Monday, January 07, 2008

Tattered Angels/Glimmer Mist CHA sneek peek

I told you I would show you a sneak peek of the new Tattered Angels CHA release... so here it is
Check out these amazing printed ( adhesive backed) sturdy chipboard pieces. They are gorgeous as is... but you should see them with Glimmer Mist added. ooooh laaa laaa. lol

the printed images on these are so cool
I'm so overwhelmed with them... I was having a hard time keeping the names and colors all straight when I was talking with Wendy (owner of TA) on the phone, as I was pulling them out of the box. I was so excited , checking them all out. But this is the list she gave me

ephemera will come in-
nature Brown
regal Brown
nature pink I haven't seen the Embossed pieces yet.. but from
regal pink the description .. they sound fantastic!
Printed will come in
nature Brown
regal Brown
Embossed will come in
nature solid
light Ivory
regal ivory

These are all going to come in cool boxes that can also be altered.

I love that big flourish!!!

Crowns, keys, birds... ect...

With the lighting here, it's hard to see the true colors ,but they are beautiful. The fact that you can use any color(s) of Glimmer Mist on them to get the desired effect is going to make them so easy to use.

I've been on the run, so I haven't had much time to play...but I did make this canvas. I had never tried GM directly on a canvas before... and now that I've tried it , I'm hooked! I loved how it took to the canvas. I even used it on the lace.

I used olive green to tint this flourish.

And just a little bit of Vintage Pink on the butterfly.

The large letter stamps are from Magnetic Poetry
Ink from Clearsnap
Paper-Rusty Pickle and Crate

Tomorrow.. Ill show you the other new product that is being released to use with Glimmer Mist. I didn't want to put you on overload today. lol

For those of you who have emailed asking about the music playing on my blog now.. the first song is Connor Oberst. (Bright Eyes). He is from Omaha Ne, and a friend of my niece Neely.
The second song is "Tilly and the Wall" and that is my nieces band...they are also from Omaha.

Heres a Tilly Video for you listing (and watching) enjoyment. lol
My niece Neely, is the one with the light blue outfit and pink patterned tights. Long blondish hair. ( I'm such a braggy Aunt)!!!


Linda F. said...

OH....MY....GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I REALLY have to wait till after CHA for these beautiful things!?!? I'm dyin' here!!!!

Jessrose21 said...

Wow! Those are so cool! Great idea to use them on a canvas. I love the pink ones.

chelemom said...

Thud!.......Pick me off of the floor now please! GORGEOUSSSSS!

HB said...

OMG! I can't breath! The chipboard pieces are OUTTA THIS WORLD!!!!!!! I gotta have those owls! oooooo' this is going to be a very expensive year! lol

FrenchGardenHouse said...

okay, LOVE THOSE!!! I swear, you have been blessed with the BEST JOB ever...gorgeousness surrounds you. Crowns, and flourishing letters...just my style.
xo Lidy

Theresa said...

First of all, the chipboard is too awesome....I can't wait to get some of it into my grubby little paws! LOL! And secondly, I cannot believe you are related to TILLY!! My daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES them...she has tried to get tickets to see them and it has fallen through twice (depending on her friends, etc.) Wait until I tell her! LOL! Anyway, great pieces and I can't wait to see them in real life!

Catherine said...

This looks a really COOL new product...I came back a second time to look and noticed a lovely dragonfly in the love them!

Nat said...

oh boy- I'm totally in Love with those- I want them now- LOL

Dapoppins said...

Those are so cool. I want em. I gotta have em. And I love what you did with them!

Precious Treasures said...

Vicki, Those are georgeous! I cannot 2wait to order them. Thanks for the Christmas Card. I was so late this year getting them out as we do the pageant at our church which runs for two weeks. I am always behind on everything at Christmas! :)

kim said...

Wow!!!!! When will this be available. I can not hardly wait! I want some so bad....Can't wait until tommorrow to see what else there is@!

KimmyS said...

Holy Hannah! Guess what i will be lusting after now....Gorgeous stuff and incredible gorgeous artwork!

Shawn said...

That chipboard is really cute! I bet those look fantastic is real life! I hope they will be available soon after cha. :)

stampqueen said...

Woowwza - Not only are they gorgeous but adhesive back too - talk about convient!!! I guess I need to work some extra shifts - I feel a spending spree coming on!!!!

smnavarro said...

OMG!! Vicki, these are fabUlous! I must have all of it! Do you have any idea when they will be up for sale on the website?