Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What inspires you?????

First of all ...the winner of the retreat giveaway is Amy Stewart! Congrats to Amy!!!! And thanks Sara "Paper Pixie" for making this possible!

I've been giving this alot of thought lately, and decided it was going to be the subject of my post today. INSPIRATION... it's something I'm needing alot of when I have a number of projects on my desk, like I have had lately.
I find inspiration in alot of different things , at different times. Some "obvious" and others "unexpected". Of course scrapbooking magazines are filled with "obvious" inspiration, but I love the times that the pattern on someones shirt, a design on a vintage bowl or a billboard design just catches your eye. and gets the creative wheels turning.
I'd love for you to comment and tell me what inspires you when you need a little creative nudge.
Here are some of the things that inspire me

Of course I love these.. and cant get enough of them. I find others work inspiring for sure.

Sometimes just the photo itself is enough inspiration. Usually , if it's a photo I love .. I cant wait to use it.. so I start picking papers right way and thinking of the theme or title. The photos for me are huge inspiration.
Music... I love music of any kind for the most part... and I think it really helps get the creative juices flowing. I put some new music on my blog the other night. The first 3 songs are my niece "Neely's" band, "Tilly and the Wall". After I got those on, I called Wes, since he's my "music guru" , lol , and asked him for some ideas for other music to put on my blog. So... the other music is there by his suggestion... ( except for Sugarland!... I just refuse to give that up!). lol He is very passionate about music..that's for sure.

As much as I draw from Nature for inspiration... this time of the year it's a bit harder for me. I know there are lots of beautiful things out there , even now in the middle of January.. but right now it's all just looking like shades of brown to me. ha! In the summer, hitting the country roads with my camera is one of my favorite things. God has certainly created amazing things for us to enjoy!

The depth and texture from everyday things is pretty amazing... if you just take time to really "Look" at it.

I find things like this totally inspiring!

Architecture... especially old buildings!

Color, and different color combinations. I love when I see colors used together, that I would have never considered.. and they look great!

hmmm..... your thinking "inspiration from an empty box"???? haha... nope .. I'm kind of teasing. I was thinking about how sometimes NEW products can inspire my creativity... Like the brand new Fancy Pants Products that just arrived on my doorstep yesterday. (I know... I'm a teaser!)
I'll be able to share soon. I'll tell you this....they are FANTASTIC!

Sometimes, trying out new techniques can be inspiring, ...or experimenting with new mediums.

(rocksalt and walnut ink)

Inspiration from other artists!!!! defiantly!!

sometimes from ads.

or product labels

patterns in things found around the house. ( I loved the colors and the pattern of that large bowl so much I brought it home in my carry on). lol

And I was totally drawn to the colors and pattern in the vintage lamp shade, that now sits on my work table.

And then there is this shirt.. that I really don't even like how it fits..but love the colors and pattern. (hmmm..well it looks good hanging in my closet).

Sometimes I can get inspiration just from my collection of stuff in my room. A little of this and a little of that... just things I like, for one reason or another.

Some people have "inspiration boards"... well, this is kind of what this is . It hangs right above my work table. What's on it changes constantly. I add things people send me, photos I love, cards, color swatches, artist trading cards, tags,... you name it. Then when it gets so filled up , and things are falling off, I start over again. lol When I look up...it's what I see...and it inspires me.
OKAY... tell me what inspires you! I really want to know...so please share.


kathy said...

Your blog always delights , i get the automatic feed and love hearing fro m you everyday ,. It is so strange to be a part of someone's life ,, and never meeting -- I am enjoying this new blog world and love your creations -- I think I mentioned I bought the for crafty secrets two books that you wrote , Your creations inspire me -- I thank God for your talent -- and your very sweet heart - What a joy it is to share this blog world Kathy - Ga

Country Liv . . . said...

I agree with Kathy! I love to check on my favorite blog's and see what you talented ladies have come up with. That always inspires me. I also like to go to DigiShopTalk and look at all the posted pages. Beautiful and full of amazing techniques and ideas galore! Sometimes its just window shopping at the online stores that gets my mojo going! But I think what inspires me the most is the photos of my grandchildren living their lives to the fullest! I simply can't wait to immortalize them on a page or two!
Keep warm Ms. Vicki!

Angie said...

Very inspiring post today, it makes me want to go out and take a bunck of pictures of things that inspire me. As always your blog ROCKS Vicki.

stampqueen said...

I have been looking at all the Xmas cards I got this year and the pile of Xmas cards my DH got for me from his job (the military BX throws them away after the holidays so he brought me a whole pile) - I have been sitting on the couch at night cutting them up - lots of shiny, shimmery cardstock and opretty pictures - I am planning on using some of the stuff for ATC's and some "inchies" and some that I have several of the same are going to be 3-D....
Course I get alot of inspiration from magazines, blogs(especially yours :), nature.....

Precious Treasures said...

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D@nielle said...

ok this might sound cheesy but I get inspiration from all the great crafty/photograph bloggers like yourself out there on the web. It's a treat to check out bloglines every day !

Deb S. said...

well, i agree with the girls that my favorite blog's inspire me too. also decorating books, magazines and even hgtv. oh and i love to go thru some of my favorite stores to get inspiration too! :)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Other artists is a great way of finding inspiration, that is why it is such a delight to come and visit you.

My freind, Beth, is good at "themes". She is always coming up with names and titles and I love to turn them into ideas and projects. A romantic phrase is enough to get me thinking about something I'd like to make.

Sharon in NE said...
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Sharon in NE said...

Its definitely you!!
I also love old pics and ephemra: old game pieces, library cards, tickets, etc.
My favorite era is the 20s and 30s and Art Deco. Inspiration from that comes easily from architecture (NE capital for one), 30s-50s era cars, etc.
I love museums and 5 and dime stores. I love to look for "treasures" in junk shops.

Helle Greer said...

You're so sweet, I can't believe that is almost a year ago that picture was taken.
Can't wait to see you again in Feb. We will be there from Sat - Wed. we need to go out to dinner, let me know your plans.
You inspire me every day. ;-)

Kathryn J. said...

You have inspired me SOOO much since I stumbled onto your blog ~ your photos, your projects and the connections you make through your stories! I also get inspiration from my newly three year old son. His latest: "Please, really really please!" I know there is a scrapbook page in there somewhere!

MJ said...

If you find exteriors of houses with cracking window panes enticing, I should start posting photos of the insides of my dusty, paint cracking cupboards just for you! It'll keep you creating for days! LOL!