Friday, January 11, 2008

A little pick me up!

Ever had one of those days where you seem to get further behind, instead of further ahead? Well, lets just say , I had one. Actually it started last night. I get a sick feeling in my stomach just thinking about it. I seriously messed up cutting out some die cut pieces for one of my make and takes. Not a little mistake you can easily fix.. it was a biggie! You know how , all of the sudden , it just hits you , what you've done ,and your heart just sinks to your stomach. Yeah.. well I was there! More paper has been ordered, and with a few more hours of work. ..(hopefully productive work , this time) lol, It will be right! Needless to say, .. I didn't get much sleep last night. Between my mishaps and migraines this week, ... NEXT week , has got to be better. lol
Gee... why wait until next week, starting off better.... tomorrow would be great! lol Thanks for listening.
Okay, here's something cheery! Check out these "Blooms and Blossoms" From Creative Impressions, when they are layered. I added one of the Creative Impressions brads with sparkles to the center of each, and they are so pretty. Creative Impressions has so many different products, brads of every shape , size and color, photo turns, hinges, chain, flowers, TONS of ribbons , twill, rick rack, ect...
I'm filling my "ScrapOnizer" with all Creative Impressions goodies! Thanks Leesa!!
(I'll share a pic of my finished ScrapOnizer with you guys, when I have it all finished)

Some other things that certainly brightened my (non so bright) day. I got this in the mail today from the talented Amy Westerman. She was so sweet to send these goodies. She had emailed me a while back telling be she was sending these. She said she thought of me when she saw these receipts (from Nebraska)! Thanks so much Amy, I love it all!
I had to run to the post office to mail a couple of things today, and since it was a bright sunny day, I did the one thing, I LOVE to do. Just take a little drive. Nothing is a better stress reliever to me, than popping in a good CD, cranking it up, and just driving a bit. Except now I dont want to take my new car on the country roads like I used to with my other no Nebraska nature pictures today. lol Today, it was Sugarland and I hitting the hiway for about 20 minutes. lol I listen to their new CD constantly. You'd think I'd get sick of it pretty soon. lol Check out this video. My fave SUGARLAND
Then, I stopped at the local junk/treasure place. Another thing that makes me happy.
Here are some of my finds.
Oops...this isnt from today..but I wanted to share this. It's one of the things my sister gave me for Christmas. She knows I love birds. It's by Royal Copley Co. and it's called "Big Apple and finch"
Aren't the colors gorgeous?

Okay.. here's the rest of my finds. I was looking for some more vintage photos for a upcoming class, but of course I came home with some extras.

Some of these photos are just a hoot. If you want to see them larger, you can click on the photo.

All those things, did help improve my day today. (that, and the fact that I didn't have to cook dinner) ha!
I shouldn't dwell on little things like paper mess ups, .... it's just paper right? (eeek.. did I just say that?) Just paper? lol


HB said...

Oh man, Vic... I can so relate to that sinking stomach feeling! But, what a FAB way to lift your spirits... a drive, good music and SHOPPING! wooHOOO!!
I'm really really lovin those flowers! You are just the sweetest enabler!!!

KimmyS said...

Ack - migraines suck! I really hope you are getting better soon.

And what fantastic finds! Just wish we would have thrift stores like that around here

Catherine said...

Looks like you had a great visit to the junk store....I am loving those pictures of the children.....I also love those flowers...hopefully my LSS will carry that C.I. stuff....

Have a great weekend.

stampqueen said...

I do hope your weekend goes a little better from now on. I have many dyas when all I do is run at top speed and can't figure out what I did all day!!!. Great finds at the local treasure shop - too bad they were always closed (in NB) when I was home!
Take Care

Sharon in NE said...

darn...we're of such kindred spirits, I even ended up with a migraine TOO this weekend. Maybe its a sympathy migraine...whatever it is, it stinks. Somebody heat my rice sock!!!