Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tattered Angels Embossed Chipboard

Ahhh... my Internet is back! I've been having with drawls! lol I can't believe how much I depend on my computer these days. Good Grief. Today was a busy day, so I didn't have time to be on much...but mom and I got alot done. I took my mom to her eye checkup in Omaha today. We had planned to stop at Nebraska furniture Mart and just look at a sofa's , so that she could kind of get an idea of what she might want. Well.. we came, and we conquered! Yes... she found a style she liked , so we started looking at swatches.. and Wah Lah! before long... we found one she love .. so she bought it. I will everything went that smoothly. I think she is really excited about it.. so it was fun. The other thing was.. I told her we would eat at Long John Silvers... lol... sounds exciting huh? Well... she really likes it , and we don't have one here, so it's something she really looks forward to. We were trying to get things done before her appointment , so that when it was over we could head right home.. hopefully beating the snow storm that was on it's way. Well.. the doctor was in surgery, and running late.. so 2 hours later... the snow was falling and we were finally heading for home. All good results for mom today at the doctor! So happy about that! It was a nice day with my mama!

Okay.. I promised to show you some examples of the new embossed Chipboard that Tattered Angels will be releasing at CHA.
Here are a few tags...

This is my hubby , when he was a wee one.
This chipboard takes Glimmer Mist so well!! I tried so many different colors..and every one looked gorgeous on this stuff.

After the Glimmer Mist I had sprayed on the embossed Chipboard dried, I just took my ink pad and lightly ran it across the top..just catching the raised part of the embossed design.

I took some side view shots, hoping you would be able to see just how embossed the designs are.
I LOVE that they are all self adhesive!!!

This is just a little sneak peek at a few of the shapes , but trust me ...there are LOTS more.
I have to tease just a bit, right? I'll share more over the next few weeks.

I used the "Glimmer Screens" to make the patterned background on this tag. I really like the fact that I can tint any papers I want to use with Glimmer Mist to coordinate with the colors I'm working with.
I use my colorbox , cateye, (chestnut roan) ink pad on the edges of the leaves.'s going to be an "early to bed" night for me. (that means before midnight..hopefully), beause it's been full speed ahead around here lately , and I'm pooped. Sweet Dreams!


myfrogprince said...

Great projects, I really like the embossed chipboard. Looking forward their release date.

Nat said...

love your projects!!! Gorgeous!

Theresa said...

Your projects are great! I am loving this chipboard...can't wait to try it out myself!

stampqueen said...

All this cool new stuff - boy did I pick a bad year to make my New Years resolution be to use up what I have before buying new stuff - aaarrrggg. Not that I won't buy stuff - had to go to Target for something else and ended up with mailboxes from dollar bins in my cart somehow - sneaky little things they just jumped right in there... :). I am lovin the embossed chipboard!!! Glad your internet is back!!!

Catherine said...

Glad your Mom's appt. went all the new stuff...looks pretty cool!

Shawn said...

nfm is so much fun to shop at! sounds like you both had a good day. Glad her appt went well! Love that new chipboard very pretty!

janel said...

That embossed chipboard is very neat, and so nice to have the adhesive on it. I think it will be a great hit at CHA. Now....Long John Silvers....well, we used to have one here, and those hush puppies are my favorite. I am jealous that you got to if I could only find a King's Food Host and get a cheese frenchie, I woud be set.
Wonderful work Vicki.
Have a great one!

Holly said...

these look awesome and your designs are amazing!!!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Vicki! I'm so glad you and mom had a good day together; we all need to spend more time with our parents! Speaking of parents, my daughter was suppose to come down today and take me to pick up that new CPU; not happening. Story of my life . .

Love the tags! How do you get so much done? I've seen the pics of your scrap room but do you know where every little thing is? All those special little touches just set off the chipboard. Do you have a way to display the tags you design? I want to try my hand at them the next time the A is calm.

Take care,

Monica said...

Cute projects and the chipboard is great, love the key!
Thanks for always inspiring :)

MJ said...

The embossed chipboard looks amazing! You always have the neatest stuff!