
Well, the countdown is officially on... I leave for Anahiem in about a week (next Friday). It seems like it was so far away for so long.. now it's coming FAST! Work girl,Work! lol
I'm a actually kind of glad Iv'e been busy working on CHA stuff, because it's help me adjust to having both of the boys out of the house now. When CHA is over and things slow down a bit, the mission with be to get the other upstairs bedroom painted. It was Wes's room , then Jarads, now it's very BARE! Seriously... the bed, a desk and the curtains..thats it. ( oh , and odds and ends of both their things in the closet).
I was talking on the phone the other day , to my sister ,and walked in there while I was talking , and it ECHO'ed!! That was about more than I could take.
It's wierd, like I've said before, all of your childrens lives, the mission is to teach them to be independent , and to be able to go out into to the world on their own.... and then THEY DO!!!!
I just realized ,things will even be a bit more difficult when I am out of town now, because there will be no ones else but Dan around to let the dogs out . So they will just have to wait till he gets home. That will be an adjustment for them , since they're pretty used to me being here to let them out , any time they're little hearts desire. Oh.. good grief, listen to me..... MOTHERING ... if it's not the boys.. it's the dogs!!! lol
Hope you are all haveing a good week! And thanks so much on your input about the "blog music thing". lol


stampqueen said...

I love how the roses turned out with the glimmer mist!!! I am glad I have a couple years yet before the kiddos are out of the house - but I know its coming fast, DD turned 13 yesterday!!!! I cannot believe she is 13 already!!

fran said...

This is beautiful, Vicki! How elegant! Love your thoughts about the kiddos leaving - but sigh - my oldest just came back!!

~missprissme said...

Ah empty nesting... very difficult at first especially if you devoted your entire life to your children like I did. But then once you get used to the first time around (believe me they will be back, well maybe not boys, but girls yes sometimes in and out). Once my daughter leaves again don't picture myself cryin like I was the first time. I think moms (me) ready this time around. ;)- I feel for ya though that first go of empty nesting was a bear. I got a dog but you already have a couple so can't tell ya to do that. Believe me my dog got me through it all. Maybe you should get a puppy. They need lots of love. But then you've got the travel issue. (hugs)

Precious Treasures said...

That box had the look of a cake....there is an idea to try. :) The chipboard piece look like waves of frosting. It is just beautiful.

Natasha Burns said...

I keep hearing about glimmer mist, must try some of that, love how your work turned out!!!

janel said...

Wow, Vicki, t is absolutely beautiful. Love it, and those flowers on top are beautiful with the ribbon. What treasures are you going to put it there? Love it.

I totally understand "empty" and I think the adjusting takes awhile. I too end up doing cleaning, and re-organizing in order to adjust. The house is just so darn quiet...I really want them to be independent and on their own, but I ache for those days when they were "under-foot"!
Hugs to you!

Sugar Bear said...

You are definitely the Glimmer Mist queen! I've been having fun with using it for Valentine's Day. The box is beautiful.

Chris said...

I love this !!!!!!!

Sharon in NE said...

We're born to nurture, that's all there is to it. (Although my husband complains HE can be nurtured, to which I roll my eyes and laugh).

Beautiful hat box!

Shawn said...

So pretty! I love those flowers. :) I can't even imagine having an empty nest yet, I have a ways to go. :) But it will be so tough! So glad you have your puppies oh and your hubby too! :)

KimmyS said...

Stop it already!!!! Whenever I think you can't top what you have done with the glimmer mist - you come out with another stunner!

You have totally converted me to Glimmer Mist and I always treat myself to a new colour every month

Maggie said...

Wow those are wonderful, I would luv to see my Lss carry this glimmer mist.

MJ said...

I'm beginning to suspect that you have shares in glimmer mist?!

Don't worry about the empty nest. I've heard that this generation is a re-bound generation & might be returning sooner than later! Clean those rooms & convert them to craft rooms quickly while they are vacant!! LOL!

Deb S. said...

i know how it feels too, the empty nest BUT they do sometimes come back, even more than! hopefully mine are over that hump but, u never know! ;)
you are the glimmer mist queen my friend!;0 your latest creation, is beautiful!

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Awesome Creation....As always Sweetie your work is Wonderful!!!

Stampin' D'Amour said...

I love that glimmer mist! I keep kicking myself for not ordering it at the last show!

I signed up for your CHA class! Can't wait! I look forward to meeting you in person! :0)