Saturday, January 26, 2008

PageFrame (Heritage Album)

I finally finished this .. so thought I would share. I have been thinking about doing a clear PageFrame album with a vintage theme, for some time now.. and finally decided to give it a whirl. I guess when I think of the clear acrylic albums.. I usually think.. trendy, with bright colors ect... But I had so much fun doing this ,and am pleased with the way it turned out.
Dan has alot of fun photos of his childhood in his photo album, so I made copies of them a while back to use for this album.

Every time I do one of these albums , I'm amazed at how much you can get in them.

Amy , if your reading , those are the clips you sent me with those vintage goodies! I put them to good use! Thanks!!

I've had these papers forever... but just never had quite the right project in mind for them.

There's the little buck-a-roo now. lol

This is Dan with his sister Kathy. Although Dan has 4 brothers, he and his sister were less than a year apart so they played together alot.

I'm not really sure if he's Robin Hood or what? lol

Easter Sunday before Church. Dan is the little one in the middle front. There is actually a younger brother also..but he wasn't born yet in these photos.

Dan's the little one at the end.

Dan and his sister again.

His parent owned a cabin on the river is the kids where really small. They spent alot of time there as they were growing up. Lots of fishing!

Dan's dad passed away a few years ago. He was a really good dad.

Goofy kid! lol

Do they all seriously think they are getting in that one little pool? lol
And is my hubby really wearing those pants? lol

Little bit different than kids have these days huh?

Ride em cowboy! hahahah

When I filled out this card.. I asked dan what his favorite things were as a kid.
1) making forts
2) fishing with my dad
3) playing trucks and cars
4) Playing in the dirt
5) Mac and cheese
6) playing with clay
7) playing with army guys
8) tinker toys
9) erector set
10) finding and turning in pop bottles for candy money

Funny how kids think , huh?

Back of the album.

whew.. hows that for a bunch of pictures?
Thanks for taking a look!


stampqueen said...

Don't tell me I am first again -I sure didn't get any time to stamp today. I love that clear album!!! I really gotta kick out of the photos with the bikes and the fish and the pool - OMG how cute!!!

Angie said...

That ablum turned out beautifully, I would have never thought to do an acrylic album with a vintage theme. It looks great. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kathryn J. said...

I can't wait to visit my parents (just 5 weeks away now ~ yeah!) so I can get copies of their childhood pics and make similar albums. You Rock! Thanks for the continuing inspiration.
Geez, I wish I was with them now...I want to scrap!

MJ said...

Loved, loved, loved it! This is one of my favorites of your projects! I love the vintage photos, the sentimentality, the memories, and the legacy that you have left for your children! Bravo!

Jessrose21 said...

Love the photos and love the album! It definitely works (as if there was any doubt you could make it work!) The retro papers are just perfect for this theme. They remind of my grandma's house before she redecorated and got rid of the old '50s wallpaper. Now it's hideous oak wood paneling. Blech!

janel said...

Vick, Absolutely a treasure. Love those papers with the black and white photos...what a fabulous keepsake. Love everything about it, and those clips...remind me of suspender clips...perfect!

KardKrazy said...

Wow! I enjoyed looking through each and every page. Your pictures are just wonderful to start with. And you really made those papers work with this project -- I've got many of them, too, and can't quite figure out how to use them. Thanks for the inspiration.

HB said...

Holy Moly Vicki, you took this one over the edge! Every single element is amazing! WOW!!!

D@nielle said...

oh that's so precious ! TFS

Amy said...

Vicki-this album is AMAZING! I adore every inch of it and wish I could mak something that looks exactly like it--what a treasure! Glad you came up with something to do with those clips, they have sat in my box forever!


Anonymous said...

That book is great!!

Mimi Hornberger said...

This is fabulous. You take me back to my childhood with the papers and different elements you used. KUDOS! Thanks for all you share! XO, Mimi

Deb S. said...

that album is so cute vic! love it and how kids used to be. using thier imaginations! just like you,putting this great album together! love it!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

Wow! That album is gorgeous. You put a lot of hard work into this project and it paid off, it's simply beautiful.
Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vicki! The Page Frame album is precious! I could swear your hubby was my brother; we did and loved the same things when I was growing up! I'm in my sixties and forts and clay and collecting bottles for the 2 cents, what wonderful memories! I had two girlfriends who lived across the street from me who had a plastic swimming pool and the entire neighborhood would go to their house everyday to swim in about 12 inches of water! I'm sure your husband is loving this album and doesn't want you to take it anywhere for show and tell! LOL! Thank you so much for sharing your album and his memories! You did the clear pages just right; I'm now changing my mind about those clear albums, thanks.

Sophia said...

Such a beautiful album! Thanks for sharing it.

Sharon in NE said...

I love it. I bought those papers a while back too, wanting to do something similiar but not sure how. This is perfect and it would be great for my husband too. Thanks for getting me started in the right direction.

chelemom said...

You have done it again!!! This is soooo amazing!!

Cathy said...

What an amazing treasure! Just beautiful!

Erika H. said...

Oh, I am so INSPIRED! This is such a beautiful album...that will always be cherished for generations...WOW! I love it! Amazing work.

Precious Treasures said...

I never would have thought about doing vintage with the acrylic. Leave it to you to come up with such a wonderful idea! It is fabulous!!!

elisabeth said...

Your album looks beautiful. What a lot of talent and thoughtfulness went into your piece of art. Thanks so much for sharing!

Charmingdesigns said...

That is soooo neat! Gotta love those old photos. Laurie

Sugar Bear said...

I really like the acrylic. Gives it such a unique feel.

Shawn said...

That is really cute and I love the papers! I'm curious what adhesive you use on acrylic? Anything special?

Elly said...

What a cute pictures for such a cute album! And those papers....I love them! Great job!

Helle Greer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this album. The papers are just perfect for this.
Did I mention I LOVE this album? he he
See you very soon.

Dapoppins said...

I love this book. Maybe someday one of mine will turn out like this! Each page has texture, color, and memories!

Michelle M White said...

That book is truly amazing...I just love it!