Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Mail day!

It was a good mail day, (in more ways than one)! It was great to finally have my 100 card kits for the Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L make and take for CHA , all put together than mailed off today! yay! My studio room floor was consumed with papers, ribbons and bags this week.... so it's good to have that picked up.
He's the other reason it was a good mail day. I had let my subscription to Scrapbook Trends run out.. and I NEED to renew...because I hadn't even seem these until today. Not only is it fun to she the layouts in print ..but the goodie boxes are pretty fun too!

I excited to set down and really look through both these magazines.. The work in them is always inspiring.

The layout to the left and the one in the middle were in the Dec issue of Scrapbook Trends and the one on the far right was in the Scrapbook Trends Wedding Book.

It was cool that the one of Neely playing with the Band was the into to that section, with the guitar in the background. Wes had taken the photo of her when he went to see the Tilly's play at South By South West in Austin TX.. so I was sure to give him photo credit. ( I'm sure he'll be thrilled to be mentioned in a Scrapbooking Magazine). lol

This have been pretty busy around here this week. I think tomorrow I'm sleeping in. Time to refuel. lol
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Jessrose21 said...

Hey, look at you! You look great and so do your pages! I love all the swirly flourishes. I hope those stay in style for a while longer!

HB said...

A box full of *you* in print! How cool is that!!! I can't wait to see you at CHA!!!

Elly said...

This is really good mail!!! Enjoy it!You made beautiful pages. And I also want to tell you I really, really love your chipboard house you posted last time. It's so lovely! Have a nice and relaxing weekend!

janel said...

Hope you are sleeping in today.I do get ST and Loved your pages..they are always a treat, and I noticed right away that Wes had taken that picture. What fun.
Enjoy your Saturday and stay warm!

Kathleen Summers said...

Woohoo, congrats on those pubs! That looks like a mighty fine mail day indeed! LOVE your house album from the previous post - WOW!!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog last week. It was so encouraging to hear about the dynamics of your family and all the love.


MJ said...

What fun it must be to see your work in print!